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Meha barasne lagaa hai aaj ki raat

Posted on: June 20, 2011

This article is written by Sudhir, a fellow enthusiast of hindi movie songs and a regular contributor to this blog.

Shaque (1976) is an off-beat social drama, with a notable star cast. The main players in this film are Vinod Khanna, Shabana Azmi, Utpal Dutt, Durga Khote, Bindu, Farida Jalal, besides other lesser known actors. The movie is written, co-produced and directed by the husband wife team of Aruna Raje and Vikas Desai. (This team also wrote and directed Gehraayee (1980) and Sitam (1982)). The theme of Shaque is about a marriage endangered by doubts and fear.

The film story revolves around the life of a middle class couple Vinod (played by Vinod Khanna) and Meena Joshi (played by Shabana Azmi). They are a normal, upwardly mobile family, with aspirations for a better life style. Once an incident occurs in Vinod’s office. A colleague is murdered, and a large amount of cash is missing. Another colleague is arrested and sentenced to prison for this crime. A little time later, the life style of this couple changes; apparently Vinod has come into a lot of money. They buy a new flat, and a beach house, and start living a very comfortable life. And then the doubts start emerging in Meena’s mind, as to the source of this new found wealth. And then she starts some explorations, with the family of the imprisoned colleague, and that of the murdered colleague. Then she also finds out about yet another colleague Maan Singh (played by Utpal Dutt), who has been removed from service, is a little demented, and for some unknown reasons is apparently blackmailing Vinod. With such twists in life, the relationship starts deteriorating.

The film starts off very powerfully and the first half and even part of the second half is taut and suspenseful. But the conclusion is not very satisfying, as the director hurriedly finds convenient solutions to get a happy ending in place, and gets the relationship back on track.

Two notable reasons to post this song. Firstly, Shaque is the last movie for which Vasant Desai had composed the music. And secondly, this particular song is one of the very few pure classical songs that Asha Bhosle has recorded. Generally, when it comes to songs based on classical music, most composers have preferred Lata Mangeshkar to sing such songs. This song is one such exception.

The lyrics are by Gulzar; the words are sheer poetry, very light and yet very powerful, which is the hallmark of this poet. He has the ability to conjure strange word combinations for some very profound effect, e.g. a line from this song – ‘mere ghar pe barasti badli se, koi rishta kahin zaroor hoga”.

And Vasant Desai has composed a flowing melody for this creation. Only the audio is available on line, and that is all the more better, as this song is best enjoyed listening with eyes closed. Enjoy this brilliant classical creation, probably the last one by Vasant Desai, for Hindi movies.

Song-Mehaa barasne lagaa hai aaj ki raat (Shaque) (1976) Singer-Asha Bhonsle,Lyrics-Gulzar,MD-Vasant Desai


mehaa barasne lagaa hai aaj ki raat
aaj ki raat mehaa barasne do
mehaa barasne lagaa hai aaj ki raat

patte patte par boonden barasengi
daali daali par jhoomega saawan
daali daali par jhoomega saawan
pyaase hotthon ko choomengi baarish
aaj aankhon mein phoolegaa saawan
aaj aankhon mein phoolegaa saawan
dhuaan dhuaan sa ho rahaa hai jahaan
aaj dono jahaan sulagne do
mehaa barasne lagaa hai aaj ki raat
aaj ki raat mehaa barasne do
mehaa barasne do

aaj chaahe barse kahin bhi ye paani
chaahe kitnaa bhi mujhse door hoga
mere ghar pe barasti badli se
koi rishta kahin zaroor hoga
moti moti bikhar raha hai gagan
paani paani hai sab pighalne do
mehaa barasne lagaa hai aaj ki raat

14 Responses to "Meha barasne lagaa hai aaj ki raat"

hullo Sudhirji
i don’t agree with you completely. there are a few Asha numbers in my collection which are classical in nature:
1) Kahe Tarsaye — a duet with Usha Mangeshkar in some Meena Kumari movie
2) Re Mann Sur Main Gaa — with Manna Dey in “Lal Pathar”
3) the songs in shashi Kapoor’s “Utsav” with Lata for company
and these are only some of the songs i can remember off hand.


Hi Peevesie’s Mom (ji)

I agree, Asha ji does have classical songs to her credit. Maybe the way I put it, did not come across as well as I wanted it to. In a comparative situation, Asha ji has much fewer classical songs that Lata ji. And I did read somewhere that composers would prefer Lata for classical/semi classical compositions.

The song ‘Kaahe Tasaaye Jiyaraa’ is from the movie Chitralekha (1964).



hullo Sudhirji
Oh and by the way i like ur write- ups and the way you put your thoughts to words. and i think i have seen this movie a long long time ago and didn’t know what direction the movie went it. probably that y the ending was not satisfying


Sudhir ji,
As usual,a very good write up.
Aruna Raje,an active participant in Bombay’s experimental theatre,fell in love with a similar artist and married Vikas Desai(despite his hugh bodyframe,while Aruna was a good looker.)
Shaque was produced by AVIKAM productions,a company floated jointly by Aruna,VIKas and AMar-brother of Vikas.
The original treatment to the film Shaque was very different in the end part,but there was a dispute between Aruna and Vikas,to such an extent that they separated on this issue.Thats why in the credits Aruna is Aruna Raje and Vikas is Vikas Desai.They didnot divorce,and decided to put both names in future too,even if one of them directs a film.Thus Gehraee was Aruna’s film and Sitm was Vikas’s,though a joint name featured as Director.
In the original end,Mansing is Not the murderer,he only blackmails Vinod about his affair in the past,about whch Shabana had not known.It was shown as an accidental murder,by Vinod himself.But it was changed and Aruna & Vikas’s lives also changed !


Arun ji,

I simply cannot cease to marvel at the amount of detailed information on old movies you have available with you. Thanks for the update on how the ending of the film came to be. My personal feeling I have already shared, that the ending was not very satisfying. Your additional input clarifies why it would have been so. (And the fact that the husband-wife parted ways due to just this coflict, that is the sad part).

Thanks again for additional information.



Sudhir ji,
Thanks for your kind words.
I dont think that the ‘ending of the film’ brought the end of the relationship.At best,it might have been the last straw on the camels back.I think it was a fight of egos,because coming from the field of experimental theatre,Aruna was more adventurous than Vikas,who saw this movie as a vehical of some income and hence wanted to go safe.May be……just may be !


Hello Peevesie’s Mom (ji),

Thanks for your kind appreciation. Such encouragement keeps me going. 🙂

Arun ji has discussed some additional input that explain how the ending of this movie became somewhat weak.



What about “Man aanand aanand chaayo, mitu gagan ghan andhiyaar” from Shashi kapoor`s VIJETHA picturised on REKHAJI,SHASHIJI(music by ajith singh or ajit verman) That`s a pure classical alaapan , I think you should once listen to it.
It`s just my recommendation


yes i agree with Mr.Prakashchandra and now i hope this serves as a farmaish list for Atul.


some more ashaji`s song with classical touch
a)akeli hoon main piyaa aaa:SAMBANDH:O.P.nayyar
b)soone soone taar ki sitaar par:LAAL PATTHAR:Shankar jaikishen
c)Kaise samjhaaoon bade nasamajh ho:SURAJ:Shankar jaikishen(rafi)
d)Chota sa baalma, akhiyan neend chura le gayo:RAAGINI:O.P.nayyar
e)Ga ma pa pa ma ga,sargam ke phoolon se geeton ki bane mala:ZARASI ZINDAGI(with S.P.Balasubramaniam):laxmi pyare
f)Tu chupi hai kahan, main tadapta yahan-NAVRANG(with mahendra kapoor)(C.Ramachandra)
g)Tere khayaalon mein hum & aa jaa jaane jaa, mere meharbaan:GEET GAYA PATTHARON NE:(Raamlaal)


Dekho bijli dole bin baadal ke:Phir wohi dil laya hoon:O.P.Nayyar


As ARUNA RAJE, she directed 3 more films:
1)Patita paawani(1992)That`s a Kannada & marathi billiguial starring Jayanthi as “DEVADASI”(the age old evil tradition of prostituion in GOD`s name)

*****2)Bhairavi:1996:(starring kannada film actor,dancer Shridhar, Ashwini bhave, manohar singh)
This film again centers around a blind woman`s plight in a small village, whose husband cheats her.But this film got Laxmi kant pyarelal`s super,fabolous classical songs(lyrics by amit khannaji) in the voice of Kavita krishnamoorty, udit narayan,roopkumar rathod

a)O balam kesariya, bheega saawan hai, ho man bhaawan hai, mora sawariya
b)Om namaha shivaay
c)abke saawan mein barkha nahin

3)Rihaee:1988:starring Vinod khanna, Hemamalini,Naseeruddin shah, Neena gupta(depicting the plight of married women in a smalla village,whose husbands go to work to far away places for long durations )( In other words, women`s right for having sex outside the wedlock, when their husbands are away merry making in faraway towns with prostitutes)

4)Tum(2004)starring Manisha koirala as bored housewife having one night stand with a young boy(alongwith Rajath kapoor and karannath)showing the effects of that affair on her matrimonial life)


Atulji, I will put forward my farmaish here itself after a long time,
as my farmaish consists of Ashaji`s classical songs, abhi nahin kiya to, phir se main bhool jaaoonga

1)Jhoote naina bole saachi batiyaan:LEKIN(1990):
Hridaynath mangeshkar:Gulzar
(Asha bhonsle, Sathyasheel deshpande)including this,all the other songs of this film belongs to this blog.

2)Samay o dheere chalo, bujha gaye raah se chaanv, door hai, pee ka gaanv,dheere chalo”:
sung separately by Bhupen hazarika, Ashaji & Lataji
:RUDAALI(1993):Gulzar:Including this, all the other melodious songs of this film belongs to this blog.

3)All the songs of MAYA MEMSAAB(1993)(music by Hridaynath mangeshkar:lata and kumar shanu are the singers)


audio link


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