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Aakaash pe do taare sadiyon se chamakte hain

Posted on: September 15, 2011

In any field, just having the skills for the job is not enough. Good PR skills and being in the good books of those who matter is paramount. Being able to stand for one’s rights and getting it too is a tight rope walk that few people may have perfected. Among lyricists, the top few managed to have their say, but those who were in the lower rung in the pecking order had it difficult.

And Asad Bhopali (10 july 1921- 9 june 1990) was very much a lyricist in the lower rung. For much of his career, he wrote some nice lyrics, which would then get composed into wonderful songs. But even after writing some well acclaimed songs, Asad Bhopali would fail to get the credit due to him. Inabilty to get his rightful due-that was in fact the story of Asad Bhopali throughout his career.

when Asad Bhopali died in 1990, news item paying him tribute mentioned that the high point of Asad Bhopali’s career was the song “Kabootar jaa jaa jaa” which he had written for the movie “Maine Pyaar Kiyaa” (1989). ” What utter rubbish ! “- was my reaction then, and I have the same reaction even now. The author writing that article about Asad Bhopali obviously had not done any research/ homework on Asad Bhopali. We in his blog have done enough research, and so I can say with confidence that Asad Bhopali has written lots and lots of songs that are far superior to the songs of “Maine Pyaar Kiya” (1989) that were fresh in people’s mind in 1990 when Asad Bhopali died.

Asad Bhopali has written several unforgettable iconic songs. People may not be aware about the lyricist of these songs, but these songs are testmony to the calibre of Asad Bhopali. For instrance, the song that is a definitive song as a tribute of Rafi is written by Asad Bhopali. Yes I am talking about the immortal song Dil ka soona saaz taraana dhoondhega(Ek naari do roop)(1973). When it comes to a song with a message for national unity, he wrote the perfect song in the shape of Pyaar bantte chalo(Hum sab ustaad hain). And who can forget Sau baar janam lenge(Ustaadon ke ustaad) ? The magical song from ‘Tower House”, viz Ae mere dile naadaan tu gham se na ghabraana is also Asad Bhopali’s creation.

It is not that his well known songs alone are wonderful songs. Even his lesser known songs, and obscure songs are songs that are great songs that I have discovered while discussing his songs in this blog.

Asad Bhopali mostly found himself confined to B grade movies. I have repeatedly mentioned it that B grade movies of Hindi movies tended to have A grade songs. And it is lyricists like Asad Bhopali, among others, who played important roles in ensuring that.

Asad Bhopali has worked with lots and lots of music directors, such as Husnlal Bhagatram, Hansraj Bahl,Ravi, Usha Khanna,A R Qureshi,N Datta, Khayyam, Chitragupta,Lala Asar Sattar,Roshan,Pt Lachchiram,Dattaram,Ganesh, Laxmikant Pyarelal etc.

From the list of the music directors, it can be seen that Asad Bhopali mostly found himself working in B grade movies. He worked with Laxmikant Pyarelal in their first assignment as independent music directors, viz “Parasmani” (1963). The blockbuster song Hansta hua nooraani chehra was written by Asad Bhopali. Asad Bhopali got Rs 10,000 for writing the lyrics of this movie. He invested this money in building a house for himself at Bhopal.

Asad Bhopali should be thankful that the makers of “Parasmani” (1963) paid his dues promptly. As a lyricist of B grade movies, he was often at the mercy of unscrupulous producers who would often renege on their promises made to him. For instance, the producer of “Maine Pyaar Kiya” (1989) reportedly promised to buy him a flat and a Maruti car if the song “Kabootar jaa jaa” from the movie became a hit. The song indeed became a big hit, but the producer reneged on his promise. He in fact did not even pay Asad Bhopali his dues from this movie. Asad Bhopali fell ill after writing the songs of “Maine Pyaar Kiya” (1989). He won the Filmfare award for the best lyricist for that movie which he was unable to attend because of his bad health. Producer of the movie accepted this award on his behalf, though he did not utter any word of sympathy or praise for the lyricist.

But then that is how the big bad world of Hindi movies work. Asad Bhopali was unable to graduate from B grade movies to A grade movies. Laxmikant Pyarelal was one of the few music directors who succeeded in graduating from B grade movies to A grade movie. and to their credit, they worked with Asad Bhopali even after they had reached the top.

“Roop Tera Mastana” (1972) was an A grade movie starring Jeetendra and Mumtaz. This is one of the few A grade movies where Asad Bhopali got to work. And his songs from this movie became popular.

Here is a lovely song from “Roop Tera Mastana” (1972). This song is sung by Mahendra Kapoor and Lata. The song is picturised on Jeetendra and Mumtaz. Laxmikant Pyarelal composed the music.

This is the 100th song of Asad Bhopali in this blog. For someone who wrote about 400 songs in all, the figure of 100 songs represent nearly 25% of all songs written by him. What great songs they were too.

It is my proud privilege to present the 100th song in the blog written by Asad Bhopali. Enjoy !



Song-Aakash pe do taare sadiyon se chamakte hain (Roop Tera Mastana) (1972) Singers-Mahendra Kapoor, Lata, Lyrics-Asad Bhopali, MD-Laxmikant Pyarelal
Mahendra Kapoor + Lata = Fuchsia


ho ho
ho ho ho
ho ho
ho ho ho ho

aakash pe do taare
sadiyon se chamakte hain
aakash pe do taare
sadiyon se chamakte hain
ik teri muhabbat ka
ik meri muhabbat ka
do phool bahaaron mein
sadiyon se mehekte hain
ik teri muhabbat ka
ik meri muhabbat ka

aakash pe do taare
sadiyon se chamakte hain

aa der na kar
tujhko seene se lagaa loon main
aati hoon zaraa apne
dil ko to sambhaaloon main

jab milta hai dil se dil
do jaam khanakte hai
ik teri muhabbat ka
ik meri muhabbat ka

parwat hai tere waade
ho ho
jharne hain teri qasmen

angdaayiyaan leti hai
tu kaliyon ki nas nas mein
duniya se to afsaane
ab mit nahin sakte hain

ik teri muhabbat ka
ik meri muhabbat ka

karta hai ishaare tu
ho o
chhup chhup ke bahaaron mein

pehchaan hi letaa hai
dil tujhko hazaaron mein
saawan ke dhanakte geet
do rang chhalakte hain

ik teri muhabbat ka
ik meri muhabbat ka
aakash pe do taare
sadiyon se chamakte hain
sadiyon se chamakte hain
sadiyon se chamakte hain

8 Responses to "Aakaash pe do taare sadiyon se chamakte hain"

Atul ji,
When one reads about Asad Bhopali’s life,one realises the utter failure of the industry to recognise and honour its true contributors.
Asadulla Khan was born to Munshi Ali Khan of Bhopal on 10-7-1921.After initial education,he developed interest in poetry and wrote many songs,Gazals etc.He was a regular at Mushairas.
There is a story behind how he entered Bombay film world.Fazli Bros(originally from M.P.) were producing the film “DUNIYA”.The lyricist was Arzoo Lucknavi,who wrote 2 songs and suddenly migrated to Pakistan.The Fazlis were worried.That time one Mr.Sugan chand Kapadiya,owner of 4 Theatres in Bhopal was in Bombay.When he learnt about Fazlis’ problem he invited them to attend a Mushaira in Bhopal.In that Mushaira,Asad was the winner and next day a messenger came to his house inviting him to come to Bombay for song writting.He got immediate advance of Rs.500,so happily Asad left for Bombay on 18-5-1949.
His first song was for Suraiya,the second for Rafi.One by one he worked with almost every big composer and producer,but he always got only 1 or 2 songs to write.In his entire life he never wrote ALL lyrics for any single movie.He also got C grade movies for songs.
In his life he did not get any honour,award or reward.
However,in his last film ‘Maine pyar kiya’,producer Suraj Barjatya had promissed him that if his songs became hit,he would give Asad a flat and Maruti car.Unfortunately Asad got a paralytic attack and could not even attend the Premier of ‘Maine pyar kiya’.
He was taken to Bhopal where he died on 9-6-1990,unsung.Only 2 of his close friends attended his funeral,with family members.
Asad Bhopali actually lived his own song: a song from ‘Moti Mahal’…….
” Jayega jab yahan se,kuch bhi na saath hoga
do gaz kafan ka kapada,tera libas hoga !”


Atul and Arun,

Touching write-up and comments on Asad Bhopali.

There are some persons who are born to do karma (duty) without any expectation of fruits or rewards for such duty. Asad Bhopali was one of them.


Atul ji,

Hearty cngratulations on marking the century post of songs by Asad Bhopali ji. Your earnest and genuine efforts to elevate the recognition of the singers, music directors and lyricists, who have not received their due place in the history of Hindi films, is slowly but surely bearing fruits. Reviewing the posts of the past few months in the run up for today’s century post, I am sure all readers of this blog have been treated to a string of wonderful creations by this very talented poet. Some of the posts are first-time-heard, and some posts are delightful reminders of songs not heard for a long time. And I believe we all are awaiting century posts for other stalwarts like DN Madhok, Hansraj Behl and Usha Khanna, who are also on way to this lanmark.

The musical journey of this blog is getting more and more interesting, and the search for musical gems from the yesteryears is getting more and more purposeful. I sincerely salute your efforts, and the collective participation by all contributors in this endeavour. Wishing all a lovely musical journey up ahead.

Adding a little bit more information to what Arun ji has written – after writing lyrics for ‘Duniya’ in 1949, Asad ji wrote for two more films in 1950, i.e. ‘Nirdosh’ (produced by Filmistan, music by Shyam Sunder, starring Shyam and Rehana in lead roles), and ‘Aadhi Raat’ (produced by Kuldip Pictures, music by Husnlal Bhagatram, starring Ashok Kumar and Nargis in lead roles). Then in 1951 came ‘Afsaanaa’, directed by BR Chopra, starring Ashok Kumar and Veena in lead roles. With music by Husnlal Bhagatram, this film has many good songs, and the song ‘Wo Aaye Bahaaren Laaye, Baji Shehnaai’ by Lata Mangeshkar, was the runaway hit that brought the initial recognition to Asad ji.

Arun ji has mentioned that Asad ji did not write the complete lyrics for any film. However, in the sixties there indeed were many films that had all the songs by Asad Bhopali, viz. ‘Maya Mahal’ (1963), ‘Rustom e Baghdad’ (1963), ‘Ustadon Ke Ustad” (1963), ‘Ek Sapera Ek Lutera’ (1964), ‘Hum Sab Ustad Hain’ (1965), ‘Raakaa’ (1965), ‘Sab Ka Ustad’ (1967), ‘Sardar’ (1967), ‘Woh Koi Aur Hoga’ (1967), ‘Farishta’ (1968) etc.

In all, Asad ji has written lyrics for almost 150 films. And when the recognition came knocking, he was too unwell to even be present for the awards function at the Filmfare awards for 1989.



Sudhir ji,
While writing the matter one word somehow missed from the sentence.The sentence was to be ,actually, ‘in his entire life,he never wrote ALL lyrics for any single ” well known ” movie.’
Error regretted.


Congrats to Asad Bhopali saab for getting to his 100th there. What a beautiful tribute to him from you, Atul.

With excellent insights (as one would expect ;-)) further from Arunji and Sudhirji.

You are SO right about “kabootar ja ja” – how could ANYBODY think that this was the highlight of Asad Bhopali’s achievements is beyond me!

Reading this post has made my day. I love this blog for the sincerity and love that it shows towards those who have been forgotten or are being fast forgotten with the sands of time passing them by. If it were not for this blog, many artistes of yesteryear, who gave so much at that point in time, would not be known at all!

I also have to appreciate the regular and absolutely priceless contributions by Arunji and Sudhirji. I am amazed at their knowledge – and am so glad that they are sharing this here. This is adding, in a very big way, to the amazing treasure-house that this blog already is.


The articles about (my favourite song writer) Asad Bhopali ji is very much informative. Thanks Atulji, Sudhirji,Arunji for that.

Asad bhopali ji had also written songs for 1973 “Nirdosh” starring yogita bali, vinod mehra(music by Laxmikant pyarelal)


Song picturized in Brindavan Garden which is also called Krishnaraja Sagar Dam near Mysore.



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