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Zikr Hota Hai jab qayaamat ka

Posted on: January 29, 2009

The golden era of Bollywood music saw some big name music directors enriching the music of these movies. There were many such names.

Just beyond these names, there were some small time music directors too, who would often struggle to land a few assignments. On the few chances that they got, they often created memorable songs. I have already mentioned a few such lesser known music directors viz Sonik Omi, Ganesh, Brij Bhushan, Shamji Ghanshamji etc.

This music director is called Daan Singh and he was active in late 1960s and early 1970s. Starved of opportunities, he would play his music in Bombay’s five star hotels which were frequented by Bollywood music directors as well. In many cases, his songs would find incorporated in Bollywood movies by these music directors, without crediting Daan Singh of course.

“My Love” (1970) was one of the very few movies where Daan Singh got the opportunity of showing his credentials as a music director. The most well known song from this movie was a Mukesh Song- “Zikr hota hai jab qayamat ka”. The song is written by Anand Bakshi. It was picturised on Shashi Kapoor and Sharmila Tagore.

As one can see, this song is as good a song as any other Mukesh classic that we are used to.

Song-Zikr hota hai jab qayaamat ka (My Love) (1970) Singer-Mukesh, Anand Bakshi, MD- Daan Singh


Zikr hota hai jab qayamat ka
tere nazron ki baat hoti hai
tu jo chaahe to din nikalta hai
tu jo chaahe to raat hoti hai

tujhko dekha hai meri nazron ne
teri taareef ho magar kaise
ke bane ye nazar juba kaise
ke bane ye zubaan nazar kaise
na zubaan ko dikhaayi deta hai
na nigaahon se baat hoti hai
Zikr hota hai jab qayamat ka
tere jazbon ki baat hoti hai

tu chali aaye muskuraati huyi
to bikhar jaayen har taraf kaliyaan
tu chali jaaye uthke pahloo se
to ujad jaaye phoolon ki galiyan
jis taraf hoti hai nazar teri
us taraf kaaynaat hoti hai
Zikr hota hai jab qayamat ka
tere jalwon ki baat hoti hai

tu nigaahon se na pilaaye to
ashq bhi peene waale peete hain
waise jeene ko to tere bin bhi
is zamane me log jeete hain
zindagi to usi ko kahte hain
jo basar tere saath hoti hai
zikr hota hai jab qayamat ka
tere jalwon ki baat hoti hai
tu jo chaahe to din nikalta hai
tu jo chaahe to raat hoti hai

7 Responses to "Zikr Hota Hai jab qayaamat ka"

I didn’t know about Daan Singh and that this song was by anyone else other than the usual directors.

One really feels for all the people who struggled and never made it despite their obvious talent.


Hey thanks for the trivia about Daan Singh. I did wonder about him when I was writing up my My Love post. The music for the other songs from this movie was also great and I wondered why Daan Singh was such an unknown quantity.


Just listened to this song after a long time. What an absolutely fantastic song this is.


an everlasting song!


a very rare n wonderful mukeshji’s number 😀


Anand Bakshi’s Sufiyana Kalam.—- jindagi to usi ko kahate hai jo basar kere( god) sathe hoti hai


I think nothing can be written better than this heart touching song. It is immortal.


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