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Shyaam abhimaani o Shyaam abhimaani

Posted on: August 10, 2012

It appears that there are lots of songs in Hindi movies that can be posted on the occasion of Janmashtmi. It is just that I am either not aware of them, or I have forgotten about them.

“Geeta Gaata Chal” (1975) is a movie that is still fresh in my mind. No, I did not watch this movie, but I heard its songs alright. It was in this movie that Sachin and Sarika had made their debut as lead actors and Jaspal Singh had made his debut as a playback singer.

The title song of the movie, which was sung by Jaspal Singh and chorus was the most popular song of the movie.

This movie had this song “Shyam Abhimani o shyaam abhimaani” too which was sung by the old guard, viz Asha Bhonsle, Rafi and chorus. I had forgotten all about this song but I was reminded of it when the lyrics of this song were sent to me by Prakashchandra.

PS-Subsequently, I recalled that this movie had another Janmashtmi related song which I had in fact discussed on the occasion of Janmashtmi in 2008. This forgetfulness on my part proves it beyond all doubt that I am well on my way to senility. 🙂

On the occasion of Janmashtmi, here is this song from “Geeta Gaata Chal” (1975). The song is picturised as a stage song on Padma Khanna, Sachin and others, with Sarika and Dhumal also visible among others.

Ravindra Jain was the lyricist as well as the music director of this song.



Song-Shyaam abhimaani o shyaam abhimaani (Geet Gaata Chal)(1975) Singers-Asha Bhonsle, Rafi, Lyrics-Ravindra Jain, MD-Ravindra Jain
Female Chorus, Male chorus, Both chorus

Lyrics(Provided by Prakashchandra)

Shyaam abhimaani, o shyaam abhimaani
Shyaam abhimaani, o shyaam abhimaani
tum to bhaye Mathura ke raja
roti rahi raadhaa raani
O deewaanee aree deewaanee

achcha ye to bataao saanwre
kaahe chhodaa gokul gaaon re
kaahe chodaa gokul gaaon re
o o
jis bansi ke the sab baawre
wohi kar gayee man mein ghaav re
Wohi Kar gayee man mein ghaav re
bante ho tum deenon ke bandhu
naari ki peeda naa jaani
Shyaam abhimaani, o shyaam abhimaani
O deewaani, aree deewaanee

meri bansi mein jitne geet hain
sab raadhaa ke man meet hain
raadhaa ke man meet hain
kab raadha alag hai shyaam se
woh to jud gayee hai mere naam se
woh to
jud gayee hai mere naam se
Chanda mein jyoti, seepee mein moti
saagar mein jaise ho paani

Shyaam abhimaani, o shyaam abhimaani
o o o
o o o
o o o

Shyaama neeti ki baatein chhod do
dekho toote dil ko jod do
dekho toote dil ko jod do
ho o o
kuchh aisi hi thhin majbooriyaan
jo badhh gayeen apni dooriyaan

Raadhaa badh gayeen apni dooriyaan
Subaha ka bhoola sandhya jo laute
kehte hain sab usko gyaani
Shyaam abhimaani, o shyaam abhimaani
Shyaam abhimaani, o shyaam abhimaani

Radhaa re…..
radhaa re , radhaa re , radhaa re
Kanhaa re ae ae ae
kanhaa re kanhaa re kanhaa re
Radhaa re
radhaa re , radhaa re , radhaa re
kanhaa re kanhaa re kanhaa re
Radhaa re

7 Responses to "Shyaam abhimaani o Shyaam abhimaani"


Thanks and Thanks again for posting this song,eventhough I have sent the lyrics of this song today afternoon, which is very late on my part.

So sweet of you. Your these type of gestures always touches my heart.

Thoughout the India,people celebrated Krishna Janmastami today and yesteday late night,
We in Udupi(Which is very famous for Krishan Bhagwan`s temple and Dahi Handi festival) celebrate Krishna Janmasthami on September 8th or 9th very grandly,accoring to the rules of 8 Mutts,which exists here.

As per some rules(I don`t know exactly such things)of Sri Krishna Mutt, we did not celebrated the said festival, as this day comes in “Ashaadha Maasa”. As per Mutt`s rule the said festival should be celebrated in “Shraavana Maasa”.

Eventhough I dont`take part religiously in such festivals, I am fond of Krishna Devotional songs.
That`s why I delayed today whether to send the lyrics or not.

For previous year`s Krishna Janmasthaami day itself, I had written the lyrics of 4 or 5 Krishna songs and sent those lyrics without informing you that the songs are for Krishna Janmaasthami day. But you made my evening.

Love you


One really feels old when one realises that this movie is 37 years old! I saw this musical when I was in my high school, so I really must be getting on in years! Lovely movie and lovely songs! Btw, this song appears to be only the second one on the blog from the movie. There are some really great songs which deserve a place here though this movie is “recent” by the standards of this blog!!


Yes, I was surprised to know that I have not yet discussed the title song from this movie.


Ah, what a pleasure to listen to this song. I had COMPLETELY forgotten about this song though I’d heard it a lot in the 70s. Without even knowing it was from Geet Gaata Chal! I’ve seen the movie but it was a long time ago and I didn’t remember this song at all.

Wonderful to hear this song again. Thanks so much, Atul. And thanks to Prakashchandra also for providing you with the lyrics of this song.


We’re all familiar with Taj Mahal and the caves of Ajanta Ellora. But our country has many other treasures like scores of scholars and artists that are often overlooked by our government to honor them.
One of the great scholar of Sanskrit and music Maestro Ravindra Jain…has not received any civil honor by our government.
Yet we all know that Jainsaab has over come by being blind.
Great composition by Jain saab…
Your’re a true hero in our heart, Jainsaab.




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