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Jawaan jawaan husn ke rangeen ye kaafile

Posted on: July 25, 2012

Today (25 july) is the death anniversary of G S Kohli. He is one of those unsung music directors who deserved to get far more opportunities than what he actually got. In the few movies where he gave music, he has created awesome music. Who can forget the music of movies like “Faulaad” (1963), “Shikari” (1963) and “Namaste Jee” (1965).

On this occasion, here is another awesome composition of G S Kohli. This song is a duet from the B grade movie called “Adventure of Robinhood” (1965). The song is a duet which is sung by Rafi and Asha Bhonsle. I am unable to identify the actors figuring in this song. I request our knowledgeable readers to help identify them.

I am not sure about the lyricist, but my guess is that it could be Yogesh. I request our knowledgeable readers to tell us about the lyricist of this song.



Song-Jawaan jawaan husn ke (Adventures of Robinhood)(1965) Singers-Rafi, Asha Bhonsle, Lyrics-Anjaan, MD-G S Kohli


jawaan jawaan husn ke
rangeen ye kaafile
aawaaz dete mujhe
aa aa aa bhi jaa
jawaan jawaan husn ke
rangeen ye kaafile
aawaaz dete mujhe
aa aa aa bhi jaa
jawaan jawaan husn ke ae ae

bikhri hai mehekti saanson ki
khushboo madhosh hawaaon mein
simte hain muhabbat ke saaye
palkon ki nasheeli chaaon mein

aankhon ka ishaara hua
ho ho dil gaya
dil ko sahaara koi
ho ho mil gaya
aankhon ka ishaara hua
o jaane jigar khaamosh nazar
ban gayi dhadakte dil ki jubaan
jawaan jawaan pyaar ke
rangeen ye kaafile
aawaaz dete mujhe
aa aa aa bhi jaa
jawaan jawaan pyaar ke

saaqi hai bani chanchal bijli
chhalke hain ghata se paimaane
ab in toofaanon mein dil ka
kyaa hoga haal khuda jaane
chaaya to kabhi nahin thhaa
ho ho ye nasha
khud bhi na jaanoon mujhe
ho ho kya huaa
chaaya to kabhi nahin thaa

behke nadaan armaan jawaan
ab hosh kise hai ham hain kahaan
jawaan jawaan husn ke
rangeen ye kaafile
aawaaz dete mujhe
aa aa aa bhi jaa
jawaan jawaan husn ke ae ae
rangeen ye kaafile
aawaaz dete mujhe
aa aa aa bhi jaa
jawaan jawaan husn ke ae ae

12 Responses to "Jawaan jawaan husn ke rangeen ye kaafile"

Praveen/parveen Chaowdhary(of Professor,Woh Kaun thi fame) and
Prashanth (of Sehra Hero)??????


Atul ji,
All the 6 songs of this film were written by only ANJAAN.
Yogesh did not write any song.


Here is the video link for the movie title cards of the Advendtures of robinhood(1965)
At 1:01, they have mentioned Lyricists names as Anjan and Yogesh, It is hardly visible written in pink colour:

Please correct me If I am wrong


There is another song from the movie “Maana Mere Haseen Sanam” and that is written by Yogesh, according to Geet Kosh. For rest its Anjaan.


That song is already posted. Based on the fact that “mana mere haseen sanam” was written by Yogesh, I thought that other songs in the movie too may have been written by him.


prakash ji,
HFGK does not mention the name of Yogesh .May be songs written by him were not in the released film.


Thank you Arunji for the information

How`s your health?
Thinking that you are not well, I haven`t enquired about your health.



Thanks for your enquiry.
I am recovering slowly,so I am not that active yet.


Get well soon ADji!! Wishing you a quick recovery.




Atul ji, Arun ji

Bluefire ji is right. It is correct that all songs in this film are written by Anjaan. But the song, ‘Maana Mere Haseen Sanam’ is written by Yogesh. The Geet Kosh carries a specific notation next to this song name. In that sense, Prakash ji is also right, that Yoegsh’s name appears in the credits of this film.

And so the lyrics for this song are by Anjaan, and not by Yogesh.



Can we get a Suman Kalyanpur solo from this film ? ” Nasha Rangeen Aankhon Ka Kisi Saughat Main De Doon ” ?


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