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Apne andar zaraa jhaank mere watan

Posted on: January 22, 2012

Most nation building songs in Hindi movies tend to be jingoistic songs. But there are songs which take a long hard hitting looks at the weaknesses of the nation.

When it came to writing hard hitting introspective songs, Sahir Ludhianvi occupies a pride of place. Here is a song from “Naya Raasta” (1970) where he asks the countrymen to make an introspection about the nation and realise that there are many things that are very badly wrong with the nation.

This song is sung by Rafi and it is the movie opening song of the movie. Music is composed by N Datta.

Lyrics of this song were sent to me by nahm.

Song-Apne andar zaraa jhaank mere watan (Naya Raasta)(1970) Singer-Rafi, Lyrics-Sahir Ludhianvi, MD-N Datta

Lyrics(Provided by nahm)

apne andar zaraa jhaank mere watan
apne andar zaraa jhaank mere watan
apne aybon ko mat dhaank mere watan
apne aybon ko mat dhaank mere watan

teraa itihaas hai khoon mein litthdaa huaa
tu abhi tak hai duniyaa mein pichhdaa huaa
tu ne apnon ko apnaa na maana kabhi
tu ne insaan ko insaan na maana kabhi
tere dharmon ne zaaton ki taqseem ki
teri rasmon ne nafrat ki ta’aleem dee
vehshaton ka chalan tujh mein jaari rahaa
qatl-o-khoon ka junoon tujh pe taari rahaa
apne andar zaraa jhaank mere watan
apne aybon ko mat dhaank mere watan

rang aur nasl ke daayron se nikal
gir chukaa hai bahot der ab to sambhal
tu daraavar hai yaa aarya nasl hai
jo bhi hai ab issi khaak ki fasl hai
tere dil se jo nafrat na mit paayegi
tere ghar mein ghulaami palat aayegi
teri barbaadiyon ka tujhe waastaa
dhoondh apne liye ab nayaa raastaa
apne andar zaraa jhaank mere watan
apne aybon ko mat dhaank mere watan

2 Responses to "Apne andar zaraa jhaank mere watan"

Atul ji,
NAYA RASTA-1970 was a film made during the active phase of Indira Gandhi,who was trying to take India forward with her hiustoric actions like,Nationalisation of Banks and abolition of privy purses of kings etc.She had defeated the ‘syndicate’ with her ‘Indicate’ whenn she devided Indian National Congress.There was an air of change in the country.Many films espousing her cause came during that period.This was also one,trying to establish principles of equality(socialism) and abolition of Castes etc.In such a scenario,no wonder Poets like Sahir would be more eloquent in their expressions.
Films are generally a reflection of the current social scenes and one must understand the background of film making.This film’s director Khalid Akhtar was also one of the types of Sahir.
Chander(Jeetendra) a successful criminal layer with roaring practice leaves everything and settles in his ancestral village.He mixes with the workers,eats with them etc.He falls in love with a local Girl Shalo(Asha P.).But as she is from a lower caste,village panchayat and his mother(Veena) oppose their marriage and Shalo is married off to Ramu(Sujit Kumar) from her caste.Shalo is tortured and troubled by her MIL(Lalita Pawar).
Chander’s sister Radha(Farida Jalal) is married to Thakur Pratap in Shalo’s village.This Thakur is a drunkard and a debaucher.When shalo is thrown out of her house Ramu and Shalo are given shelter by Thakur.In that night,Thakur wants to have Shalo,Ramu protests and is murdered.Shalo sees this and she kills Thakur in self defence.She is arrested and tried in the court.
Naturally,Chander defends her case,rescues her blemishless and after giving a long speech against Casteism etc,marries Shalo.


Years have gone by when Sahir had written these verses. Social conditions,more or less, still continue to be the same. Crime against women increasing day by day. Only yesterday we have the Supreme courts historic verdict to hang five of a family for honour killing.
The nation needs to introsepct and align with sustainable development with ‘secular’ and ‘sarvodaya’ and upliftment of the downtrodden again.We have increased our space missions but still fail to provide electricity to all (leave apart the load-shedding).


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