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Jaadoo bhari ye chaandni

Posted on: August 22, 2012

Recently we read about Sudhir jee’s experiences with his laptop and how his laptop gave up on him and would not listen to him no matter how much Sudhir jee tried to reason with it.

This proves that his laptop had turned “bewafa” much like the heroines of some old movies. Singing piano songs accusing her of bewafaai were not going to help either, if our experiences of Hindi movie Piano songs are any indication.

So what should one do when your beloved laptop is playing hard to get. Instead of singing Ham tere binaa jee na sakenge sanam , one could try the other ploy, viz. Tu hai bharmaayi to.. tu nahin aur sahi .

In the past, I have discussed my experiences with truth internet and how I dealt with my internet connection woes. Basically I would have two or three connections at a time and if one connection gave up on me, I would manage with the other connection. Here I would like to discuss my experiences with my computer(s).

My first computer was a desktop computer bought in 1999. People who are familiar with the computer scene in 1990s will recall that the computer magazines of those days were full of DIY articles on how to build your own PC, how to upgrade the hardware of your PC and also about how to install softwares on your PC. How to actually use computer for some pruductive work was not given much importance thoose days. In any case most computer users used computers as glorified typewriters those days.

I would buy each and every computer magazine that were available and as a result I was aware of what was going on in computers. So I noted down the latest specifications on a piece of paper and got my computer custom built by a computer assembler. Yes, there used to be computer persons of this description those days. The specifications of my computer read Pentium II processor, 64 MB RAM, 2 GB hard drive, 5 1/4 inch FDD, 3 1/2 inch FDD, DVD drive. This was quite a state of art specification in 1999 !

My computer had come with windows 95. Soon I decided that I needed to upgrade myself with the latest and the greatest OS, viz Windows 98. So I acquired Windows 98 CDs and did the OS upgradation myself. Yes, I had read about it in computer magazines. After that I got myself the CDS of MS Office 2000 and installed that too myself. Those days computers would often give throuble and the advise given in computer books for any problem was – Format the hard disk. I formatted my hard disk and reinstalled the OS and application softwares several times for almost one decade as long as that computer was with me.

Not just that, I also got its hardware upgraded with time. When I was in Assam, I went to the computer market in Guwahati and bought 128 MD RAM. I then opened up my computer minitower, removed the 64 MB RAM and inserted the 128 MB RAM. When I switched on the computer, the screen was blank. Did I destroy my computer, I wondered. I opened up the minitower again, removed the RAM and inserted it again. After some trial and error, the computer actually booted and reported that the RAM was 128 MB. Later, when I gained more knowledge and confidence, I inserted 32 MB RAM out of the just removed 64 MB RAM too in the adjacent slot and thus upgraded the RAM to 156 MB RAM.

Likewise I added a sound card too to my mother board. Later I activated my PS/2 port and added a PS/2 mouse in my computer. When I felt that my Hard Disk was runnning out of space, I got it upgraded to about 38 GB hard disk which was the maximum possible with the motherboard that I had.

By the time I began this blog, I had got a laptop, but I continued to use my desktop for some time before the desktop began to show its age and finally refused to work any more, forcing myself to swich over totally to my laptop.

By this time, the fad of upgrading your computer yourself had passed. In any case, laptops were not all that easy to fiddle with and with age I too had mellowed down and was no longer that adventurous with the lap top. This lap top served me well for four years and I do not recall any instances when it gave up on me. That way this laptop was like an ideal Bhartiya Nari. 🙂

I loved to install “useful” softwares to my laptop. And that often meant some cute games too. No, not the games that gamers play, but simple low resource demanding games. More than me, my wife got addicted to these games and my computer would often get hijacked by her.

There was one occasion where my wife went away from the computer keeping the game Paused. Our by now deceased cat nuppy saw his opportunity and sat down on the keyboard, restarting the game. By the time my wife arrived back, all her lives were exhausted and the game was over ! 🙂

With time, my wife and daughter felt the need to have their own computer and we went to buy one laptop. My wife and daughter tried to shop for the computer the way they would shop for clothes. “Is this computer all right. Kharaab to nahin hoga”, were the kind of question my wife would ask. My daughter wanted the laptop to be in pink colour. I convinced her that computer is not like clothes, and moreover, this colour was not readily available in stock too. Have you checked the specifications ? Are they alright, my wife asked. Yes, I have checked the specifications and they are alright, I assured her. So the laptop, in the usual black color, was finally bought. Since my wife was more used to my laptop which also had her favourite games, she tried to take that one and hand me over the new computer. I did not want that because all my useful softwares were loaded in my computer. Finally my wife and daughter settled for the new computer much to my relief.

By this time my blogging was in full swing and I would ensure that I posted songs even during my journeys. Fortunately most of my journeys were only for a day or so and I was very wary of taking my laptop with me, seeing how much data it contained. Therefore I would leave it behind during my journeys. Suppose I went for a day to Delhi, then there I would get hold of a computer for a few moments, open up my blog , go to the drafts and post one or two articles from that draft. Then a time came when I had to be away not for one day, but for two weeks to a place where intenet was a luxury, and for that matter even electricity was a luxury. That was also a place where it was not advisable to flaunt your laptop.

What to do and how to ensure that my blogging continued during these two weeks ? I did some reading up and I found that there was this segment of computers called netbook that were quite tiny and portable. I liked the idea and I found that it was small enough to be carried in a normal bag without anyone noticing it. It was just the kind of computer that I needed to carry with me on a journey to those parts. I promptly bought that netbook and took that with me for that two week stay there.

From then onwards, this tiny netbook has become an essential part of my luggage during my journeys while the laptop remained at home.

I got another laptop a few months back, but I continued to use the old laptop. But as if on cue, the old laptop began showing its “age”. It would get extremely warm and shut down. I got it attended but the problem persisted. As a quickfix solution, I bought a cooling fan which would cool the laptop from the bottom. In the meanwhile I gradually switched over to the new laptop, gradually adding all the important softwares that were earlier available only in the older laptop.

So in effect, I have three computers at my disposal. In all these computers, I have got my hard disk partitioned into at least three partitions. I ensure that my data is in a separate partition from the drive where the operating system resides. That way, even if the computer is requited to be formatted, the data remains safe. I also have an external hard disk. Much of the data that is there in my hard disks of computers are also there in the external hard disk, though I do not take any regular backup. I rely upon the fact that my data resides on at least two of the computers that I have.

Recently, while browsing internet on my netbook, I accidentally pressed “yes” button to a question from my antivirus scanner whether to allow one unknown programme to execute. The next thing I knew was that my system got corrupted. No matter how much I thried, the system stayed corrupted. I tried running all manners of remedy , but nothing worked. This malicious software has infiltrated the system and has disabled my antivirus, which refused to become enabled. So I had no option but to format my C drive after copying all the data on C drive to other drives as well as on external hard disk.

Installing the OS was easy since the software resided on the hard disk (D drive) itself, but the MS office software was not there on the harddisk, not did I have the disks with me. I tried to buy this software online but I found that this software (MS Office 2003) is not available online in India or for that matter anywhere else. I asked my trusted person, (who had helped me buy this netbook) to upload it , which I then downloaded and then installed the software. It worked like a charm and the computer began to work again. All these days my blogging did not suffer because I used my main laptop for this purpose. Having backup computers helped my cause.

Coming to the song under discussion, here is a lovely song from an obscure movie called “Madam XYZ” (1959). This movie was a Neolite films production. It was produced by Ram Kamalani, Balwant Bhatt and directed by Nanabhai Mistry. The movie had Suresh, Shakeela, David, Nalini Chonkar, Purnima, Shammi, Bhagwan, Pran, Sudesh, Kumar, Nana Palsikar, Kumar, Jamal, Hari Shivdasani, Hameed, Majnu, Genius, Raja Amrohi, Brahmadutt, Fazloo, Arvind Pandya, Douglas etc in it.

This song is sung by Lata. Prem Dhawan is the lyricist. Music is composed by Chitragupta.

Only the audio of this song is available and so it is difficult to saw how and on whom this song is picturised. From the lyrics, this song appears to be an archtypical “Chaayaageet” song, ideal to listen to late at night when the world sleeps and there is silence all around.

Lyrics of this song were sent to me by Atif M.

Song-Jaadoo bhari ye chaandni(Madam XYZ)(1959) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Prem Dhawan, MD-Chitragupta

Lyrics (Provided by Atif M)

jaadoo bhari yeh chaandni yeh pyaar ka samaa
ho jaadoo bhari yeh chaandni yeh pyar ka samaa
mujh ko zara sambhaaliye
main kho chali kahaan
jaadoo bhari yeh chaandni

aane laga khumaar sa
behke qadam mere
aane laga khumaar sa
behke qadam mere
dekho na aise pyaar se
mujh ko sanam mere
ho o kitna haseen hai dekhiye
yeh pyaar ka jahaan
mujh ko zara sambhaaliye
main kho chali kahaan
jaadoo bhari yeh chaandni

deke tamaam zindagi
maangoon yeh raat main
deke tamaam zindagi
maangoon yeh raat main
ji bhar ke tum se keh sakoon
phir dil ki baat main
ho o
tab tak rahe labon talak
yeh meri daastaan
mujh ko zara sambhaaliye
main kho chali kahaan
jaadoo bhari yeh chaandni
hmm hmm hmm hmm
hmm hmm hmm hmm
hmm hmm hmm hmm
hmm hmm hmm hmm

4 Responses to "Jaadoo bhari ye chaandni"

For those interested in the Film synopsis-


Sudhirji’s data-loss travails and your’s remind me this song by Lata: Tujhe kho diya hamne paane ke baad, teri yaad aayi, tere jaane ke baad teri yaad aayi


How about cloud computing? Does that help?

I had backed up my data on an external drive, but find that drive has crashed 😦 Samajh nahi aati…kya karna chahiye.

Earlier we used take backups on floppy drives, but that media died out. Later we relied on CD writing, Now I don’t hear about that either. Pen drives are the latest. At the moment it seems reliable 😦 Aaage dekhiye hota hai kya.



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