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Main to ek khwaab hoon

Posted on: August 25, 2012

“Himalay Ki God Mein” (1965) was a Sri Prakash pictures production. It was directed by Vijay Bhatt. The movie had Manoj Kumar, Mala Sinha, Shashikala, Jayant, Mukri, Kanhaiyalal, Sapru, Achla Sachdev, Jeevankala, Ajit, David Abraham etc in it.

Three songs from this movie have been discussed in the past. Here is another song from the movie.

This sentimental song is sung by Mukesh and it is picturised on Manoj Kumar. Qamar Jalalabadi is the lyricist. Music is composed by Kalyanji Anandji.

Lyrics of this song were sent to me by Khyati Bhatt.



Song-Main to ek khwaab hoon (Himalay Ki God Mein)(1965) Singer-Mukesh, Lyrics-Qamar Jalalabadi, MD-Kalyanji Anandji

Lyrics(Provided by Khyati Bhatt)

main to ek khwaab hoon
is khwaab se tu pyaar na kar
main to ek khwaab hoon
is khwaab se tu pyaar na kar
pyaar ho jaaye to phir
pyaar ka izhaar na kar
main to ek khwaab hoon

ye hawaayen kabhi
chup chaap chali jaayengi
laut ke phir kabhi
gulshan mein nahin aayengi
apne haathon mein
hawaaon ko giraftaar na kar
apne haathon mein
hawaaon ko giraftaar na kar
main to ek khwaab hoon

tere dil mein hai
mohabbat ke bhadakte sholay
apne seeney mein
chhupaa le ye bhadakte sholay
is tarah pyaar ko ruswaa
sar e baazar na kar
is tarah pyaar ko ruswaa
sar e baazar na kar
main to ek khwaab hoon

saakh se toot ke
gunche bhi kahin khilte hain
raat aur din bhi
zamaane mein kahin milte hain
bhool ja jaane de
taqdeer se takraar na kar
bhool ja jaane de
taqdeer se takraar na kar
main to ek khwaab hoon
is khwaab se tu pyaar na kar
main to ek khwaab hoon

18 Responses to "Main to ek khwaab hoon"

bhai bhattur from Padosan reminds me of one programme i attended known as Tol Mol Ke Bol organized by Disha Group where you have to hazard a guess about the total price of an array of frig, toaster etc. They also involved the audience by asking questions so they too can win prizes. They showed the audience a small video clip showing Saira & Mehmood. Mehmod requesting Saira to sing a song, but she says that you being the guru you sing the song. The question was a) who was the director of the movie and b) which song follows the above dialogue. I was the only person to say it was Jyoti Swaroop. Can anybody guess which was the song Mehmood(along with Manna Dey) sang. When I sang the song the questioner, a famous theatre/TV personality Dilip Rawal was quite flabbergasted. He never thought that anybody will remember that song. Any guesses

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Nitin-ji first of all—CONGRATULATIONS! Was the song, “Aao aao aao sawariya…”?

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Khyati ji,

With this song you have got me remembering all my favourite Mukesh sad songs. He had a way of singing a word differently in his songs, which became his trademark. For example see how he is singing this line :
apne haathon mein
hawaaon ko ‘giraftaar’ na kar
The line is repeated twice and both times he is singing it as “gariftaar” . I remember this as soon as i read the lyrics. Mukesh does a similar thing with ‘kis qadar jald kiya ham se ‘kanaaraa’ tum ne ” , in

In the last stanza the line is
‘Shaakh’ se toot ke gunche bhi kahin khilte hain.


I love his two songs in Devar-66. Love the way he has sung
mujhe kyaa pataa thaa kabhi ishq mein
raqeebon ko kaasid banaate nahin

I wrote garaftaar when sent it to Atulji, but he may have changed it to keep it true as a word. I am so thankful to him for correcting all those misspelled words for me. Abhi karib tees saal ke baad Hindi ko phir se yaad karne ki koshish kar rahi hoon, to bhool ho jaati hai. Thinking about sending him the whole song in Hindi gives me nightmare 😆 I am sure with everybody’s support, I will improve rapidly.


There was a movie “giraftaar’ (Rajni kant – Hema Malini). Kya aap believe karoge, mujhe uss film ka naam sunte hi yeh gaana yaad aaya thha. Radio par gaane sun sun ke yaad ho gaye thhe.
Mistakes to main bhi kaafi kar leti hoon :-).


I really envy you all . Kitne naseeb waale ho ki har din radio pe purane gaane sun sakte ho. You reminded me of my college days! Everyday, after returning from college, listening to varieties of lectures from “variable” professors and then doing those labs, ghar pe aake I had to turn on Vividhbharati and hindi gaane sun ne ke baad jitni bhi thakaan hoto thi, sab gaayab ho jaati thi. Really miss those days and radio.


All most all urdu speaking people loved when Lata pronounce in song “Ek payr ka NAGHma hai”…than it was a question “NaGma or Naghma”?
she put more weight on “gh” than just on “g”…so yeah, some times they do get help from professional people on how to say it exactly.


Lata, i have found to be most meticulous and perfect in singing the words correctly, and that too without any traces of accent. Its is very rare to hear her falter. A few days ago, i found in a song posted here, she sang the word ‘nibhaayen’ as ‘nibaahen’ . A very rare occurance.


Lata is the perfect…and if she made a very small shows too:)
I really do not want to write this …but it’s bugging me,
Well, so here it is…
The song; O Nirdayi preetam…the line is “tumhre shur ke birhaa taap mein” it should be sur not “SHur”…
It just bugs me. Or can you tell me it should be a “shur”?.


Derubala ji,

I have heard the song u r referring to just now. She has sung ‘shur’ , i can be sure of that. To me, the line sounds as :

‘Tum ne shur ke birhaa taap mein,
aag bani poonam”

I am not sure if it makes sense.


I know this for long time…I have mention few times in you tube too…I had some positive response in u tube too…
She pronounce SHUR but it should be “sur” like singing sur…
Meaning your voice has effect to turn hot (day) temperature into cool, calm a moon night.
In short…Your voice makes sunlight to moon light…


Thanks to explaining the meaning. If i find anything else in this matter of ‘shur’ and ‘sur’ , will let u know.




I think there was a definite purpose behind & a deliberate attempt to pronounce GIRAFTAAR as GARIFTAAR by Mukesh in this song. It was purposely done by Kalyanji Anandji to best fit into the ”meter” of the tune/composition.
There are plenty of such examples where many a times the composers would minutely change the actual pronunciation of a particular word to a suitable one to exactly fit into the meter of the tune or the song.
Qamar sahab wrote it as Giraftaar but was altered by KA to Gariftaar & Mukesh purposely pronounced it as suggested.


good quality video




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