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Aaja o mere raaja

Posted on: October 26, 2012

This article is written by Pamir Harvey, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

Today is Raja Swaminathan’s birthday! Raja is, as many of you must already be knowing, a regular contributor of posts here at this blog. Over the years I have learnt to admire his knowledge not only of Hindi songs, but also his knowledge in many fields particularly cricket. Raja is very lucid in his words and it is always a pleasure to read his passionate essays on his blog. His precise nature and ability to understand situations and context also makes him valuable as translator for the Edu productions in subtitling old films. More than all this I value Raja as a friend with whom I can do pagalpanthi! Happy Birthday Raja!

Songs addressing the male character as raja (king) are aplenty in Hindi movies. Not surprisingly they are seduction songs. One such song is aaja o mere raja from Apna Desh (1972) . This was a remake of M. G. Ramachandran’s (the future chief minister of Tamil Nadu) Naam Naadu (1969). It is said that MGR used the film to launch himself as a politician and the success of this film heaved him in the chair of the chief minister. This pseudo-seduction song is a part of the story of the film, where the hero and heroine of the film plot to bring down the evil, corrupt villains. No such plot is successful if you don’t have pseudo-firangis posing as rich men/women to ring in the downfall of the evil-doers.

The song is partly inspired by the Japanese song “Blue Light Yokohoma” . After listening to the original, one only marvels at R. D. Burman’s ability to come up with a sizzling tune based on such a simple song. Hats off to Pancham!

The song is picturised on Mumtaz and the object of her desire is the bewigged Om Prakash and the other man scurrying around and ‘rescuing’ her is Jagdeep.



Song-Aaja o mere raja(Apna Desh)(1972) Singer-Asha Bhonsle, Lyrics-Anand Bakshi, MD-R D Burman


aaja re, aaja re, aaja
aaja re, aaja re, aaja

ha ha, ho ho,
hey hey,
la la la la la la la ho ho ho

aaja o mere raja
jannat ki sair karaungi main
arre duniya dikhaungi main
saagar uthha tu mujhko pila
tujhko pilaungi main
lahaalaa lahaalaa laa
aaja o mere raja
jannat ki sair karaungi main
arre duniya dikhaungi main
saagar utha tu mujhko pila
tujhko pilaungi main
haay lahaalaa lahaalaa laa
aaja o mere raja
jannat ki sair karaungi main

yeh tu kya, karta hai
shamma se dartaa hai
jeete bhi marta hai
aahen kyun bharta hai
mere parwaane aa,
mere deewaane aa
oy oy oy,
haa haa haa
jaan-e-wafa o mujhko jala
tujhko jalaungi main
lahaalaa lahaalaa lahaa
aaja o mere raja
jannat ki sair karaungi main
arre duniya dikhaungi main
saagar utha tu mujhko pila
tujhko pilaungi main,
aaja o mere raja
jannat ki sair karaungi main

ha ha hoy hoy ha ha
hoy ho ho ho

apne hi
aankhon se
tu na dekhe nazaare
ab meri
aankhon se
dekh tu chaand sitaare
aa mere pyaar aa
mere sahaare aa
oy hoy hoy
aa aa aa
aankhen milaa
aa mujhko sataa
tujhko sataungi main
arre haan!
aaja o mere raja
jannat ki sair karaungi main
arre duniya dikhaaungi main
saagar uthha tu mujhko pila
tujhko pilaungi main
haan lahaalaa lahaalaa laa
aaja o mere raja
jannat ki sair karaungi main

saari raat peena hai
saari umar jeena hai
saagar hai
meena hai
aur abhi peena hai
rehane do jaane de
masti mein aane de
oy hoy hoy,
ho ho ho
aaye mazaa o tu jo rijhaa
tujhko manaungi main
aa la la la
laa laa laa
arre duniya dikhaungi main
saagar uthha
tu mujhko pila
tujhko pilaungi main, haan
aaja o mere raja
jannat ki sair karaungi main

15 Responses to "Aaja o mere raaja"

Happy Birthday Raja ji !
Mere hisse kaa sweets seperately rakh deejiyegaa, ho sake toh khaane ke liye aa jaaoongaa 🙂 🙂

Thanks Harvey ji for my favourite R.D.Burman song lyrics and for all the information about the tune.
Asha ji is simply superb in this song, Mumtaz ne toh gaane kaa value aur bhi badhaa diyaa.


Thank you Prakashji! yeh mera bhi fav gaana hai. Aur Mumu to basi gaane ko bhi taaza bana deti hai!


Happy Birthday Raja ji.


Happy Birthday Raja ji !!!
@ Harvey ji – thanks for the post and the feelings beautfiully expressed in words and giving us insights of Raja ji’s versatility !!!


Thank you Avinashji for your kind words!


Happy Birthday Raja Ji!!


Thanks everybody. last time my birthday fell on Diwali, this time it falls on Eid. Looks like millions of people end up celebrating on my birthday. 😉

A special thanks to Harvey for writing this post for my birthday. Mumtaz is one of my favourite actresses – I can watch a movie for her alone. Apna Desh is one of my favourite fun movies of my childhood. It is very thoughtful of Harvey to remember not just my birthday but to post this song here. Thank you very much, Harvey.

As for my other qualities, Harvey has exaggerated to a small extent. Let’s just say, by about a million per cent. 🙂


I loved doing this post, raja! Your birthday gave me the opportunity to do it, so thanks to you.
As for exaggeration it is just the way I feel about you!
Hope you had a nice birthday!


Happy b’day Rajaji. Aap ko mithai khilane ke liye aa nahin sakti to kya hua, aap ko yaad karke kha to sakti hoon na. 😆 Aap ka janmadin chahe Eid ke din ho ya Diwali ke din, manaayengi to saari janta. Aap ke naam ki tarah aapka saamrajya jo chaaro taraf faila hua hai. 🙂 If Atulji creates a new Category, “Raja song”, (song with name raja) I am sure that category will have higher number of songs than 84 (number of songs you have posted) and that will prove how powerful Raja can be. 🙂 Happy b’day again.


Thank you, Khyatiji. Always enjoy reading your comments. They are very witty and full of love. 🙂


Trust Harvey to find the right words to describe Raja.

🙂 What a lovely post Harvey, and despite being so busy. God bless you.

Once again Raja, Many happy returns of the day.


hullo Raja Ji
wishing u a very happy birthday even though a little belated. i was busy that day celebrating my sister’s birthday. she turned 41 that day.
also just for everyone’s info that date also happened to be Raveena Tandon’s birthday (who happened to b my sister’s classmate @ college)
so Wish u A Very Happy Birthday!


Thanks. Belated hua to kya hua, does not matter. 🙂
Indeed it is Raveena’s birthday too. I tweeted her birthday wishes and she tweeted the same back to me. 🙂


Sorry to everybody for replying so late! I was out of town and had no internet access there.
Thanks to everybody for their kind words and big thanks to Atul for being such a splendid host.


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