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Bade bhole ho hanste ho sunke duhaai

Posted on: June 7, 2011

This article is written by Sudhir, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie songs and a regular contributor to this blog.

Meena Kumari, born Mahajabeen Bano, lived a relatively short life of 39 years, of which all but 4 years, she was working on the silver screen. Born of parents both of whom were stage and cinema artists, she took to working in films at the fragile age of four. She wanted to go to school, but the domestic economic situation decided otherwise for her. Her career took off in 1952/53 with hits like Baiju Baawra and Madhosh, and by the time she breathed her last in 1972, she had already acted in ninety plus films, and won 4 Filmfare awards. In the year 1962, she made history as being the only actress with three nominations for the best actress award in the same year (for Aarti, Mein Chup Rahoongi, and Sahib Biwi Aur Ghulam).

Much is written about her life, her work and her personal tragedies, and available on the web. In this post I write about a striking aspect of her roles and her achievements as a performer par excellence. As an actress, she has performed the best and the most expressive roles of an archetypal Hindu lady, as no other actress, Hindu or otherwise, has so far accomplished on the screen. Her unforgettable roles in Parineeta, Aarti, Dil Ek Mandir, Dil Apna Aur Preet Paraayi, Poornima, Saanjh Aur Savera, Ek Hi Raasta, Mein Chup Rahoongi, Bhabhi Ki Choodiyan, Sharda etc., present a studied essence of Hindu traditions and a profound insight into the life and trials of the female characters that are almost always dominated by the social inevitabilities. Her performances as the Lalita of Parineeta, as Sita of Dil Ek Mandir, as Sharda, as Geeta of Bhabhi Ki Choodiyaan, as Poornima, as Gauri in Saanjh Aur Savera are, and will be, unmatched in the annals of Hindi cinema. For there is never going to be another Meena Kumari ever.

This song is from the 1959 film, Ardhaangini, in which Meena Kumari has assayed the role of Chhaaya. One viewing of this clip is enough to convey the tribulations of this character. The words of the song say it all, and more than the words, it is the face and eyes of Meena Kumari, that tell the entire story. If ever it were possible to be graceful in unhappiness, this song it is. The protagonist says the entire song sitting at one place. Watch the lips, the muscles in the neck and in the nose; she is really singing this song and not just lip syncing – it is coming from within, and she makes us too, feel the same. The eyes and the voice betray the emotions of helplessness that draws us to pour our sympathy and care on this person – “kit jaaun mein mukh to kholo zaraa”. And then in the very same antaraa, just a line ahead, the complaint is writ clearly in the eyes, and the voice has a touch of reproach and she tells the Lord “achhi ye bansi ki ot lagaai”, admonishing Him for hiding behind his flute.

The words are by Majrooh Sultanpuri and the soft, unhurried, and deliberate composition is by Vasant Desai. Just click and listen to this lingering emotion, the only meaningful portrayal possible, that is Meena Kumari’s rendition on the screen.

Enjoy !



Song-Bade bhole ho hanste ho sun ke duhaai (Ardhaangini) (1959) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Majrooh Sultanpuri, MD-Vasant Desai


aaa aaa aaa
aaa aaa aaa
aaa aaa aaa

bade bhole ho
o bade bhole ho
hanste ho sun ke duhaayi
Kanhaai Kanhaai Kanhaai
bade bhole ho

bhaage hai jag meri chhaaya se door
bhaage hai jag meri chhaaya se door
tan man mera sab ki thokar se choor
hir phir ke phir tumre dar pe aayee
ho o hir phir ke phir tumre dar pe aayee
bade bhole ho
ho bade bhole ho
hanste ho sun ke duhaai
Kanhaai Kanhaai Kanhaai
bade bhole ho

jalte aansoo
jalte aansoo
jalte aansoo bheege nainon ka haal
dekha to hai sab kuchh tum ne Gopal
phir tumri ankhiyaan kyun muskaayi
ho o phir tumri ankhiyaan kyun muskaayi
bade bhole ho
ho o bade bhole ho

kit jaaun ho o
kit jaaun mein mukh to kholo zaraa
chor ban ke chup kyun ho bolo zaraa
achhi ye bansi ki ot lagaayi
ho o achhi ye bansi ki ot lagaayi
bade bhole ho
ho o bade bhole ho
hanste ho sun ke duhaai
Kanhaai Kanhaai Kanhaai
bade bhole ho

7 Responses to "Bade bhole ho hanste ho sunke duhaai"

wah!!! Sudhirbabu!!! Kya likhte ho! Meena Kumari pe this is a very good pen portrait


Sudhir ji,
An excellent write up on MK.You seem to have a knack of bringing out the exact qualities of the subject and then elaborate your points.Indeed a very good article.
Meena Kumari was,no doubt a great artist.The greatness of an artist depends on his/her capability of depicting ANY type of role.It was unfortunate that MK was branded as Tragedy queen(like DK getting branded as Tragedy King),because she excelled even in lighter roles.
There are many movies where she played comedy/light roles or even roles which were not at all weepy roles,if not comedy.
Following movies can be called her LIGHTER movies:
Alladin and the wonderful lamp,Tamasha,Ilzam,Azaad,Memsaab,Bandish,Naya Andaz,Miss Mary,Shararat and Kohinoor.
Her non weepy/nontragic roles were in :
Veer Ghatotkach,Shri Ganesh Mahima,Magroor,Madhosh,Sanam,Parineeta,Naulakha Haar,Jagir,Akeli Mat Jaiyo,Chitralekha and Mere Apne.
One will notice that all her Light movies were before 1960.
May be because after 1960,her marriage with Kamal Amrohi was on rocks(He was an already married man and 15 years senior to her.He never wanted a child from her).In her film Daera(1953),the story was very similar to her own life pattern.
She had also started drinking around 1963/64 and was divorced in 1964.That is also the time Dharmendra came in her life.
On the whole I agree with you that Meena kumari was the one and only one exceptional artist !


Lovely write-up, Sudhir ji. And that, on one of my favourite actresses of yesteryear.

Only after you mention it, I realise how well Meena Kumari personified the “Hindi wife” in movie after movie. She was an outstanding actress, who unfortunately got boxed as a “tragedy heroine” because of some of her tragedy roles. But there was far more to her than just these roles – she is so lovely to watch in “Miss Mary” for example.

She went through a lot of hardship and pain in her short life – but she’s left us with a legacy that we will never forget. Thank you, Meena Kumari ji.


Sudhir ji,
It is impossible to match your article and my intention is also not that,but I always felt that some unknown facts and trivia about great artists are eagerly lapped up by readers,because they open up a new window to the artist’s personality.
Everybody knows what Meena Kumari was,after Baiju Bawra(1952),her first major hit as a Heroine,but what happened before that ?
Meena Kumari was born on 1-8-1932 to Iqbal Begum and Master Abilash-a Music Director.She and her sisters (elder) Khursheed Jr. and (younger) Baby Madhuri used to throw stones in Naushad’s house,who was their neighbour in Dadar.When Naushad complained,they were reprimanded.
Her first picture was Leather face(Farzand-e-watan)-1939,as Jairaj’s daughter(in 1950 she became his heroine in Maghroor).In this film,her name in the credits was just above a Horse(Bahadur) and a dog(Tiger) at no.17 !
She acted in some 15 films as a child,singing and giving playback to her sisters.
Her first grown up role was in Bachchon ka khel(1946) and Veer Ghatotkach(1948).She acted in many Mythologicals like Pataal Vijay,Laxmi Narayan etc,till she established herself in Baiju Bawra(1952).


The day this song was posted and i read the excellent essay by Sudhir ji, i remembered one small ditty which kids selling plastic things in Mumbai’s local trains used to sing. It went like ,

” Bhari Bhari Meena Kumar,
Ghar me jaa ke maara maari “.

I have heard it many times. In mumbai street language ‘bhari’ means rich or costly or heavy.

Another trivia about Meena Kumari is she had a small finger disfigured or broken, which she is seen hiding with saari pallo in all the scenes. Also one of her sisters married Mehmood. I have seen very few of her films, like Pakeeza and Sahib Bibi aur Gulam. She had an impressive and expressive voice, and the diction to go with it. I also remember reading some where that she wrote poetry also.



Peevesie’s Mom, Arun ji, Raja ji, Nahm Bhai,

Thanks all for your kind appreciation and for the additional information and inputs. I am so glad we are able to communicate like this.

Nahm Bhai, Meena Kumari was an accomplished shaayaraa, and her poetry very beautiful. A ghazal from her goes like this.

poochhte ho to suno kaise basar hotee hai
raat khairaat ki sadqe ki sahar hotee hai

saans bharney ko to jeena nahin kehte yaa’rab
dil hi dukhtaa hai na ab aasteen tar hotee hai

jaise jaagi hui aankhon mein chubhen kaanch ke khwaab
raat is tarah deewaanon ki guzar hotee hai

gum hi dushman hai mera gum hi ko dil dhoondta hai
ek lamhe ki judaai bhi agar hotee hai

ek markaz ki talash ek bhatak’ti khusboo
kabhi manzil kabhi tamheed-e-safar hotee hai

And a very expressive sher, that I have treasured since my school days,

jalti bhujti se roshini ki tarah
simtaa simtaa saa ik makaan tanhaa
raah dekha karegaa sadiyon tak
chhod jaayenge ye jahaan tanhaa

Here is a website where you can read more of her ghazals



I know I am giving comment after 9 yaers of psoting. But like to inform that VAsant Desai used same Bhajan tune to make a LAVNI ( Folk dance) in MArathi Film Amar Bhupali. He was such a great MD to use same tune for both and still it is like an roiginal in both songs ( Tuzya Pritiche dukh mala _ Amar Bhupali)


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