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Jhuka lo badey badey naina

Posted on: April 18, 2012

This article is written by Sudhir, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

I am writing again today to document another very important interaction; an interaction that has been a dream for me for many months now. I am in San Diego today, and the local time is 2.00 am. And I am writing this post from the residence of Shri Surjit Singh ji. I am sure friends on this blog would be familiar with his name, in context of Hindi films and film music. He is a diehard fan of this music, and has been playing a major role in raising awareness about it, collecting rare materials and making them available on the internet. His web site is at here , and I recommend friends and readers on this blog to visit this and find out more about him.

I got introduced to him just over a year ago, as I came across his web site on the internet, searching for some songs. And to my utter surprise and delight, I found a huge treasure house of Hindi film music posted on his web site. His favorite years are from 1930s to 1960s, and his web site hosts many thousands of songs from the films from these years. After having got to this site, I had to write to him. And then after a few emails, we got together on the phone for a very long conversation. As I have found on this visit, the dimensions of familiarity and satisfaction increase manifold, as the mode of interaction moves from emails to phone calls and then to personal meetings. And when it is a connection with people who share the same passion and interests, the joy of connecting with these people is too much to describe.

There is something completely different about music lovers that sets them apart from other friends. Very simple people, very open hearted, very happy people I must say, very accommodating and very sharing – yes there is something in their interactions that sets up a very personal bond. I have such good feelings about all friends on this blog, with whom I am connected through the posts, comments and emails. And then with some, the connection has moved ahead in terms of telephone conversations, and then also with meeting personally. It is a feeling of delight that can only be shared through experiencing it.

The visit to San Diego has been very short. I reached here at 7 pm (Monday evening), and I am to start traveling back at 7 am (Tuesday morning). After arriving at his residence, we just had dinner and then we sat down together – discussing, sharing, asking about multifold things related to music. He showed me his collection, which is almost entirely digitized. He has a wonderful collection of films from 1930s and 40s, some of which he graciously has shared with me when I requested him. He showed me his copies of the Geet Kosh. Especially the volumes 1, 2 and 3 i.e. the decades of 1930s, 40s and 50s, are all covered with notes and annotations he has made to the information after listening to songs or watching the film. His knowledge and storehouse of information is immense. His interest is not limited to simply the films and songs only, but he is also a collector of books on this subject and also of film magazines from those decades. We spent about five hours talking about various aspects of this field. We also discussed the Geet Kosh computerization project. I shared with him details about the data base design work that we have done, and he has added some valuable suggestions, based on his usage of the Geet Kosh. All in all, a very enriching, and a long awaited meeting that finally came about today.

I would like to mark this occasion by presenting really a very rare song – song that has not yet made its appearance on the internet, and its measure of uncommonness is that it is new for Surjit Singh ji also, when I played it from my laptop. So I put it up for posting on YouTube and started to write this piece.

The song is from an obscure unreleased film. Well I should modify this statement, since the film itself is no longer obscure for the readers of this blog, for we already have four other songs posted here from this unreleased film. The film is ‘Bhool Na Jaana’ from the 60s. As I have written in the earlier posts for the songs of this film, this film is about the India-China war of 1962, but by the time it went into production in 1964-65, the Indian government had adopted a policy of appeasement for China and this film was shelved because of that. In my write up for the song “Gora Gora Mukhdaa Ye Tu Ne Kahaan Paaya Hai” I have provided more detailed information about the circumstances of this film and of the continuing episodes of misfortune for the gifted music director Daan Singh.

The songs of this film were recorded in sometimes in 1965, and fortunately they were released in the market, so at least we have the wonderful music available to us. The song is written by Indeevar, and is sung with typical verve and gusto by – yes, Asha Bhosle. A lovely song, a song that talks of beauty, a song that counsels keeping this beauty away from the eyes of hunters. Apparently a song that may have been planned to be sung by a female friend to the leading lady, telling her about her beautiful eyes, her face, her skin, and requesting her to keep it hidden, away from the eyes of the world. For if others would see this beauty, they might react in unlikeable manner. Listen to this obscure beauty, a song that may not have been heard for many decades. It is wonderful find for me too. Enjoy.

jhukaa lo badey badey nainaa
hiran ka dhokhaa hotaa hai
shikaari koi teer chalaa degaa

O beautiful one
Your large black eyes
Are just like a doe
Lower them, don’t let others see
Lest a hunter may send an arrow your way
Mistaking them to be eyes of a doe

aisi kateelee tumhaari nazar
katt jaaye heeraa bhi, kyaa hai jigar
qayaamat utthaati, chali ho kidhar

Your glances are incisive
Sharp enough to slice a diamond
And a heart is no match for it
You raise a tempest, wherever you go

chhupaa lo kanchan si kaayaa
shamaa ka dhokaa hotaa hai
patangaa koi pankh jalaa degaa

O dazzling one
Your skin shines like gold
Hide it
Else a moth would mistake it for a flame
And burn its wings

jis par nazar ye tthehar jaayegee
kismet usi ki sanwar jaayegee
thakan umra bhar ki utar jaayegi

The fortunate one
On whom ever your glance may come to rest
His destiny would be made
And be comforted
Of a lifetime’s worth of fatigue

ye chehraa aanchal mein dhak lo
chaand kaa dhokaa hotaa hai
chakoraa koi jaan gawaa degaa

O elegant one
Your lovely face
Gives an impression of the charming moon
Keep it hidden in your scarf
Else some partridge bird
Would forfeit its life for you

(NOTE: ‘chakor’ is a bird of the partridge or pheasant family. It is a bird that is enamored by the moon. On nights of bright moon it keeps awake, just gazing at it, and calling out to it. Poets across all ages have described this as a doomed passion of love and desire, for the bird is never able to unite with the moon, its beloved. It actually gives up its life, just gazing at it.)

Song-Jhukaa lo badey badey naina (Bhool Na Jaana)(1970)(Unreleased) Singer-Asha Bhonsle, Lyrics-Indeewar, MD-Daan Singh


jhukaa lo badey badey nainaa
jhukaa lo badey badey nainaa
hiran ka dhokhaa hotaa hai
shikaari koi teer chalaa degaa
shikaari koi teer chalaa degaa
jhukaa lo badey badey nainaa
hiran ka dhokhaa hotaa hai
shikaari koi teer chalaa degaa
shikaari koi teer chalaa degaa
jhukaa lo badey badey nainaa

aisi kateelee
tumhaari nazar
katt jaaye heeraa bhi
kyaa hai jigar
qayaamat uthhaati
chali ho kidhar
chhupaa lo kanchan si kaayaa
chhupaa lo kanchan si kaayaa
shamaa ka dhokhaa hotaa hai
patangaa koi pankh jalaa degaa
patangaa koi pankh jalaa degaa
jhukaa lo badey badey nainaa

jis par nazar ye
thhehar jaayegee
kismet usi ki
sanwar jaayegee
thakan umr bhar ki
utar jaayegi
ye chehraa aanchal mein dhak lo
ye chehraa aanchal mein dhak lo
chaand kaa dhokhaa hotaa hai
chakoraa koi jaan ganwaa degaa
chakoraa koi jaan ganwaa degaa
jhukaa lo badey badey nainaa
hiran ka dhokhaa hotaa hai
shikaari koi teer chalaa degaa
shikaari koi teer chalaa degaa
jhukaa lo badey badey nainaa


16 Responses to "Jhuka lo badey badey naina"

Yes, Sudhirji, it’s a great pleasure to talk to someone with the same interest and share/exchange the knowledge/material of the hindi cine songs. What you felt while talking to Surjit Singh ji, I felt same (i would say more) after talking to you.
Thanks for introducing a new song for me by Daan Singh. I knew only two songs of My Love-70
woh tere pyaar ka gham
zikr hota hai jab qayamat ka
by this MD who passed away on June 18th, 2011.

Khyati ji,

Yes, it has been a pleasure to talk with you over the past one week, and yes, we will continue to remain in touch and communicate. Whenever I visit next, I will make sure to include Los Angeles in my plans.

On the page ‘List of Songs – Moviewise’, please locate the film name ‘Bhool Na Jaana’. Including this post, there are now four songs of this film posted here. I promise you they are all wonderful gems. Daan Singh has been a most gifted and yet a most unfortunate composer, whose career in Hindi films was beset with more films shelved than released.


Sudhir ji,
Congratulations for meeting a personality like SURJIT SINGH JI !
MY GOD,Sudhir ji,you have achieved something which many of us could only dream !
I can well imagine the thrill,excitement and intense pleasure you must have felt while you were with him.
I knew very well about his contribution to the History of Indian Film music,but it was as good to know that he,in person too,is very magnanimous.
The gestures of SURJIT SINGH JI, in opening up his private collection to the world music lovers needs to be recorded in History books.
I feel proud that I know one person who has met Mr.SURJIT SINGH JI personally.
Thanks for sharing your feelings with us.

Arun ji,

Yes, it is a very special feeling that I have carried back from my meeting with Surjit Singh ji. In our conversations, he stated this more than once, that this treasure belongs neither to him nor to any one else. It belongs to the wonderful people who have created it, and as lovers of this music, we should ensure that the original creators get the credit and the recognition for it.

One part of our discussion was around the fact that there is no one really taking care of this heritage, and it is only the music lovers and their efforts that are visible either as print publications or websites as this one, which are keeping this history from being lost forever.


There is nothing better than the feeling I get being on this site. I can imagine (visualise) the meeting between the 2 of you. You had mentioned in your post, the digitisation of these old gems. I am also working on something similar, but have just reached to around the 3000 songs so far. Would love to discuss this with you over chat / email or phone.. how could I get in touch with you Sudhir ji?

Pradeep ji
It is really great to read that you are also making efforts to digitize and preserve this art form. It is an important part of our heritage for the last 100 years, and I believe we must put together all such efforts for this purpose.

I have sent my contact info in email to you. Look forward to talking with you more on this subject.


Sudhirji, there are tears of joy in my eyes as I read this post. It is like a meeting of Bradman with Babe Ruth or Dhyan Chand or Jesse Owens. If Arunji had also been there, it would have been the ultimate. 🙂 Hum ek saath aap teenon ke distance se hi paon chhoo lete.

Anyway, I am SO happy that you could meet up with Surjit Singhji. I first came across his name and site when I was trying to identify some faces. Long before memsaab came up with her artist gallery, Surjit Singhji had built a library of pictures of various artistes on his site. There were many (for me obscure) ones too in that – it was fantastic. Clearly he is a big-hearted person because he has also helped identify characters for memsaab’s gallery.

Like you say so beautifully “There is something completely different about music lovers that sets them apart from other friends. Very simple people, very open hearted, very happy people I must say, very accommodating and very sharing – yes there is something in their interactions that sets up a very personal bond”. I had that same feeling when I met Atul in Nagpur a couple of years ago.

I’ve not listened to this song yet but am going to do so right now. As usual, I am hugely impressed by your description/translation. Nice to read that bit about chakori too. I knew that chakor was a bird but the way you explain it, explains a lot! Am reminded of “chaand ko kya maaloom chaahta hai use koi chakor..wo bechaara door se dekhe, karen na koi shor”. Now, after reading your post, these lines really make sense. 🙂

Ok, I’ve just listened to the song now. What an absolutely beautiful song it is. I can imagine the scene much like what Sudhirji has suggested above – a lady being cautioned against hunters. The metaphors are also just so fantastic – “patangaa koi pankh jalaa degaa”, for instance.

This song (and in fact this post) has made my day today. Thanks so much, Sudhirji.

Raja ji,

Thanks for your messages of appreciation. And please, I am not at the same level as Surjit ji or Arun ji. I am just a new learner who is maybe very eager, but no match for the immense experience and dedication that Surjit ji, Arun ji and Atul ji have in working on this field.

Let me share one more very interesting part of my conversation with Surjit ji. He asked me if Atul ji is a retired person. 🙂 When I told him that no, he has a full time job, Surjit ji expressed lots of happiness and praise for Atul ji’s zeal and dedication. Surjit ji follows this blog, and he said he can well imagine the time and effort required to make five to six posts on average per day, with the amount of details and research. He said he really appreciates Atul ji’s effort and this blog is doing a great service in this field.

And on that count, I am very impressed with Surjit ji’s openness and willingness to share the treasure that he has. I am glad I have met him, there is a lot to learn from him.


Sudhir ji and Raja ji,
I request you not to equate me with Mr.Surjit ji.I do not consider that I am of that level.I am just like you and everybody else,may be with an advantage of seniority due to age.So,please !

It is amazing that people like Surjit Singhji exist. You are indeed blessed that you managed to meet him, Sudhirji.

This song is extremely beautiful. Thank you for your lovely heartfelt post and introducing us to a personality like Surjit Singhji.

Thanks for your kind words all. I wish Sudhir could have stayed longer, but we made the most of the short visit. Whenever I meet fellow old music lovers and collectors, I am reminded of a conversation with Suresh Chandvankar of the Society of Indian Record Collectors. He said that nobody in the movie industry is doing the job of preserving records, movies and music. People like Har Mandir, you and I are crazy to do that. To which I replied, “We need more crazy people like us!”

I am glad to have met one more (Sudhir) crazy person!

I believe that Har Mandir Singh Hamraaz’s Hindi Film Geet Kosh will be finally translated into English and computerized and put on the Internet thanks to Sudhir’s supreme dedication. .

Daan Singh expired just last year in June in Jaipur due to liver disease. For many years he stayed with Khemchand Prakash in Shivaji Park, Mumbai. Another legends who stayed at Shivaji Park were Anil Biswas, Ajit Merchant, Bulo C Rani, Badri Prasad, Ram Avtar(fatso in Nasir Husein films). It seems apart from being cradle of cricket it was cradle for MDs and film actors too. Some of them I have seen them, as I happen to stay nearby.

Nitin ji,
C.Ramchandra also stayed in Shivaji Park area.I think,there is a cross Road named after him in that area.

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