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Maana teri nazar mein

Posted on: July 9, 2012

In the series of anniversaries today (9 july), here is the fourth anniversary of the day. Today is the birthday of Sulakshana Pandit.

On this occasion, here is a song from “Ahista Ahista” (1981). This song is sung by Sulakshana Pandit and it is picturised on Padmini Kolhapure and Kunal Kapoor.

Naqsh Llayalpuri is the lyricist. Music is composed by Khayyam.

Lyrics of this song were sent to me by Prakashchandra.



Song-Maana teri nazar mein (Ahista Ahista) (1981) Singer-Sulakshana Pandit, Lyrics-Naqsh Llayalpuri, MD-Khayyam

manaa teri nazar mein
tera pyaar hum nahin een
manaa teri nazar mein
tera pyaar hum nahin een
kaise kahein ke tere
kaise kahein ke tere
talabgaar hum nahin een
manaa teri… nazar mein

tan ko jalaake raakh
banaayaa bichhaa diyaa aa
tan ko jalaake raakh
banaayaa bichhaa diyaa
lo ab tumhaari raah mein
deewaar hum nahin een
lo ab tumhaari raah mein
deewaar hum nahin een
manaa teri nazar mein

jisko nikhaaraa humne
tamanna ke khoon se
jisko nikhaaraa humne
tamanna ke khoon se
gulshan mein uss bahaar ke
haqdaar hum nahin een
gulshan mein uss bahaar ke
haqdaar hum nahin
Manaa teri nazar mein

dhokha diyaa hai khud ko
muhabbat ke naam par
dhokha diyaa hai khud ko
muhabbat ke naam par
ye kiss tarhaa kahein ke
gunahgaar hum nahin een
manaa teri nazar mein
Tera pyaar hum nahin een
kaise kahein ke tere
kaise kahein ke tere
talabgaar hum nahin
Maanaa teri nazar mein

11 Responses to "Maana teri nazar mein"

Is this the same song which was meant for Khaandan, but was used for Ahista Ahista? Anyone knows the truth?


Yes I am very sure that this is the same song Khyati ji, I have read somewhere that it was recorded for Khandaan(1979)(Directed by Anil Ganguli and starring Jeetendra, Sulakshana Pandit,Bindiya Goswami,A.K.Hangal,Bindu) and was not used for that movie.

Just see the co-incidence,a song(“Ye mulaqaat ek bahaana hai, pyaar ka silsilaa puraanaa hai”) for the same type of misunderstanding situation(involving lovers on screen jeetendra and sulakshana -& the third angle is Bindiya Goswami) in the “Khandaan(1979)” picurised on above 3 actors(Must be lip synced by Bindiya Goswami)(But, Playback in LATA ji`s voice)(Written by the same lyricist also-
Naqsh Llayapuri)(And the Music company is same
“Universal music india private limited)(In this case Jeetendra comes to city for employment where father(must be pinchoo kapoor) of Bindiya goswami gives job to Jeetendra and Bindiya goswami starts to have a soft corner for jeetendra, which puts jeetendra in a dilemma(as His real love in the village is Sulakshana pandit, who incidentally comes to see him in city and witnesses this song & gets her share of heart break.)

And that unused song was utilised for Ahista Ahista(1981)(Director Esmayeed Shroff)for( more or less same)misunderstanding siutation involving Padmini Kolhapure,Kunal kapoor(-who ditches padmini saying that she comes from a “DEVDASI(flesh trade in the name of God)”family.


Original story of this movie was based on a Kannada Novel written by Late M.K.Indira Ji
Which was made into a movie in 1966 as GEJJE POOJE(loosely translated as ” Ghungroo ki pooja”)Directed by famous kannada movie director Late S.R.Puttanna Kanagal.

-Which depicts the story of an ageold evil social tradition-DEVADASI(prostitution in the name of God) prevalent in Mysore and Madras region(Where rich men and Maharajas used to keep these type of ladies/female dancers(or called as “Ganikaas”, for their pleasure, after performing this tradition)


Thanks Prakashji for the datail info. The story of Khandaan -Jeetendra comes to the city for job and the “employer”‘s daughter falling in love with him and his love being in a town…..reminds me of another movie of his “Jeene Ki Raah” in which the same situation arises, but he was married and had kids too. Remember the song, Chanda ko dhoondhne sabhi taare nikal pade…..
I have read few Gujarati novels with the stories of devdasi/gunikaas. I never can appreciate/tolerate those so called “social tradition”. Kitne dookh ki baat hai ki apne sokh ke liye “tradition” ka naam laga ke galat kaam karte the.


Kitna khubsurat geet yaad dilaya aap ne!
badi muddat baad suna.
Thanks a lot.


Prakashji, isnt the storyline similar to the story of Raj starrer “Hosa Belaku”. In this movie, annavru (as he fondly called), is hired by a businessman and his daughter (Mamatha Rao, mother of Rakshita, who has almost retired from movies) falls in love with him. But he is in love with the character played by Sarita, who is his sister’s step-daughter. This movie has a lovely song penned by Sri Kuvempu, teredide mane o baa athithi. Looks like south indian movies copy from hindi movies and vice-versa 🙂


Yes Aparna ji
I am comparing the story line of two movies(Khandaan1979 & Hosa Belaku), 2 or 3 similarities are there in the story line of both movies:
like Bindu`s character in Khandaan(Jeetendra`s Sister-in-law and Sujit Kumar-jeetu`s brother) was interchanged with Jaanaki(Hosa Belaku-Loud mouthed sister`s role)who ill treats her step daughter.

But in Khandaan, at the beginning of movie,Jeetendra was shown as “good for nothing” guy who wanders in the village without earning and that`s why his father A.K.Hangal scolds him. Then to earn a livlihood Jeetu goes to city and the story goes on.

In Hosa Belaku, Mamata Rao`s(I am just getting nostalgic about her roles in Praaya praaya praaya,Kaadina Benki,Antaraala-songs like Thaiyya thakka collegige bandanayya,Ritumaan samputadi & Yekamma sheelamma binka nannalli) episode in Delhi I think is a brief one(with one or two songs- “Chuluveye ninna nodalu” & “Hosa belaku mooduthide”)and Raj acts as a blind man, who helps Sarita to gain her position in her house and in turn gets attracted towards Sarita.)

If I am not wrong Whether Hosa Belaku was based on famous Novelist VAANI`s novel???
Please correct me If I am wrong, while mentioning the facts because I have seen both the movies long way back.

I love the songs of both movies, especially songs of Hosa Belaku.I just love M.Ranga Rao`s music in this movie and S.Janaki`s voice in this.

Thank you for helping me to rediscover and remember my favourite kannada movies and kannada movie songs.


Hmm, good question Prakashji. That Hosa Belaku is based on Vani’s novel is news to me. I read her novels long time back. I dont remember now 😦 Wikipedia says her novels, Shubhamangala, Hosa Belaku and Eradu Kanasu were made into movies. Even though I remember the storyline of movie Shubhamangala well, I am not sure of its being based Vani’s novel. Eardu kanasu, I am very sure. What beautiful songs these movies had! I am getting nostalgic now, hmm…


Old video link not working
new Video link:




video working


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