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Apni aankhon mein basakar koi iqraar karoon

Posted on: July 9, 2011

When the lyrics and details of this song were sent to me by Prakashchandra,I thought that he must have made a mistake as I have definitely posted this well known Rafi song in the blog. On checking, I found that I had not discussed this song, rather I had discussed the other well known song from this movie sung by Mukesh (Main dhoondhta hoon jinko ).

Yes, this movie called “Thokar” (1974) has not one, but two timeless classics in it, one sung by Mukesh and another sung by Rafi. One may think that the music of this movie is composed by some well known name,but no, the music director was making his debut with this movie. The music director was called Shamji Ghanshamji. Unlike what the name may suggest, it was one single individual who thought it was a cool name for him as a music director as it sounded similar to Kalyanji Anandji,Laxmikant Pyarelal,Shankar Jaikisha, Sapan Jagmohan etc. 🙂 . If he had asked for my advise, I would have advised him to use a name like R D German , which sounds like R D Burman. 😀

Coming to the movie itself, the movie was a low budget movie and it wasted the great work done by Shamji Ghanshamji as a music director. The picturisations of the song were quite unimaginativelly unlike the sohisticated song that Shamji Ghanshamji came up with. This song, which is written by Sajan Dehalvi and sung by Rafi is picturised rather crudely showing a semi clad , and worse, wooden faced Alka listening to Baldev Khosa, seated in a khatiya, lip syncing this song. It is much like owning a Rolls Royce car and using bullocks to pull it. Yes, this song is better heart than watched, in my opinion, and Mr Prakash Chandra also feels the same way. In case the movie makers actually had to show some female skin, it could have been done in a better manner. A good director could have done wonders with the picturisation of this great song.

Well, what is done is done. Here is this great song from “Thokar” (1974). Enjoy it for its awesome melody.

And there is a doubt whether this person lip syncing in Rafi’s voice is actually Baldev Khosa. I request our knowledgeable readers to help clarify the matter.



Song-Apni aankhon mein basaa kar (Thokar) (1974) Singer-Rafi, Lyrics-Saajan Dehalvi, MD-Shamji Ghanshamji

Lyrics(Provided by Prakashchandra)

Apni aankhon mein basaakar koi ikraar karoon
apni aankhon mein basaakar koi ikraar karoon
jee mein aata hai ke jee bharke tujhe pyaar karoon
apni aankhon mein basaakar koi ikraar karoon

maine kab tujhse zamaane ki khushi maangi hai
ek halki si mere lab ne hansi maangi hai
ek halki si mere lab ne hansi maangi hai
saamne tujhko bithaakar, tera deedaar karoon
jee mein aata hai ke jee bharke tujhe pyaar karoon
apni aankhon mein basaakar koi ikraar karoon

sehmi sehmi ,ye nigaahein, ye jawaani tauba
mast nazron mein hai ulfat ki kahaani tauba
aa meri jaane tamanna, tera singaar karoon
jee mein aata hai ke jee bharke tujhe pyar karoon
apni aankhon mein basaakar koi ikraar karoon

saath chhoote na kabhi tera, ye kasam le loon
har khushi deke tujhe tere sanam gham le loon
har khushi deke tujhe tere sanam gham le loon
haaye main kis tarah se pyaar ka izhaar karoon
jee mein aata hai ke jee bharke tujhe pyaar karoon
apni aankhon mein basaakar koi ikraar karoon

5 Responses to "Apni aankhon mein basakar koi iqraar karoon"


The man who lip syncs this song is actually baldeva khosa. and he is the same man who lip syncs the INTEZAAR song:Chanda ki kiranon se lipti…aake miljaa”

But,the name of the actor is not known, who lip syncs the other famous song from this film(which is sung by Mukesh:”Main dhoondtha hoon jinko, raathon ki khayaalon mein”-which you already posted, and wrongly(I don`t know exactly the correctness of the fact) mentioned that song has been lip synced by baldev khosa.

The correct name of the actor who lip syncs the song “main dhoondtha hoon jinko raathon ki khayalon mein” has to be found out.


Atul ji,
SHYAMJI GHANASHYAMJI was his original name.Since there was already a Shyam and a Ghanashyam as a B grade films’
Music Director,he decided to put his own name.(This was revealed by himself in a Jaimala Programme.) Ofcourse,even this did not help him much !
S.G ji gave the first break to Nitin Mukesh in a duet with Vani Jairam in Dhuenki lakeer(1973)”teri jheel si gehri aankonse….”.
I personally think that there are A,B or C classes of movies,but there never are A,B or C class music directors. There are known and lesser known Music Directors.As you must have experienced,many lesser known M.D.s have given extremely melodious and haunting songs. It is just that they did not get lucky in terms of fame or opportunity.
Shyamji Ghanashyamji was one such composer.
Some of the films for which he gave music were, Dhuenki lakeer,Gaal gulabi nain sharabi,Thokar,Daku (One more gem from Narendra Chanchal-Kabhi gham se dil..), Dhoti,lota aur chaupati,Deen aur imaan,Niyaz aur Namaz,Harfan Maula,Bhed Bhav etc etc.


The actor who is lipsynching to the Mukesh number is actor Shiv Kumar who also acted in a movie called – “Mahua” with Anjana Mumtaz. Later on he also produce B grader thriller like ” Beaabroo” that starred Ravindra Mahajani and Apeksha. Apeksha later on married Ravindra and quit films. They live in Pune (last heard) and mahajani is in real estate business now.


Please do not get me wrong. I actually liked the movie – Thokar. In this song, Baldev Khosa expresses his love to Alka. But Alka is already in love with Shiv Kumar. This is a simple movie and Baldev has acted well. Now Baldev is a congress politician in Andheri, Mumbai. He is relative of Sunil Dutt and he graduated from FTII. He was first seen in Atmaram Dutt (Guru Dutt’s brother) movie – Umang.
As regards Alka, I found out that she left Mumbai for good way back in 1977 and is now settled in the USA.

Here is the link….



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