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Aaj apni mehnaton ka mujhko samra mil gayaa

Posted on: August 30, 2010

I have posted a few songs from “Doctor” (1941) in this blog. As a kid, I was not much into old movie songs like this one, but now I realise that it was movies like this, that helped build the foundation of Hindi movie industry.

This was a historical movie in fact, and it was made in both Bangla and Hindi. This was a pathbreaking movie in the annals of Indian and Hindi movie industry and it was the pinnacle of Pankaj Mullick’s career, who was not only the singer and music director in this movie, but he had also acted in it. And the songs in this movie must have been quite sensational for its time.

Here is a song from this movie, which is sung by Pankaj Mullick and picturised on himself. The build up to the song shows two other actors (who are apparently the hero and heroine of this movie). Any idea who they are ?

Those were the days when the singer was on his own and music , unlike now, was not used to cover up the deficiencies of the singers. And Pankaj Mullick sings this song superbly. It is such a pleasure to listen to his powerful voice.

Here is this song from “Doctor” (1941) which is sung by Panakj Mullick. Munshi Aarzoo Lucknowi is the lyricist and Pankaj Mullick is the music director.

The lyrics uses heavy duty Urdu words. Can anyone tell me what the word “Samra” stands for. Readers are also requested to point out mistakes in the lyrics, as the lyrics uses a few words which are rather unfamiliar.



song-Aaj apni mehnaton ka mujhko samraa mil gayaa(Doctor) (1941) Pankaj Mullick ,Lyrics-Munshi Aarzoo Lucknowi, MD-Pankaj Mullick


aaj apni mehnaton kaa
mujhko samraa (?) mil gayaa
aaj apni mehnaton kaa
mujhko samaraa (?) mil gayaa
jismein khud khoyaa huaa thaa main
jismen khud khoyaa huaa thaa main
wo sahraa mil gayaa
aaj apni

rah gayaa
aaa aaa aaa aaa
rah gayaa milne se kyaa
jab chain dil kaa mil gayaa
aa aa aa aa
phool ye haath aa gayaa
to baag saaraa mil gaayaa
phool ye haath

sookhe patte jhaad kar
sookhe patte jhaad kar
sar-sabz hote hain shazar
jitnaa kuchh lutataa rahaa
usse jiyaadaa mil gayaa
jitnaa kuchh lutataa

aarzoo taskeen-e-dil ko
ye naa socho kyaa na paayaa
ye kaho kyaa mil gayaa
ye naa socho kyaa na paayaa
ye kaho kyaa mil gayaa
aaj apni mehnaton kaa
mujhko samraa (?) mil gayaa

6 Responses to "Aaj apni mehnaton ka mujhko samra mil gayaa"

Samra means reward


Thanks for this information.


As per the Hindustani-English dictionary,the meaning of Samra is ‘Fruit or Result’


To the best of my knowledge, there is no such word as ‘samra’ in Urdu. Yes, there is ‘samar’ which means fruit. Samar cannot be written or pronounced ‘samra’ even in poetry. If you listen carefully, the word is not samra but ‘tamgha’ which means a medal. In the days of Arzoo, it was a common practice to award medals on stage for bright theatrical performances. Here the poet wants to say that he has been awarded for his hard work more than what he deserved and he expresses high satisfaction and gratitude to the providence who has rewarded for his hard work..

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A wonderful song from the bygone era.Listening carefully, the word in question is ‘Tamgha’ only. Moreover in the line ‘ jitna kuchh lutata raha’ is in fact ‘jitna kuchh lut- ta raha’ with first t as in tub and the second t as soft t .


Please correct “Oankaj Lucknowi” to “Pankaj Mullick”.


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