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Zindagi cigarette ka dhuaan

Posted on: May 23, 2011

In this blog, I like to give good representation to all the great artists who have helped enrich the Hindi movie music. And that means singers, lyricists and music directors.

Most people, including many present day radio stations only seem to acknowledge the singer and sometimes music directors, and lyricist is rarely given his due. And that is the main reason for the decline of Hindi movie music from 1980 onwards.

To my mind ,lyrics is the soul of a song. One may have great singers and great music, but what will they do if they do not have a meaningful song to sing. One cannot just utter some gibberish and hope to get the song popular. Dispensing with lyrics was the main reason for the demise of the golden era of Hindi movie music in 1980s.

The golden era of Hindi movies had a glut of great lyricists. They would come up with wonderful lyrics even for seemingly trivial scenes like say a cabarat song. And when it came to expressing the feelings of characters, the lyricists cold come up with telling lyrics. In fact, they could come up with different kinds of lyrics for different kind of sadness !

One of the great lyricists of the golden era is Kaifi Azmi. For a long time, I kept associating his name with “boring” sad songs from “old” movies. When I have gone deep, I have realised that Kaifi Azmi was a versatile lyricist who could come up with any kind of lyrics, including “western” song lyrics , comedy song lyrics, etc. It was just that he was typedcast in the minds of many movie makers just like he was typedcast in the minds of fans like me.

I am pleased to mention that this song is the 100th song of Kaifi Azmi in this blog. For the 100th Kaifi azmi song, I have selected a rare and untypical song. Few people will associate this kind of a song with Kaifi Azmi (as lyricist), Jaidev (as music director) and Bhupinder Singh (as singer). These three seemingly serious artists have combined to come up with a philosophical song using seemingly day to day trivial words.

The song is “Zindagi cigarett ka dhuaan” (life is a puff of Cigarette smoke). The lyrics may seem trivial, but they are not. They draw interestinf parallel between life and the smoke of cigarette.

I take this opportunity to thank Sudhir, who contributed several great writeups on songs with Kaifi Azmi’s lyrics which helped speed up the process of completing Kaifi Azmi’s century. Among these 100 Kaifi azmi songs, there are some well known songs, and there are some less known ones, and some truly obscure ones. And I am proud of this collection of 100 Kaifi Azmi songs in this blog.

And as always, I thank all the readers for their continued support and encouragement. I am sure that we will continue to see more centuries of songs from many more great pillars of Hindi movie music who have helped enrich the music world with their invaluable contributions.



song-Zindagi cigarette ka dhuaan (Faaslaa) (1974) Singer-Bhupinder , Lyrics-Kaifi Azmi, MD-Jaidev


zindagi cigarette kaa dhuaan
ye dhuaan jaataa hai kahaan
yaa kahin jaataa nahin
ye socho,
na socho meri jaan
ye dhuaan jaataa hai kahaan
ye dhuaan
zindagi cigarette kaa dhuaan
ye dhuaan jaataa hai kahaan
yaa kahin jaataa nahin
ye socho,
na socho meri jaan
ye dhuaan jaataa hai kahaan
ye dhuaan
zindagi cigarette kaa dhuaan

dil ko apne tu chhotaa na karnaa
ho dil ko apne tu chhotaa na karnaa
ye kali dil ki phir se khilegi
chhin gayi hai jo shakti badan ki
wahi shakti tujhe phir milegi
tere paanv ko choomegi parbat ki sab chotiyaan,
sab chotiyaan
zindagi cigarette kaa dhuaan

phir se daudegaa chalne lagegaa
ho phir se daudegaa chalne lagegaa
lahoo tan mein machalne lagegaa
dil pe chhaayaa hai jo ye andheraa
ye andheraa bhi dhalne lagegaa
tujhe chaand pe chalte dekhegaa saaraa jahaan,
saaraa jahaan
zindagi cigarette kaa dhuaan

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video link of song featuring actor Raman Khanna(Rajesh Khanna looklike or wannabe Rajesh Khanna of those times)



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