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Main lut gayi duniyaawaalon

Posted on: June 26, 2012

“Tangawaali”(1955) was a Kuldeep Pictures presentation. It was directed by Lekhraj Bhakri. The movie had Anita Guha, Balraj Sahni, Nirupa Roy, Shammi Kapoor, Jayant etc. Not much information is available about this movie on internet.

The most comprehensive information about this movie is available nowhere else but in this blog itself, thanks to our beloved inhouse encyclopaedia Mr Arunkumar Deshmukh. Here is the information about this movie that he had shared while commenting on another song from this movie:-

TANGEWALI-1955 was movie based on the lives of very poor family who plied Tangas( 2-wheeler cart drawn by Horses).Here the Heroine plays the lead role and the entire film is based and centred around her. Nirupa Roy, with her looks is a fit actress for such roles. Her face looks convincingly that of a poor sufferer,for ever.

In this film,Shammi Kapoor played the role of her son and for probably the only time (?),Hemant kumar had given playback to him in a song. The pair of Balraj Sahni and Nirupa Roy were,looks like, permanantly reserved for the roles of suffering Rikshaw or Tangawalla couples. With Salil da, they were almost a team once more just like Do Bigha Zamin.

A Kuldeep pictures film, produced by its owner Kuldip Sehgal,it was directed by Lekhraj Bhakri.

Motaram and his daughter Rajo(NR) engage Laxman’s tanga to come from Railway Station. They later realise that they forgot one important bag in the tanga and consider it gone as Tangawalas are dishonest. But Laxman(BS) comes back to return their bag and loses his heart to Rajo. He comes to know that Motaram wants 2000 rupees for her marriage. To marry his love, reluctantly, Laxman sells his Tanga and gives the money to Motaram. Rajo and Laxman marry.

Before leaving the house,Rajo takes 2000 rupees from the house and tell her father,since she was sold by him like an animal,they are no more Father and daughter. With that money,they buy back their Tanga. In due course they get a son. But after a few years,Laxman dies,while trying to save an young girl from goons.

Chhotu, who had an eye on Rajo comes to help her, by hiring Tanga on daily basis, but when encountered with his overtures,Rajo beats him and drives out. Later another man Pyaare also gives her similar experience.

Finally she decides to run the Tanga herself and applies for a Licence, but she is refused citing a reason that she is a woman. Nevertheless,she starts plying her Tanga. Taking advantage of the situation, Chhotu and Pyare complain to authorities and Rajo is arrested and taken to court.

She gives a big lecture to the Judga ,Lawyers and the willing audience and wins the case etc etc.

It was very odd to see Shammi Kapoor as N Roy’s son when NR was still doing Heroine’s roles herself.

The music was very good and many songs became popular but not the film.

As many as five songs from this movie have been discussed in the past.

Here is a melancholic song from this movie. It is sung by Lata. Only the audio of this song is available, but it is safe to guess that the song is picturised on Nirupa Roy.

Prem Dhawan is the lyricist. Music is composed by Salil Chaudhary.

Lyrics of this song were sent to me by Khyati Bhatt.

Song-Main lut gayi duniya waalon (Taangawaali)(1955) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Prem Dhawan, MD-Salil Chaudhary

Lyrics(Provided by Khyati Bhatt)

main lut gayi duniya waalon
haaye lut gaya mera haar
do din bhi main jee bharke
haye dekh saki na bahaar
meri bindiya lahu luhaan hai
ae ae
mere geet bane hai pukaar
lagi haathon mehndi khoon ki
mera dekho naya singaar
haye o o
haye o o
haye o o

meri phoot gayi taqdeer re
mera ujad gaya hai suhaag
meri maang mein bhar do raakh re
mere tan mein laga do aag
jaane waale tu jaldi aa
aa aa
dekar ye kaisa daag
jaaoon to main kit jaaoon
ab lekar phoote bhaag
haye o o
haye o o
haye o o

6 Responses to "Main lut gayi duniyaawaalon"

Wow! That’s a lot of info on this movie, Arun-ji! I remember liking all the songs of this movie. Salil-da had done a wonderful job in this movie.
By the way, in ‘Bluff Master’ (1963) Hemant-da gave playback to Shammi Kapoor in “Ai dil, ab kahin na ja, na kisika main, na koyi mera…”


Is it a heer type of song? Can it termed as heer?


since the most of the words rhyme with “aaaabb” e.g. “haar” , “bahaar”, “luhaan” , “pukaar” “aag” , “daag” , “bhaag”
with these words…this song categorized as “marsia/noha/elegies song.
One to sing marsia has nothing to do with death but to telling the agony of the life.
Well, we are still looking for a duet of Manna Dey/Geeta Dutt from “Taangawaali” the song is “Tan teena tan taa teena kisi ne dil hai cheena dekho re dekho..”
Anyone with this song????


Khyati ji & Atulji

Thank you for introducing me to this wonderful song. I feel Lata sounds very much different in this gem.
wow!!!! excellent song.


Maine bhi ye gana YT par paheli baar suna aur I was just like wow!!! Yahin to Lataji ki khubi hai- gaana sunne waalon ke saamne mahol khada kar deti hai.


Is this song picturised on Nirupa Roy? Arunji, kya aap bata sakte ho? Lataji had a typical voice/style for Nirupa Roy, so I just guessed.


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