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Saathi re bhool na jaanaa mera pyaar

Posted on: November 9, 2011

“Kotwal Sahab” (1977) is a movie which is directed by Hrishikesh Mukherji. This movie was different from the usual Hrishikesh Mukherji movies. Instead of his usual his usual breezy, humerous, sensitive kind of direction that one is used to, Hrishikesh Mukherji has took up a more serious topic in this movie. In this movie, Shatrughan Sinha is a no nonsence honest police officer. His wife Aparna Sen has a dark past and she does not know how to share that past with her husband, because she fears that it may complicate matters. Utpal Dutt, playing a unscrupulous politician who is aware of Aparna Sen’s past is out there to take advantage of her plight.

The dilemma of Aparna Sen is captured beautifully in this song, which is sung by Asha Bhonsle and picturised on Aparna Sen and Shatrughan Sinha. Ravindra Jain is the lyricist and music director of this song.

Prakashcahndra, who sent the lyrics of this song to me, laments the fact that this song no longer gets played on radio. Even the music companies would not include this song in the list of Asha Bhonsle’s best songs. In brief, he feels that this song has not got its due that it deserves.

Here is this song from “Kotwal Sahab” (1977) for the listening pleasure of music lovers.



Song-Saathi re bhool na jaanaa mera pyaar (Kotwal Sahab) (1977) Singer-Asha Bhonsle, Lyrics-Ravindra Jain, Md-Ravindra Jain

Lyrics(Provided by Prakashchandra)

Saathi re
bhool na jaana mera pyaar
bhool na jaana mera pyaar
Meri waffa ka ae mere humdum
kar lena aitbaar
Saathi re
bhool na jaana mera pyaar
Saathi re
bhool na jaana mera pyaar

door kabhie kar de jo majboori,
woh doori to hogi nazar ki doori
door kabhie kar de jo majboori,
woh doori to hogi nazar ki doori
teri duaayein ,
gar saath rahi
aayegi phir se bahaar
saathi re
bhool na jaana mera pyaar
saathi re
bhool na jaana mera pyaar

kaash kabhie ye raina na beete
preet ka ye paimaana ,
kabhie na reete
kaash kabhie ye raina na beete
preet ka ye paimaana ,
kabhie na reete
dar hai kahin,
aane waali sehar,
le le na dil ka qaraar
saathi re
bhool na jaana mera pyaar
saathi re
bhool na jaana mera pyaar

meri waffa ka ai mere humdum
Kar lena aitbaar, saathire bhool na jaana mera pyar
Saathi re bhool na jana mera pyaar

Translation(Provided by Sudhir)
saathi re, bhool na jaana mera pyaar
meri waffa ka ae mere humdum
kar lena aitbaar

O my love,
Promise this love of mine will always be
A remembrance in your mind
Always trust me
I shall be true to our trust of love

door kabhie kar de jo majboori,
woh doori to hogi nazar ki doori
teri duaayein gar saath rahi
aayegi phir se bahaar

If someday the destiny ordains
That we are away from each other
That distance would be just a mirage in view
If your goodwill sustains with me
Promises of renewal of spring will be true forever

kaash kabhie ye raina na beete
preet ka ye paimaana kabhie na reete
dar hai kahin, aane waali sehar,
le le na dil ka qaraar

Pray be it so that this night lasts forever
And this chalice of our love may be overflowing, forever
I fear the oncoming dawn
Anxious that it might steal away this serenity in the heart


7 Responses to "Saathi re bhool na jaanaa mera pyaar"

Thank you Atulji for the posting

Ye gaane ko iss jagah mein dekhne ki bahut dinon ki sapna poora karne ke liye.

But I think video ke jagah mein video nahin aa rahi hai ? Sirf mere computer ka problem hai ya ???? Link is missing ????

thank you atulji for posting Prakashchandraji’s request. even i ve been looking for this song for years though i ve seen only 1/2 the movie.
& thank you Prakashchandraji for sending atul the lyrics and hastening matters

Kavita krishnamurthy(aka subrahmaniam) famous playback singer in every interview singles out this song as her Asha Bhonsle all time favourite and she sang it herself on Sony Channel herself very beautifully.

Asha bhonsle also included this song in her compilation of “MY FAVOURITES”(Released long back in the form of 4 cassettes by HMV saregama)

Thank God and Peevesie`s Mom ji
one comment for support !!!!!!!!

I always think that I am sending the lyrics of my favourite(read it “obscure songs or songs in which I am the only one person, it seems, who is interested”.) songs to Atulji for posting, in which no one is interested (Whether,no one thinks those songs are worthy their comments. God why ???they are so melodious to my ears,whether something is wrong with my senses)
I always feel guilty pangs about it, thinking that I am forcing my favourites on others through Atulji

Thank you again
for posting sepearate audio and video of the of this GEM.

Prakash ji,

Again, sorry for the delayed response; I had read this comment earlier but time. . . as you know. 🙂

You know Prakash ji, the selection of songs that you send as farmaish or as lyrics is really great. Do not think no one is interested. Always, the lyrics that are sent in by yourself, and by Nahm ji, are wonderful songs, which I am so thankful someone is thinking about and pushing them in for adding to this blog. Rest assured there is nothing wrong with your senses. 🙂

I love your selection, and also the selections that are posted by Nahm ji.


Thanks Sudhir bhai for the comforting words.

Sudhir ji

main iss gaane ki translation ke liye aapko Thanks abhi tak nahin kahaa hai.
🙂 So Today I am Thanking you for the beautiful translation of my favourite song and here is a more clear video link for the song:

Right From 1977 Till Date I Remember Very Clearly The Way I’d Been Regarding This Song(I Still Do!) As An Unusually Challenging(& OfCourse Melodious) Creation & Performance Of BOTH:Ravindra Jain Saahab & AshaJi.I,As Per My Own Standards,Managed To Learn And Sing The Whole Song(Including Both The Anataraas) And (In 1978)Even Tried To Impress A Musical Friend Of Mine By Singing The Same Before Him.Still,AMAZINGLY,Whenever I Listen To This Melody,Everytime I Happen To Find Some New Shade Of It’s Variation Of “Murki” The Attention Of Which I’d Been Missing..(?)..Also Just HALF AN HOUR BACK I Experienced The SAME..! Really Wish This Song Could Have Come In A MUCH WIDER CIRCULATION….

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