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Ae meri jaane wafaa maine dekha hai ye kyaa

Posted on: May 21, 2012

“Neeli Aankhen” (1962) was a Society Pictures Production. It was directed by Ved Mohan. The movie had Ajit, Shakila, Helen, Tiwari, Johnny Walker, W. M. Khan, Shetty, Raj Mehra, Tuntun etc in it.

Here is a nice romantic song from this movie. This song is sung by Mukesh and it is picturised on Ajit, Shakila and others. The picturisation shows Ajit rowing a boat in a river, making this song a boat song. The picturisation also shows a few ladies performing Assam’s Bihu folk dance.

Gulshan Bawra is the lyricist. Music is composed by Dattaram.

Lyrics of this song were sent to me by Nitin Shah.



Song-Ae meri jaane wafaa maine dekha hai ye kyaa (Neeli Aankhen)(1962)Singer-Mukesh, Lyrics-Gulshan Bawra, MD-Dattaram

Lyrics(Provided by Nitin Shah)

ae meri jaane wafaa
maine dekha hai yeh kya
ae meri jaane wafaa
maine dekha hai yeh kya
zulf chehre pe giri,
chaand badli mein chhupa aa
ae meri jaane wafaa

chalne lagi kyun hawa aa
lahraake jhoom ke ae ae
chalne lagi kyo hawa aa aa
lahraake jhoom ke
aayi hai shaayad teri
zulfon ko choom ke ae
ae meri jaane wafaa
maine dekha hai yeh kya aa
zulf chehre pe giri,
chaand badli mein chhupa aa
ai meri jaane wafaa

ghoonghat uthaaya teraa aa aa
rangeen bahaar ne
ghunghat uthaaya teraa aa aa
rangeen bahaar ne
tuh woh kali hai jo
khil jaaye pyaar mein ae
ae meri jaane wafaa
maine dekha hai yeh kya aa
zulf chehre pe giri,
chaand badli mein chhupa aa
ae meri jaane wafaa

saahil pe dekha tujhe ae ae
lahre jawaan huyi
saahil pe dekha tujhe
lahre jawaan huyi
aur chhu ke daaman teraa
jaane kahaan gayi ee
ae meri jaane wafaa
maine dekha hai yeh kya
zulf chehre pe giri,
chaand badli mein chhupa aa
ae meri jaane wafaa

2 Responses to "Ae meri jaane wafaa maine dekha hai ye kyaa"

Atul ji,
NEELI AANKHEN-1962 was a mystery film having a double role of the Hero Ajit.Some directors believed that a double role adds to the mystery of the film
.Actually it was nothing like that, as the audience had long back become so intelligent that the moment the double role character appeared on the screen,they knew who it was and also waited for the ‘exposure’,which they knew,will come only in the last 1 or 2 reels.If the other aspects of the film like story,acting,music etc was good enough,audience would pardon the director for the double role,or else,the film would face negative publicity forcing it to withdraw from the theatre sooner.
Obviously Neeli Ankhen belonged to the second category.The story was weak,direction was average,acting was very casual and nominal and the end was predictable.
Sheela(Shakila) was a young lady who loved Ajit(Ajit) a poor poet.She was the daughter of the multi millionaire Seth Rai Bahadur(Ramayan Tiwari-most unsuitable for this role.His face was such that,come what may,he could never look a wealthy Seth !).Sethji,though very rich,always looked for a burried treasure of Diamonds.The police was also on its look out and a gang of city criminals was also after it.Sheela does not know all this.She is busy in singing love songs and enjoying life.
Sheela is shocked when Seth ji brings Dilip-son of his London based old and late friend.Dilip(Again Ajit-who else ?) is a terrific look alike of Ajit,her lover.Premi ji a noted Astrologer predicts that Seth ji will face dire consequences soon and also predicts that Dilip will murder somebody.Sheela is worried and appoints Punjwani(Johnny Walker) a suitor of Sheela herself,to keep an eye on Dilip.Soon Seth ji is murdered and she suspects Dilip,who disappears.
After lot of inti=rigue,mystery,fights and chases,it is (finally) revealed that Dilip and Ajit is same(audience knew it al the while),that he is a CID officer and premi ji is the murderer.Seth ji,Premijee and a partner had looted the diamonds and Premi suspected Sethji.
Anyway,premi ji is arrested,the Diamonds are recovered and Sheela and Ajit (or is it Dilip ?) marry happily.


Thanks for this information.


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