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Rut jawaan jawaan raat meharbaan

Posted on: February 23, 2010

“Aakhri Khat” (1966) has the distinction of being Rajesh Khanna’s debut movie. It was truly a different kind of a movie, not the usual mainstream Bollywood movie.

This song from this movie “rut jawaan jawaan raat meharbaan” is very much a trivia buff’s delight. This song is a party song/ club song. It is sung by Bhupinder Singh and it is picturised on him as well. The song shows him holding a guitar and singing this song.

Bhupinder Singh, who made his singing debut a couple of years ago in “Haqeeqat” (1964) was not only a good singer but a good guitar player too. So he is not holding the guitar just for show. He could also play guitar very well. In fact, Bhupinder Singh was the guitarist for S D and R D Burman in some of their very well known songs viz “Hothon pe aisi baat” (Jewel Thief), “Dum maaro dum” (Hare Rama Hare Krishna), “Chura liya hai tumne jo dil ko” (Yaadon ki baraat) and “Mehbooba Mehbooba” (Sholay) etc.

This picturisation also shows a portly man playing trumpet. He is the legendary trumpet player viz Chic Chocolate. He was the assistant of C Ramchandra and many memorable C Ramchandra numbers (viz “aana meri jaan sunday ke sunday”, “mere piya gaye Rangoon” etc) were created by him.

Coming to this song, it is written by Kaifi Azmi and the music is composed by Khayyam.

Song-Rut jawaan jawaan raat meharbaan (Aakhri Khat) (1966) Singer-Bhupinder Singh, Lyrics-Kaifi Azmi, MD-Khayyam


rut jawaan jawaan
raat meharbaan
chhedo koyi daastaan
rut jawaan jawaan
raat meharbaan
chhedo koyi daastaan
rut jawaan jawaan

kuchh jhuki jhuki nazar kahe
kuchh chhupa chhupa sa dar kahe
jo kahe wo raat bhar kahe
phir bhi na ho kuchh bayaan
rut jawaan jawaan
raat meharbaan
chhedo koyi daastaan
rut jawaan jawaan

husn ki shikaayaten bazaa
hai idhar tadap udhar gilaa
khaamoshi hai dard ki sadaa
aankhen banin hain zubaan
rut jawaan jawaan
raat meharbaan
chhedo koyi daastaan
rut jawaan jawaan

gham khushi khushi chhupa liyaa
dard ko bhi dil banaa liyaa
zindagi ne aazmaa liyaa
tum to na lo imtehaan
rut jawaan jawaan
raat meharbaan
chhedo koyi daastaan
rut jawaan jawaan

8 Responses to "Rut jawaan jawaan raat meharbaan"

Bhupinder Singh began his career as a guitarist He met Madan Mohan in Delhi when Madan Mohan had gone there. Madan Mohan gave him the opportunity to sing “Hoke Majboor mujhe” in “Haqeeqat” (1964). Bhupinder spent much of the next decade as a guitarist. He continued to sing off and on. Of course, he is known as a singer of some very fine songs.


I just love this song. One of those forgotten gems.


Love the song too. But Bhupinder was more a guitarist than a singer, no?


Love love this song, and love the movie SO much. Every song in it was beautiful.


Yes, I have been discovering the songs of this movie these days.


Who is the lady speaking with the police officer, played by Manvendra Chitnis?


Ramrao ji,

One name that clicks after viewing the credits of the film is Naqi Jahaan. I request other readers for confirmation.



Sudhir ji,

I am almost certain that the lady is Naqi Jahaan. Her facial features have some similarities with her mother, Pramila (Esther Victoria Abraham), a well known actress of 1930s and 40s.

I have also checked with Naqi Jahaan’s picture taken at the time of her winning Miss India, 1967 organised by Eves Weekly and a family photograph. In my view, the facial features in these two photographs have some similarities with the lady talking to police officer in the song.


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