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Maa hai muhabbat ka naam

Posted on: June 25, 2012

“Maa Ka Aanchal” (1970) was a Hari Natraj Films Production. It was produced and directed by Jagdev Bhambri. The movie had Sanjeev Kumar, Abhi Bhattacharya, Anjana(Mumtaz), Leela Mishra,Jagdev,Sheela R., Satpal Nishan, Sushma, Johnny Whisky, V.Gopal, Gopal Segal, Amol Sen, Dilip Dutt, Deena Nath, Master Rattan, Abdul, RajKumar Dutt, Abdul etc in it.

Here is the movie opening song of this movie which is also the theme song of the movie. It is sung by Rafi. The song plays on the background while titles roll on the screen.

Kaifi Azmi is the lyricist. Madan Mohan, whose birth anniversary falls today (25 july) is the music director.

Lyrics of this song were sent to me by Prakashchandra.



Song-Maa hai muhabbat ka naam (Maa Ka Aanchal)(1970) Singer-Rafi, Lyrics-Kaifi Azmi, MD-Madan Mohan

Lyrics(Provided by Prakashchandra)

maa hai muhabbat ka naaam
maa hai muhabbat ka naaam
maa ko hazaaron salaam
kar de fidaa zindagi ee ee
aaye jo bachchon ke kaaam
maa hai muhabbat ka naaam
maa ko hazaaron salaaam

hanske utthaye gham
baitte naa haarke…hoo
paa le zamaane ko woh
apne ko maar ke hoo
bhookh mittaaye sadaa
pyaass bujhaaye sadaa
pyaar lutaaye sadaa
maange naa keemat na daaam
maa hai mohabbat ka naaam
maa ko hazaaron salaam

usske kadam chhoonaa
duniya ki shaan hai
hamko milaa hai jo bhi
mamtaa kaa daan hai
baagh lagaati hai maa
phool khilaati hai maa
vipdaa uttaati hai maa
deti hai khushiyaan tamaam
maa hai muhabbat ka naam
maa ko hazaaron salaam

chaahe bhikhaaran ho
khaali ho haath bhi
maa to rahegi maa
koi ho zaat bhi haan
mamtaa ki chhaaon tale
deep hazaaron jaley
god mein usski paley
saare rishi
sab imaam
maa hai muhabbat ka naam
maa ko hazaaron salaam
kar de fidaa zindagi ee
aaye jo bachchon ke kaam
maa hai mohabbat ka naam
maa ko hazaaron salaam

4 Responses to "Maa hai muhabbat ka naam"

Interestingly Ghar ka Chiraag(1967)(one song has been posted today from this movie) and Maa Ka Aanchal(1970)These 2 movies were
Produced & Directed by Jagdev Bhambri under the Banner “Harintaraj Films”
and Madan Mohan provided music for both movies.
and Kaifi Azmi is Lyricist of both movies.
Songs posted by Atulji from both the movies are about greatness of
Above all It is very difficult to trace the cd or dvd`s of both movies to watch.


Prakash ji,
For your info,Bhambri had directed one more movie,’Sharafat chhod di maine’ for which also the MD was Madan Mohan.
Bhambri had directed yet one more film Ganga-74.
The coincidence is in all his 4 films Abhi Bhattachrya had acted.


Thank You Arunji for the information.

Story wise Sharafat Chhod di maine(1976)(I think Hema Malini,Feroze khan,Neetu singh starrer)is somewhat B Grade or C Grade movie(It has got many titillating dance numbers by
Padma Khanna,Jayashree.T.,Bindu,Laxmi Chhayaa,Helen,Fariyal & Neetu singh in short dresses)While showing on doordarshan they chopped off all those dances, I remember the Sunday evening telecast of this movie.

But Music wise one popular rafi-asha Duet-“Ek sapna maine dekha hai” and Asha Mujra-“subah duphare,shaam savere” is famous.
Madanji didn`t disappointed us in this movie also



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