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O dilbar jaaniye tere hain ham tere

Posted on: August 3, 2010

In Hindi movies, boy and girl cannot get introduced in a nice and gentle manner. Their initial encounter must be abrasive, with the boy making passing at the girl and the girl not liking it a bit. A teasing song would follow, and somehow, by the end of the song, the girl would melt and begin responding to the advances.

I have yet to fully comprehend this mechanism of Hindi movie love where the secret of winning the heart of a girl is through singing a teasing song, that too in full public glare.

Most sung songs are sung in Roadside Romeo manner, where the girl is walking on the road and our Roadside Romeo follows behind. In some cases, the girl and her tormentor are seen on bicycles, rickshaw etc too.

Here is an upscale version of the above. Here the girl Babita as well as the boy Shashi Kapoor both have convertibles and the teasing takes place in an upmarket manner. The two cars drive side by side and Shashi Kapoor keeps singing the song.

Here is this lively song from “Haseena Maan Jaayegi” (1968). It is sung by Rafi and he has sung it with great energy and enthusiasm. The song is written by Prakash Mehra who would later on go on to become a noted movie director. Kalyanji Anandji composed the music.

Here is this song from “Haseenaa Maan Jaayegi” (1968) which is bound to cheer the listeners up for the day.



Song-O dilbar jaaniye tere hain ham tere (Haseena Maan Jaayegi) (1968) Singer-Rafi, Lyrics-Prakash Mehra, MD-Kalyanji Anandji


o dilbar jaaniye
tere hain ham tere
o dilbar jaaniye
tere hain ham tere
chhupaa lenge in aankhon mein
sanam ham gham tere
o dilbar jaaniye
tere hain ham tere
chhupaa lenge in aankhon mein
sanam ham gham tere
o dilbar jaaniye
tere hain ham tere

yoon baat baat baat pe tum roothaa na karo
dil tod tod tod mazaa lootaa naa karo
o jaan-e-jaanaanaa ye to hai ruswaayi pyaar ki
in baaton se badh jaayegi mahangaayi pyaar ki
dhoondhe nahin paaogi tum baazaar mein aashiq
daudenge fifty sixty ki raftaar mein aashiq
phir naam le ke pyaar kaa tum gaayaa karogi
sar phod ke deewaaron se chillaayaa karogi

o dilbar jaaniye
tere hain ham tere
chhupaa lenge in aankhon mein
sanam ham gham tere
o dilbar soniye tere hain ham tere

ik din tumhaare dil mein bhi ik aag utthegi
toofaan utthegaa muhabbat jaag uthhegi
ho jaaye aisa haal to kar lena mujhko yaad
sarke bal chalkar aaunga sunkar teri faryaad
dil se mere khele ho
ab tum sar se bhi khelo
ye dil jigar gurdaa tumhaara hai
tumhi le lo
ustaad hoon Majnu ka main Farhaad kaa chleaa
har haal mein haaregaa jo dil se mere khelaa
o dilbar jaaniye
tere hain ham tere
chhupaa lenge in aankhon mein
sanam ham gham tere
o dilbar Heeriye tere hain ham tere

o bewafaa toone mujhe kahin kaa na chhodaa
tu gussaa jo karti hai karle pyaar bhi thodaa
tere binaa jeenaa meraa jeenaa hai kyaa jeenaa
tadpoongaa main jab aayegaa saawan kaa maheenaa
wo husn bhi kyaa husn hai jo ishq naa jaane
dildaar ko aur yaar ko bilkul naa pahchaane
meri wafaa ek din kuch aisaa rang laayegi
ye naazneen zaalim haseenaa maan jaayegi
haseenaa maan jaayegi
haseenaa maan jaayegi
o dilbar jaaniye
tere hain ham tere
chhupaa lenge in aankhon mein
sanam ham gham tere
o dilbar Soniye
tere hain ham tere

9 Responses to "O dilbar jaaniye tere hain ham tere"

but if i am not wrong this was one of Prakash Mehra’s first directorial movies


Typical Rafi saab timepass song.:-)
LOL @ “upscale version” of teasing song.
Which reminds me of another similar “upscale version” – with Dharam and Jaya (Samadhi). Am going to put that as a farmaish. 🙂


Talking of “upscale” teasing, I am also reminded of “sar leke hatheli”- a typically IS Johar timepass song from “Johar in Bombay”. I have given that also as a farmaish. 🙂 I know my taste is a bit (only a bit?) questionable but I love the IS Johar-Sonia Sahni combo. 🙂


Samadhi has nice songs. I like the one with Dharam pulling the cart “jab tak rahe” a whole lot (its in my top 20 70s Dharam playlist). Another Samadhi song I LOVE is: “Maine dekha hai ek sapna”–its currently in my top 10 Garam Dharam 70s playlist.

About the car, its a Standard and it was manufactured in Madras. I’ve only actually seen Madrasis drive them (and now in the movies).


Queer are the ways of ‘ filmwaalas ‘ , the road side Romeo of reel life ( Shashi Kapoor ) became father in law in real life of Babita Kapoor ( Shivdasani ) when she was married to Randhir Kapoor on 6th November 1971 , three years after release of Haseena Maan Jaayegi 1968 . As all of us know that the couple was later blessed with pretty girls Karishma and Kareena .




Babita’s driving a cheap white Gujarat registered 1961 Standard Herald Phase 1 convertible. Shashi Kapoor is driving an imported Bombay registered 1962 Sunbeam S2 Alpine convertible.


working link


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