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Jalti huyi jawaaniyaan

Posted on: December 15, 2010

Here is a stunning song from a forgotten movie.

This song is from “Bambai Raat Ki Baahon Mein” (1968) which was an off beat movie made by K A Abbas with new and unnown actors. The heroine of this movie was one Persis Khambata, who was Miss India 1965 and who was trying her hands in Hindi movie industry. She failed to get a foothold in Hindi movies and she vanished from the scene. A few years later, she re-appeared, not in Hindi movies, but in American TV serials where she played an alien in the TV series Star Trek. For this role, she had to get her head shaved.

In this movie ” Bambai Raat Ki Baahon Mein” (1968), which few people watched, Persis Khambata plays an un conventional role that was perhaps far too advanced for the movie goers who were used to seeing leading ladies in Bhartiya Naari roles.

Now, with the benefit of hindsight, we may well wonder how Persis Khambata failed to make it big in Hindi movie industry. The reason for her failure was that she had appeared in Hindi movies one decade too early. Later, actresses like Zeenat Aman and Parveen Babi succeeded in Hindi movies while playing similar roles.

In “Bambai Raat ki Baahon Mein” (1968), Persis Khambata gets to sing several songs. But this particular song in question is not lip syced by her. Still this song is picturised on her. The picturisation is one again far ahead of the times. Persis Khambata is doing a catwalk here, showing off garments from different parts of India. This was something that was never shown before in a Hindi movies, not that too many people bothered to watch.

An announcer announces that a fashion parade of Indian dresses is going to be presented. Then he starts singing this song. Persis Khambata appears on stage, displaying various garments, accompanied by this song.

The song, plus Persis Khambata’s presence on the stage creates sheer magic. Those who have not seen this song have certainly missed something.

I think this is the best way of catwalk. Let a song like this be played while models sashay onto the stage. A model exhibiting garments with a song like this playing in the background- it cannot get any better tha that. I wonder why this has not been tried. Perhaps it is because people are not awrae of this song.

Make no mistake. The song (written by Hasan Kamaal and sung by Mahendra Kapoor) is a highly sensuous song. Music is composed by J P Kaushik. Unlike Persis Khambata (who made it big in US), J P Kaushik went back to oblivion despite creating some great songs in this movie. Such is life.



Song-Jalti huye jawaaniyaan (Bambai Raat ki Baahon Mein) (1968) Singer-Mahendra Kapoor, Lyrics-Hasan Kamaal, MD-J P Kaushik


jalti huyi jawaaniyaan
ye ankahi kahaaniyaan
Allah re qayaamat
Allah re qayaamat
jalti huyi jawaaniyaan
ye ankahi kahaaniyaan
Allah re qayaamat
Allah re qayaamat
jalti huyi jawaaniyaan

aanchal udaa hawaa mein
halchal huyi ghataa mein
khushboo si bas gayi hai
bahki huyi fazaa mein
bahki huyi fazaa mein
nigaahen jahaan jam gayin
hawaayen wahin tham gayin
bas mein hai jaise kudrat
Allah re qayaamat
jalti huyi jawaaniyaan

phhoolon bharaa wo daaman
jaise khilaa ho gulshan
jalwon ki chaandni hai
jalwon ki chaandni hai
naazo adaa ka saawan
naazo adaa ka saawan
runak chham chham
chham chham
ye bahke se qadam
dil kyon bache salaamat
Allah re qayamat
jalti huyi jawaaniyaan

jab tan lachak gayaa hai
ho sholaa bhadak gayaa hai
jaise koi sharaabi
jaise koi sharaabi
peekar bahak gayaa hai
peekar bahak gayaa hai
dhanak bal khaa gayi
fazaa lahraa gayi
ye loch ye nazaakat
Allah re qayamat
jalti huyi jawaaniyaan

ye husn chhalkaa chhalkaa
ye raks halka halka
lahron pe doltaa saa
ek phhol hai kamal ka
ek phhol hai kamal ka
nadi pe thhirke kiran
bahe jaise pawan
har ek adaa hai aafat
Alla re qayaamat
jalti huyi jawaaniyaan
ye ankahi kahaaniyaan
Allah re qayaamat
Allah re qayaamat
jalti huyi jawaaniyaan

3 Responses to "Jalti huyi jawaaniyaan"

Very nice discovery.
Yes I will call it discovery because it is so well written ,so well composed and so well sung ,one wonders where it was for so many years, rather decades.
And keep it up.


Nice to see that you too regard it as a discovery, which indeed it is.


This movie was released in 1967. (HFGK)


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