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Jalne ke siwa aur kyaa hai yahaan

Posted on: August 11, 2012

We in this blog discuss songs of various artists during their anniversaries. Discussing well known artists during their anniversaries is no big deal since everyone knows about their anniversaries. But there are artists who were lesser known and information about them is not easily available. Today is the birth anniversary of one such person.

Today (11 august) is the birth anniversary of Gopal Singh Nepali, an eminent Hindi poet who also wrote lyrics of Hindi movies.

If one tries to find about Gopal Singh Nepali on internet, one will be unable to find this date. All internet sources only mention that Gopal Singh Nepali was born in 1911 or 1913 and he died in 1963. I do not know how Mr Arunkumar Deshmukh, our beloved inhouse encyclopaedia, who sends me these dates regularly every month, knows about the date of birth of this by and large forgotten poet. I am sure he may have read about Gopal Singh Nepali in sources that are not available on internet.

Poetry of Gopal Singh Nepali was part of my Hindi text book when I was in school. This shows that his poetry was regarded highly in literary circles and was considered good enough to be taught in schools. School kids like me had difficulty remembering the names of poets whose poetry were contained in the text book but I was able to remember two names easily thanks to their Hindi movie connections. Gopal Singh Nepali was one and Hariwansh Rai Bachchan was another. Hariwansh Rai Bachchan, whose poetry “Madhushala” was part of curriculum, was the father of Amitabh Bachchan.

Coming to Gopal Singh Nepali, I am quite surprised at the lack of information about Gopal Singh Nepali on internet. There is no mention of any dates about him, nor are there any filmography of his movies.

We in this blog have discussed 16 songs which were written by Gopal Singh Nepali. Here is another song written by him. This song is from “Gajre” (1948). It is sung by Suraiyya. Music is composed by Anil Biswas.

Only the audio of this song is available but seeing that Suraiyya acted in this movie, it is clear that the song was picturised on Suraiyya herself.

Lyrics of this song were sent to me by Nitin Shah.

Song-Jalne ke siwa aur kyaa hai yahaan (Gajre)(1948) Singer-Suraiyya, Lyrics-G S Nepali, MD-Anil Biswas

Lyrics(Provided by Nitin Shah)

jalne ke siwaa aur kyaa hai yahaan
chaahe dil ho kisi kaa yaa ho diyaa
yaa ho diyaa
jalne ke siwaa aur kyaa hai yahaan
har raat diya jal jal ke bujhe
ae ae
har raat diya jal jal ke bujhe
dil roz pukaare piya piya
piya piya
jalne ke siwaa aur kyaa hai yahaan
aa aa

bachpan se tumhi se preet rahi
ab alag jawani beet rahi
jab paas thhey tumko pyaar kiyaa
aa aa
jab paas thhey tumko pyaar kiyaa
ab door huye to tarse jiyaa
ab door huye to tarse jiyaa
jalne ke siwaa aur kyaa hai yahaan
aa aa

hai rain ghiri per chain nahin
hai rain ghiri per chain nahin
yeh mann hai kahin aur nain kahin
yeh mann hai kahin aur nain kahin
jabse tum bichhad gaye hamne
jabse tum bichhad gaye hamne
phaagun mein machalna chhod diya
phagun mein machalna chhod diya
jalne ke siwaa aur kyaa hai yahaan
aa aa

8 Responses to "Jalne ke siwa aur kyaa hai yahaan"

I think sometimes the poet has fun way to express himself and satisfy his creative impulses too.
The lyrics can be a story-oriented or just want to deliver a message to God or to a lover.
Nevertheless nice way to make living 🙂


Atul ji,
GOPAL SINGH NEPALI was born on 11-8-1911,in Bettiah,in Western Champaran,Bihar.he was educated in Calcutta and started journalism ,in Ratlam Times,Yogi,Sudha and Chitrapat etc.before coming to Bombay he had written songs in Bengali films and had recd.the BEST LYRICIST award from WB Patrakar Sangh.
he entered Hindi films on his ability without ay Godfather.He started with Begum-45.from 45 to 50 he was writing for Filmistan. From 51 to 60 he wrote only for Mythological and Religious this period,out of 31 films,22 were Dharmik and 18 were for Chitragupt.
he wrote for about 50 films.he was a wellknown poet in Hindi and Nepali.from 1933,he published several Collection of Poetry books,like Umang,panchhi,Ragini,Panchami,naveen and Himalaya ne Pukara.
He died on 17-4-1963.
His real name was Gopal Bahadur Singh.


Thanks a lot for these details. The dates of birth and death of Gopal singh Nepali are extremely difficult to find on internet.


Atul ji,
There was an interesting incident involving Nepali’s song.
In the ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ film there was a question’ who wrote the song-‘Darshan do Ghanshyam nath mori…’.The ansewr to this question was shown as ‘Surdas’.
Actually,this song was written by G.S.Nepali for film Narsi Bhagat-1957.
The daughter of Nepali,Savita Singh nepali,who runs ‘ Gopal singh nepali Foundation’ in Patna,Bihar has dragged the entire team of Slumdog Millionaire in court for intentional breach of ‘Intellectual property Act’ by not giving due credit to her father.
The bhajan Surdas wrote is actually-‘Ankhiya hari darshan ki pyasi’.



Are you serious? this is new to me. From school days we lean that this Bhajan was by Surdas. Even while I was watching “slum dog” which was very second day of the released of this film in USA, I answered into an ear of my daughter “Surdas”. And later I explain her what is meaning of Surdas.
Now I feel real bad for giving her wrong info. But I will tell her.


Derubala ji,
This info is 100% true.
After S.M. was released in India,the knowledgebles were shocked to no end.There were letters in the local and National papers and lot of space was occupied in the newspapers by this discussion.
This matter is also published in few books and the info which I have quoted is taken from Listeners Bulletin No.140 of April 2009(This is a publication of Shri.Harmandir Hamraj ji,the writer of Hindi Film Geet Kosh.).


very shocking facts, I am speechless.
Hope some expert- scholars with research can come up with the right answer and give the due to the rightly person.
thanks again.


Everybody knows this song was written by Gopal Singh Nepali, a well known Hindi poet, who went to Bombay after establishing himself in literature. Thanks to his heart rending poems and a forceful voice, he was one of the most wanted poets so far as kavi sammelan was concerned. He was also a leading light of the cultural movement headed by PWA and IPTA. Nepali was proud of his left orientation and nearness to the Communist Party of India and was a source of inspiration to the young poets in Hindi. He had equl command over the ‘shddh Hindi’ as well as spoken Hindi or Hindustani. He could use Sanskrit, Arabic and Persian words with equal ease. It’s a pity that Hindiwallas could not give him his due in his centenary year. It was a great opportunity missed.


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