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Suno jaanaa suno jaanaa

Posted on: March 15, 2011

This article is written by Sudhir, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

Think of Sheikh Mukhtar, the hero of so many ‘Dada’ and ‘Ustad’ movies, the proverbial angry young man of the 50s and 60s ‘B’ screen Hindi movies long before Amitabh got that tag in the 70s and 80s. Now think of the same he-man in a skirt dress and bob cut hair? And dancing the twist, and pat-a-cake, no less?

This un-thinkable comical situation happened in the 1965 movie Hum Sab Ustad Hain. This movie was an action comedy starring Sheikh Mukhtar, Dara Singh, Kishore Kumar, Ameeta, Bela Bose etc. And boy, what a farce it was. A motley collection of good hearted heroes and small time villains and crooks trying to outdo each other, leading to hilarious situations.

In this song, one sees practically all the lead players in various disguises. Sheikh Mukhtar is dressed as a woman, carrying a small basket 🙂 to complete the effect. Dara Singh is dressed as a nawaab, with a white beard and a white sherwani suit. And then there is Kishore da, dressed as Parsi, complete with umbrella and Parsi cap. There is also a bearded and fat waiter that appears many times in this clip, but I am not able to recognize the actor.The scene is a restaurant in a hotel. Apparently, the key characters are trying to catch up with each other; Sheikh Mukhtar appears to be making an attempt to leave the hotel in a disguise. Both Dara Singh and Kishore Kumar recognize him, and the latter starts this song trying to block his escape. The lyrics are wonderful, with a speedy pace and tempo. At one point Kishore da tells Sheikh Mukhtar, as “she” is touching up “her” lipstick, ‘. . . tum ik rangeen dhoka ho, nahin maloom kya kya ho . . .”, alluding to the disguises all of them are in.

During the song, one also sees Ameeta rushing through the corridors in the upper floors of the hotel, apparently trying to locate a missing child; and she does. Ameeta and child appear together in the restaurant, at the end of the song.

The lyrics are by Asad Bhopali. Asad has been active as a lyricist in the Hindi film industry for decades, having contributed some very wonderful gems to the Hindi film music from mid 50s to early 90s. One can think of some wonderful songs from movies Parasmani, Shabnam, Aaya Toofan, Lutera, Ek Sapera Ek Lutera, Chhaila Babu, Tower House, Mr. X in Bombay, and many more. And then his last famous hit movie Maine Pyaar Kiya, with the song Kabootar Ja Ja winning the Filmfare award for that year. Besides that, he has written many gems for so many obscure movies which are not so well known.

Music is by Laxmikant Pyaarelal, and the song has been sung as only Kishore da can. His antics and performance on screen is incomparable. These fun songs from Kishore could simply not have been done any justice on the screen by any other actor.So enjoy this wonderful and riotous song from Hum Sub Ustad Hain.



Song-Suno jaana suno jaanaa (Ham Sab Ustaad Hain) ( 1965) Singer-Kishore Kumar, Lyrics-Asad Bhopali, MD-Laxmikant Pyarelal


suno jaana suno jaana
mere pehloo se mat jaana
suno jaana suno jaana
mere pehloo se mat jaana
agar jaana to yoon jaana
judaa sar tan se kar jaana
suno jaana suno jaana
mere pehloo se mat jaana
suno jaana suno jaana
mere pehloo se mat jaana
agar jaana to yoon jaana
judaa sar tan se kar jaana
suno jaana suno jaana

ye chehra kyun chhipaaye ho
ye daaman kyun bachaaye ho
zaraa baithho chale jaana
kai din mein to aaye ho
tum ik rangeen dhokha ho
nahin maloom kya kya ho
tumhein taqleef to hogi
ghadi bhar ko theher jaana
suno jaana suno jaana
mere pehloo se mat jaana
agar jaana to yoon jaana
judaa sar tan se kar jaana
suno jaana suno jaana

nigaahe naaz ki baaten
jawaan andaaz ki baaten
abhi to tum se karni hain
bahut si raaz ki baaten
abhi se bewafaayi hai
duhaai hai duhaai hai
mere paas aao pehle phir
jidhar chaaho udhar jaana
suno jaana suno jaana
mere pehloo se mat jaana
agar jaana to yoon jaana
judaa sar tan se kar jaana
suno jaana suno jaana

ye aakhir kaisa waada hai
kaho ab kya iraada hai
mujhe dil de ke dil le lo
ke sauda seedha saadha hai
tumhen pehchaan’ne waale
nahin yoon maan’ne waale
kahin tum baaton baaton mein
na apna kaam kar jaana
suno jaana suno jaana
mere pehloo se mat jaana
agar jaana to yoon jaana
judaa sar tan se kar jaana
suno jaana suno jaana
mere pehloo se mat jaana
agar jaana to yoon jaana
judaa sar tan se kar jaana
suno jaana suno jaana

14 Responses to "Suno jaanaa suno jaanaa"

imagine a very manly Parsi woman blushing thro d song. wow wasn’t Sheikh Mukhtar looking very pretty.
its been ages since i saw dis song


The song that make to make “twist” dance…Wonderful composition from Laxmikant-Pyarelal. This was then when no one was asking Kishore Kumar to sing a song for any of the music directors.


Nice one, Sudhir.

I love this song – it is chirpy, catchy and lingers on in your head long after the song is over. I’m still singing “suno jaana, suno jaana” in my head. 🙂

You are right – nobody could have pulled this off quite like Kishore. He was one genius in the industry – could just about do everything!


Oh I’m glad to see this here. It’s a fun, fun film with great songs and dances in it 🙂 Wah!


Indeed I think all Sheikh Mukhtaar movies are fun. In fact, I am increasingly coming round to the view that he played the kinds of roles in 1950s and 1960s that Amitabh Bachchan played in 1970s. So Sheikh Mukhtaar could well be called the original angry young man.


Sheikh Mukhtar was the original Hunk of Bollywood.His square jaw,pock marked rough face,height of 6’4” and heavy duty body truely made him a He Man.
He was first spotted by the Movie Mughal,Mehboob Khan who cast him as the 3rd Hero,along with Arun Ahuja(Govinda’s father) and T.Harish(who later direced films like Burma Road the 40s).The common Heroine was Sitara Devi.The film was Ek hi Raasta(The only way).
In his 64 films Sh.Mu. acted against beauties like Sitara Devi,Begum Para and Nigar Sultana.
There was a special section in filmgoers who just loved his films.
He put all his money in producing Noorjehan,which flopped miserably in 1968 and Sh.Mu was loaded with heavy unpaid loans.Although he had no vices and a good reputation in the industry for integrity,he ran away to Pakistan with prints of his film.Pakistan Govt. did not help him for the release of Noorjehan,in 1970.He died after a brief illness and after his death,Noorjehan was released by Wali Bros. of Sun Films and it ran to full house creating records.
In India,4 films of Sheikh Mukhtar were released after his death till 1973(which were all flops).
A real tragedy for a likeable Hunk,indeed !


Wow, you are a treasure house of information. Thanks so much for this! I have not seen many movies of Sheikh Mukhtar but I have seen Mehboob Khan’s Roti (1942), where he acts opposite Sitara Devi. Lovely movie (one of my favourites) – and they have excellent chemistry too.


Dear Raja sir,
I am flattered ! Thanks.


There is one more interesting facet ofSheikh Mukhtar,which I somehow missed mentioning here.
Can you believe that Sheikh Mukhtar sang…..yes,sang two songs in Behan(1941) ?
Producer-National studios
Director-Mehboob Khan
Actor-Shaikh Mukhtar
Role-Meena Kumari’s(Baby Meena) brother
Music Director-Anil Bishwas
Songs- Nahi khate hai bhaiyya mere paan-Nalini Jayawant/Sheikh Mukhtar
Aayi Jawani,Jiya Laharaye-Nalini Jayawant/Sheikh Mukhtar.


I second Raja—thank you for this information about him. I always love to see him in a movie. 🙂


One little correction in the lyrics of this song. In the beginning line –
suno jaana suno jaana, mere pehloo se mat jaana
agar jaana to yoon jaana, “judaa gardan se kar jaana”
suno jaana suno jaana

If one listens to the song with some attention, you will hear the correct words ” Juda Sar Tan se Kar Jaana.”
I hope it is corrected in the lyrics.
The song is excellently picturised with a catchy tune (Twist music of late 50’s or early 60’s). This song with another one “Pyar Baant te chalo”
are L.P.’s best early compositions. So many nostalgic memories.

Liked by 1 person

Thanks for the correct words. I have now corrected the lyrics.



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