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Husn waale tera jawaab nahin

Posted on: January 6, 2009

Rajendra Kumar, also known as Jubilee Kumar was the most successful male star in 1960s and Rafi was the most successful male playback singer.

It is my theory that the success of Rajendra Kumar owed a lot to the great songs sung by Rafi for Rajendra Kumar. The fact that there were great lyricists and music directors those days also helped.

The number of great songs that Rafi sang for Rajendra Kumar must be in scores. In 1961 itself, I recall Rafi singing many memorable songs for Rajendra Kumar, including the song that was the most popular song of the year.

Here is one of the great songs sung by Rafi for Rajendra Kumar in 1961. It is from Gharana. Shakeel Badayuni was the lyricist and Ravi composed the music.

It is indeed one of the many iconic songs that Rafi sang in his career.

The song is picturised on Rajendra Kumar and Asha Parekh.

Song-Husn waale tera jawaab nahin (Gharana) (1961) Singer-Rafi, Lyrics-Shakeel Badayuni, MD-Ravi


husn waale teraa jawaab nahin
husn waale teraa jawaab nahin
koyi tujh-saa nahin hazaaron mein
husn waale teraa jawaab nahin

tu hai aisi kali jo gulshan mein
saath apne bahaar laayi ho
tu hai aisi kiran jo raat dhale
chaandni mein nahaa ke aayi ho
ye teraa noor ye tere jalwe
jis tarah chaand ho sitaaron mein
husn waale teraa jawaab nahin

teri aankhon mein aisi masti hai
jaise chhalke huye hon paimaane
tere honthon pe wo khaamoshi hai
jaise bikhre huye hon afsaane
teri zulfon ki aisi rangat hai
jaise kaali ghataa bahaaron mein
husn waale teraa jawaab nahin

teri soorat jo dekh le shaayar
apne sheron mein taazgi bhar le
ek musavvir jo tujh ko paa jaaye
apne khwaabon mein zindagi bhar le
naghmaagar dhoondh le agar tujh ko
dard bhar le wo dil ke taaron mein
husn waale teraa jawaab nahin
koyi tujh-saa nahin hazaaron mein
husn waale teraa jawaab nahin

14 Responses to "Husn waale tera jawaab nahin"

Very nice song! I noticed that this was also shot at Brindavan Gardens in Mysore.

By the way, I don’t know if any of you remember a children’s song which was a parody of a whole lot of songs, including this one, and the lines went, “Poonchh wale tera jawab nahin … “. The story was about a lion which was tricked by a rabbit into looking at its reflection in a well, and thinking that there was another lion there, so it jumps in, to the delight of all the other animals in the forest. I think it was from a Meena Kumari starrer, but I could be wrong, since it was so many years back. The song “zara saamne to aao chhaliye … ” also was used in that song. I would be interested in knowing if anyone remembers that song.


Lalitha ji,

It has been a long time, and I am not sure whether you have located this song already or no. I saw your comment only today, as some more interest arose in this song, and comments got posted here.

The song you are alluding to is from the film “Mein Chup Rahoongi” (1962). And yes it is a Meena Kumari and Sunil Dutt starrer. Also as you have noted, it is a parody of many songs, and the first song is “aaye na baalam kaa karoon sajni”, and that is also the mukhdaa (title) of this song. It is available on YouTube at It is not yet made it to this blog. It could be a good addition for Children’s day. I will make an attempt to post it. 🙂



Lovely song, Atul.
I saw this movie recently – it has a lot of good songs.
And the story of the movie was also quite nice.

Lalitha, sorry, I cannot help you on that one. No song comes to mind fitting the description you give.


Fantastic song of Rafiji.
Atul,Who’s famale voice is at the end of the song? Is it Lata’s?
Secondly must be a record for shortest share for the companion singer.
Other song which comes to my mind is Tum jo Mil Gaye Ho.


Good question Joshi, probably Atul does not know the answer, therefore remained quiet. Though I am not sure but seemed like Lataji.

And which female voice at the end of TUM JO MIL GAYE HO, its even shorter. Atul do you know?


I am never shy of admitting my ignorance, as you may notice if you go through my write ups, where I often request my knowledgeable readers to help me out of my ignorance.

The reason why I do not respond to the question was because I did not notice it at the time this question was posted. Even if I noticed it at that time, I would not have been able to reply , as you have rightly guessed that I did not know the answer to that. 🙂 Having said that, if I have to guess a voice, I would say that the humming is in Asha’s voice, where Asha could be Bhonsle/Parekh.


Regarding Hanste zakham song “Tum jo mil gaye ho”,
My INSTINCT(note that”my instinct”)says that the female voice in the humming part is definitely Lata Mangeshkar`s.

Madanji rarely used other female voices other than lata and ashaji(that too,ashaji in only few cases)(I may be wrong, Please correct me If I am wrong)
In “Hanste Zakham” also only one song picturised on chaand(“gali gali mein kiyaare badnaam, mere bairi ne,mere zulmi ne”)sung by ashaji,
other than that all the female playback(betaab dil ki tamanna and aaj socha tho aansoo bhar aaye)done by lataji, That`s why I am taking chances and my gut feeling tells me that the humming voice in “tum jo mil gaye ho” belongs to Lata mangeshkar.

Aha, at the moment I remember only Vani jayaram`s voice in madan mohan`s “Pyar kabhi kam na karna sanam, har kami ganwaaraa kar lenge”with kishore kumar picturised on Vijay arora, radha saluja)



Madan Mohan also used “Suman Kalyanpur in a song in “Jahaan Ara”.


Madan Mohan used Geeta Dutt in ‘Aye dil mujhe bata de’ – BHAI BHAI (1956). There may be some more songs sung by Geeta Dutt for MM in 50’s as she was one of the leading female singers at that time.


My guess regarding the humming female voice in “Husnwaale tera jawaab nahin” also goes alonwith with Atulji.
It is Asha bhonsleji`s voice(75% sure).Here also the same things goes, Raviji used Ashaji`s voice in most of his movies.


Madan Mohan used Suman Kalyanpure, in “Jahan Aara”, only due to the fued between Lata and Rafi. Other duet in the film is by Lata-Talat.

Regarding the Hanste Zakhm song “Tum jo mil gaye ho” it is Lata Mangehskar for sure. There is not just humming but full mukhdaa is there is her voice in full version of the song.


Munz ji,
I feel it is a very rude way of making a comment.
You could have used a softer and gentlemanly approach in your comments.
probably you are not aware that we hold Atul ji in high esteem and feel sad when someone like you,use such language.
Atul ji,There was no need to reply this could have removed it.Even now it can be done.


I had watched this movie in my childhood and some of its songs were always in my memory the bhajan and daadi amma song.
This one ‘husnwaale’ also later becomes one of my favorite song;

and this is another clip of the same song (a part of it repeated);


I’m Yashar and i’m a Turk.
I’m in love with Bollywood songs! specially old songs of 50’s and 60’s, i’m followin your great and great site about one year to know more about golden era and what informations i got!
thancks for your job and please forgive my bad english.


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