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Tum poochhte ho ishq balaa hai ke nahin hai

Posted on: June 26, 2011

“Naqli Nawaab” (1962) is a movie starring Manoj Kumar,Shakila,Ashok Kumar etc.

This movie may not be remembered much today, but what lovely songs this movie had! I am surprised to find that I have so far discussed only two songs from this movie. I thought I had discussed more songs from this movie.

Here is a lovely song from this movie. This song is sung by Rafi and it is picturised as a stage song on Manoj Kumar. Kaifi Azmi is the lyricist. Babul is the music director.

What a superb song it is ! The musical team of Babul,Kaifi Azmi and Rafi deserve kudos for this gem of a song. And I thank nahm for sending me the lyrics of this song.



Song-Tum poochhte ho ishq balaa hai ke nahin hai (Naqli Nawaab) (1962) Singer-Rafi, Lyrics-Kaifi Azmi, MD-Babul

Lyrics(Provided by nahm)

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Tum poochte ho ishq balaa hai ke nahin hai
tum poochte ho ishq balaa hai ke nahin hai
kya jaane tumhein khauf-e-khuda hai ke nahin hai
tum poochti ho ishq balaa hai ke nahin

jeene ka hunar sabko sikhaata hai yehi ishq
insaan ko insaan banaata hai yehi ishq
is ishq ki tauheen khataa hai ke nahin hai
tum poochte ho ishq balaa hai ke nahin

maana hai badi dard bhari ishq ki rudaad
hoti nahin mit kar bhi mohabbat kabhi barbaad
har daur mein majnoon huey har daur mein farhad
har saaz mein aaj unki sadaa hai ke nahin hai
tum poochte ho ishq balaa hai ke nahin

gham phoolne phalne ka bhulaa kar kabhi dekho
sar ishq ke kadmon pe jhukaa kar kabhi dekho
ghar-baar muhabbat mein luta kar kabhi dekho
khone mein bhi paney ka mazaa hai ke nahin hai
tum pochte ho ishq balaa hai ke nahin

jab ho hi gayaa pyaar to sansaar ka dar kya
hai kaun bhala kaun bura iski khabar kya
dil mein na utar jaaye to ulfat ki nazar kya
ham dil ke pujaari hain pata hai ki nahin hai
tum poochte ho ishq balaa hai ke nahin hai
kya jaane tumhein khauf-e-khuda hai ke nahin hai
tum poochte ho ishq balaa hai ke nahin hai

9 Responses to "Tum poochhte ho ishq balaa hai ke nahin hai"

Who is the lyricist? Kaifisab? or Qamar Jalalabadi Sab?


Kaifi Azmi is the lyricist.Kaifi Azmi and Raja Mehdi Ali Khan were the two lyricists in this movie. Qamar Jalalabadi did not write any song in this movie.


Atul ji,

The tags line at the bottom needs correction – QJ’s name to be replaced with Kaifi Azmi.



Lovely song! I was humming it and came here to look for the song, and of course, it is here! I know the movie didn’t do much, but the song was fairly popular in its time.


The film,”Naqli Nawab”has one more remakable song, rendred by the legendary Md.Rafi Sahab, here its,”छेड़ा जो दिल का फ़साना,हंसा दूर से क्योँ ज़माना, अल्ला जाने, मौला जाने-२।मुबारक जहाँ तुझको तेरा।उठाया फ़कीरों ने डेरा।मिलेगा कहाँ अब ठिकाना, अल्ला जाने, मौला जाने-२।मिला कुछ न रस्ता बदल के।गिरा वो चला जो संभल के।है ये खेल कितना पुराना,अल्ला जाने, मौला जाने-२।बचा सारी दुनियाँ से जो दिल।हुआ अपने तीरों से घायल।पड़ा कैसे उल्टा निशाना,अल्ला जाने,मौला जाने-२।।




working video link:


In the last paragraph the line is ‘ hum dil se pujari hain’ and not ‘hum dil ke pujari’ though all internet sites say it is ‘dil ke pujari’. However listen to the song to verify.
‘Hum dil se pujari’ is a revelation of the disposition or bent of mind or nature of the poet. Dil ke pujari means a lover of hearts or a lover of love.!! 😀


The line is ” ham dil se pujaari hai ” , meaning “devotional by heart”.

Thanks and well done with the catch 🙂


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