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Nainaa boley nainaa

Posted on: June 3, 2012

Today (3rd june) happens to be the birthday of Illayaraja. Like many greats of South Indian movies, he too had a brief foray into Hindi movies, though working in South Indian movies continued to be their major field of activity where he has been a legend for the past few decades.

One of the Hindi movies where Illayaraja composed music was “Aur Ek Prem Kahaani” (1996). This movie is from an era when I had all but lost track of movies, so I do not much information about it. From the details provided to me by Prakashchandra (who sent me the lyrics of this song), I gather that this movie was a Plus Film Production and it was produced by Amit Khanna. Balu Mahendra was the director. The movie had Revathy Menon,Heera Rajgopal,Ramesh Aravind,Sudhir Ahuja, Sushma Ahuja,Akshay Ananad, Niharika,Kameshwari etc in it.

From the starcast, I guess that this movie was either a remake of a South Indian movie or it was dubbed from a South Indian movie. I request our knowledgeable readers toi throw more light on this matter.

Here is a lovely song from this movie. This song is sung by Asha Bhonsle. The song has at least two versions. The song is picturised as a stage song on Heera Rajgopal and she is watched by a hphouseful audience, including Ramesh Aravind.


Video(1st situation-sad- only 1st stanza was picturised)

Video(Happy situation version:Full Song Picturisation)

Song-Naina boley naina (Aur Ek Prem Kahaani)(1996) Singer-Asha Bhonsle, Lyrics-Amit Khanna, MD-Illayaraja

Lyrics(Provided by Prakashchandra)

aaa aaa aaa
aaa aaa aaa
aaa aaa aaa
aaa aaa
aaa aaa aaa
aa aa aa
aaa aaa aaa
bole nainaaa ae..eeee
bole nainaaaa aaa aaa
dil ki ye baatein dheeme se
mann behkaa
tan mehkaa
poochhe pawan pataa
sajan koi hai na
bole nainaaa aa aa aa
dil ki ye baatein dheeme se

raaton ko ab to mujhe
neend naa aaaye
palkon se meri ab to
koi khwaab chhuraaye
bewajaaha mann ko
aaye qaraar
bin mausam main
gaaoon malhaar
khud se poochhoon
huaa ye kyaaa
kahaan gayaa hai
bole nainaa
dil ki ye baatein dheeme se

rass mein doobi kali
kyun itraaye
bhanwraa to pal mein kahin
aur udd jaaye
mujhko to hai
khud pe
pooraa yakeen
sach honge sapne
saare yahin
solah singaar pe
aaj nikhaaar hai
hai naaaaaa
bole nainaa aaaaaa
dil ki ye baatein dheeme se
bole nainaaa aaa aaaa
dil ki ye baatein dheeme se
mann behkaa
tan mehkaa
poochhe pawan pataaa
sajan koi hai na
bole nainaaa aaa aaa
dil ki ye baatein dheeme se


8 Responses to "Nainaa boley nainaa"

Atul ji,
You will,as may be others,surprised that I can write about even newer films.
AUR EK PREM KAHANI -1995 was a remake of a Kannad film “Kokila’ also the debut film of Balu was also a debut of Balu in Hindi.
This film actually opened doors for few newcomers to Hindi films,like Ramesh Arvind,Sudhir Ahuja,Heera Rajgopal in main and some others in smaller roles.
The music was by the famous south MD ILAIYARAJA.In this film there were 4 songs and instead of making new tunes Ilaiyaraja somehow used his old film tunes from south films.
The story is of love in 3 people,but with a welcome difference.
Shankar Ranganathan( Sudhir Ahuja) lives in Madras with wife Kamala(Sushma) and daughter K0kila(Heera Rajgopal).As Shankar is on tours most of the times a Paying Guest Satyamurthy(Ramesh Arvind),a Bank officer is kept.In due course,Kokila and Sathyamurthy fall in love and decide to get married with elders’ consent.There is one housemaid Manga(Revathy Menon),young and good looking in the house.Once when kokila is away on college tour,Manga and Satyamurthy fall prey to emotions and have sex.manga and Kokila do not know about each others relations with Sathyamurthy.
one day Manga informs Sathyamurthy that she is pregnant and he should not ditch him.
when kokila comes back she finds that Sathyamurthy has left the house without any trace.After few years,kokila meets Sathyamurthy in a different town where he stays with his wife manga and a daughter,who is named KOKILA.

This song is a Hindi version of Tamil movie(Johnny) Illaiyaraja composition sung by Great Singer S.Janaki picturised on Sridevi, Rajani kanth:

Aur ek Prem kahaani:
is a movie was first made in kannada langauage in 1977:
Kokila(Black and white movie):
starring: Kamal Hassan(Playing Ramesh aravind`role, Ramesh aravind is popular hero of kannada moviedom and also acted in Tamil movies)
Roja ramani(Revathy`s role)
Mohan(after the success of this movie derived his name Kokila Mohan from this movie and became famous in Tamil film industry than his homestate Karnataka)\
Shobha/Sobha(Playing role of Heera Raajgopal`s role-In fact this shobha is famous brilliant actress & national award winner and real life wife of director Balu mahendru-
Shobha committed sucide, and the story of hindi movie sadma(moondram pirai-tamil)was loosly based on Shobha and director Balu mahendru`s real life incidents, directed by Balu Mahendru himself)

This Revathy :
is the same Revathi who acted opposite Salman Khan in Love(1991),Ram gopal varma`s Raat,Muskuraahat,
Dil jo hi kahe(against Amithabh bachchan)
Nishabd(with Amitabh bachchan)
Ab Tak Chhappan(with nana patekar),Dhoop(with Ompuri,Sanjay Suri)
and directed Mitr(my friend)and Phir Milenge(with Abhishek bachchan,Shilpa Shetty,Salman khan)

Amit khanna:
produced such small budget movie during those days:
Manpasand(Rajesh roshan-Dev Anand,Basu Chatterjee)
and Under Plus film banner:
Papa Kehthe hain(Mahesh Bhatt-rajesh roshan),
Sardari Begum(Shyam benegal-Vanraj Bhatia`s excellent music),
Bhairavi(Aruna raaje-got excellent classical songs by kavita krishnamurthy and laxmikant pyarelal),
Lalchee(with vetern Pran saab),
Gudgudee(basu chatterjee),
Saaz(got very good music-Yeshwant Deo,zakhir hussain,raj kamal,sai paranjape,bhupen hazarika)
Iss Raat ki subaha nahin(Sudhir mishra-also got excellent songs by south music maestro Keervaani,famous in hindi movies as M.M.Kreem)

Prakashchandra ji, I don’t think ‘Moondram Pirai’ (‘Sadma’ in Hiindi) was even remotely based on Shobha’s relationship with Balu Mahendru. In ‘Moondram Pirai’ Sreedevi (the heroine) plays the role of a girl who as a result of an accident, has regressed into her childhood and behaves like an innocent child.
There was, however, a movie in Malayalam that was based on the Shobha-Balu Mahendru affair. It was titled ‘Lakhayude maranam: Oru Flashback’ (Lekha’s death: A Flashback) and it starred Nalini and the late Bharat Gopi. The film was directed by K G George and it was a well made movie.

Mani Menon ji you are right,
But in those days I have read one Balu Mahendra interview stating that not all scenes of that movie but some of the scenes like last scene of the movie was inspired by Shobha`s refusal of Balu Mahendra`s role in her successful acting carreer. Balu mahendra said once the actresses gain success in their field, then they don`t turn and see from where they came and how they gained the stardom-they simply don`t acknowledge the man behind their successful carreer.
May be I am wrong, but……..

Prakash ji, I’m not aware of the Balu Mahendra interview. The last scene where a fully cured Sreedevi fails to even recognize Kamalhasan is a stunning moment! And the almost demented and limping Kamalahasan’s desperate attempts to woo her back is simply unforgettable!
Perhaps Balu had Shobha’s ingratitude in mind when he thought up this climactic scene.
After Shobha’s suicide, I had heard whispers of unimaginable sleaze behind the sordid affair. Too sordid to discuss here, Prakash ji. In an email perhaps…

Atul ji
Please change the film`s name as “AUR EK PREM KAHANI)(1996) in the post and the respective tags. We have wrongly mentioned it as “Ek aur prem kahani” in all the places of post and tags.

audio link:

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