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Khilona jaan kar tum to mera dil tod jaate ho

Posted on: July 9, 2012

Today (9 july 2012) is the anniversaries of a large number of film personalities. Sanjeev Kumar happens to be one of them. Today is his birth anniversary.

I have lots of songs sent by contributors as well as those noted down by myself on this occasion. But seeing that I am extremely pressed for time, I will be able to discuss just one song picturised on Sanjeev Kumar today.

This song is a “how come this song was not yet discussed” category of song. I frankly thought that I had already discussed this song. I recall noting down the lyrics of this song long back, naerly as long back as the beginning of the blog. Or was I mistaken. and then several contributors may also have sent me the lyrics of this song. Several regulars may have given me the farmaish of this song too.

Here is this song finally. This song is the title song of “Khilona” (1970). It is sung by Rafi and it is picturised on Sanjeev Kumar who plays a mentally disturbed person in this movie.

Anand Bakshi is the lyricist. Music is composed by Laxmikant Pyarelal.

As mentioned above, the lyrics of this song may have been sent to me by several contributors (including myself 🙂 ), but here I am using the lyrics sent by Khyati Bhatt.



Song-Khilauna jaan kar tum to mera dil tod jaate ho (Khilona)(1970) Singer-Rafi, Lyrics-Anand Bakshi, MD-Laxmikant Pyarelal

Lyrics(Provided by Khyati Bhatt)

ho o o
khilona jaan kar tum to
mera dil tod jaate ho
khilona jaan kar tum to
mera dil tod jaate ho
ho o o
mujhe is haal mein kis ke
sahaare chhod jaate ho
khilona jaan kar tum to
mera dil tod jaate ho

khuda ka waasta dekar
manaa loon door hoon lekin
tumhaara raasta main rok loon
majboor hoon lekin
ke main chal bhi nahi sakta hoon
aur tum daud jaate ho
ho o o
khilona jaan kar tum to
mera dil tod jaate ho

gila tumse nahin koi
magar afsos thhoda hai
ki jis gham ne mera daaman
badi mushqil se chhoda hai
usi gham se mera phir aaj
rishta jod jaate ho
ho o o khilona

mere dil se na lo badla
zamaane bhar ki baaton ka
thehar jaao suno mehmaan hoon
main chand raaton ka
chale jaana
abhi se kis liye munh mod jaate ho
ho o o
khilona jaan kar tum to
mera dil tod jaate ho

7 Responses to "Khilona jaan kar tum to mera dil tod jaate ho"

I was really astonished that this song was not discussed before.
Most famous song of Rafi on Sanjeev Kumar and a all time hit.
How you managed to miss it Atul?


I knew this song was missing, as the film was not there in the list of songs-moviewise. I did not sent the lyrics of this song with the other two songs of this film, b’coz i think it may be a famous song, but personally feel it is a bit over the top. I mean no offense, it is such a famous song, i would have send it too, if khyati ji had not done so. It is not as if I dont send lyrics of songs which others may find a bit too much 🙂 .

Any way, Sanjeev Kumar was a super actor, there is no one as versatile as he was.

One interesting info on Sanjeev Kumar :
He has played almost all type of relationships with Jaya Bachchan.

Husband-wife – Anamika, Naukar, khaamosh
Father – daughter – Parichay
Father in law – daughter in law – Sholay
Doctor(sympathiser) – Patient – Silsila

There are more, but these are the movies i remember.


As Husband-wife->Not in Khaamosh, but in KOSHISH(1972)
Another one is “Naya din nayee raat(1974)”(as strangers,as lovers and in many other capacities-marrying at the last scenes of this movie)


Agree with you. I also delayed sending this song to Atulji thinking same as many contributors must have send it already.
You would be surprised to know that the first Sanjeev Kumar movie that I saw was a Gujarati, Kalapi-66 with Aruna Irani as a co-star. The movie was based on a real life story of a famous Gujarati poet, Sursinhji Taktasinghji Gohil “Kalapi”. My father, big fan of movies of 40’s and early 50’s, loved him so much that he never called him as a Sanjeev Kumar, but always Haribhai. During my early teen age time, when I never wanted to miss any Hindi film on Doordarshan, I used to take advantage of three actors, SK, Pran & Amitji (AB) to take his permission to watch a movie. Those were the days!


Sad movie, and sad life story of Kalapi. Good music, probably a song by Mukesh too. Vaguely remember visiting Kalapi’s palace long long time ago.


Khyati ji,

I might have seen some gujarati film of him on T. V., But i dont remember exactly. His real name was If i am not wrong, Haribhai Zaveriwala.

Even my father was an avid movie watcher, but now he has lost all interest. My mother was the one who would tell us the story and about actors of films she had seen. And Radio would be on during the day, so the old hindi film songs are part of conciousness, without thought i can relate some songs to some films and lines to particular song.

Prakashchandra ji,

you are right, it is koshish, where both Jaya & SK played mute persons.




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