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Mubaarak ho tumko ye jungle puraana

Posted on: December 3, 2012

This article is written by Arunkumar Deshmukh, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

While it is true that “A man is known by the company he keeps”, in reality we are known by our names.
But suppose, there are 2 persons of the same name, known to you, what will you do ?

Normally the persons will be distinguised by other factors like,his town,colour,height,specs,Hair(or no hair) or other features.

When I was studying in school, my medium of instructions was Urdu till 5th standard (Hyderabad being a muslim State) and then I shifted to Marathi Medium.

Our school being quite well known,most of the Maharashtrian boys came to this school. This caused a different problem. In a class of say about 40 odd students,there were 6 Deshpande s, 5 kulkarni s, 10 Joshi s,4 Deshmukh s, 3 Apte s etc. This caused a great deal of confusion. In some cases, even the initials were same.

For example,there were 3 D.B.Joshi s, and to complicate matters further ,all had DATTA as their first name !

So,the Teachers called boys, ” You,3rd Bench Joshi,stand up.” And we boys gave nick names to everybody like Motu Joshi,Patalu kulkarni or Lamboo Patwari etc.

Today I remembered all this because while going through the list of movies for some other purpose, I found that some film names were repeated several times.Out of curiosity, I ran through the film titles from 1931 and was surprised to find 17 films begining with Aag,(like Aaag ka Dariya,Aag ka Gola,Aag hi Aag etc),9 with Aadmi,37 starting with Aaj,16 with Aakhri etc.

Same was the fate with other alphabets. I was wondering why there was a drought of film names.

Then I realised,it was not only with Film titles, but same problem was there when it came to Actors and Actresses, directors, Singers, Music directors etc as well. If one sees the female artists names from the begining, one will find there were multiple persons with the same name. You had several Zohras, Rajkumari, Sadhana, Madhuri, Sulochana, Poonam, Noorjahan, Mumtaz, Gauharjan, Meena, Bimla, Khurshid, Nalini(there were 5 Nalinis operating at one time in the 40s), Neelam, Naseem, Rampyari etc.

To make a distinction,the famous ones were called Zohrabai Ambalewali, Rajkumari Banaraswali, Gauhar Mamaji, Khurshid Sr and Jr, Bimla Devi or Bimla kumari etc.

Similarly,there were the male names too !

There were atleast 6 Rajkumars operating at one time. MD N.Dutta was confused with Narayan Datta, who was a separate composer, Najam Naqvi-actor/Director was often confused with actor Najmul hussain Naqvi, Asit Sen Director confused with Actor Asit Sen, Poor fellow, he too had actually directed 2 good hit movies-Parivar-56 and Apradhi kaun-57 in the beginning of his his career, but even these films were often credited to the director Asit Sen ! Then there were the Shashi Kapoors-Sr.and Jr., Trilok Kapoor Singer and the actor Trilok Kapoor ( he complicated matters by singing 4 songs himself !), Shyam the actor and Shyam Kumar the singer(who was also an actor) etc etc.

It is easy to distinguish same name films by calling them Devdas of Barua, Saigal, Dilip or SRK or Amitabh’s Don and SRK’s Don, or old Baghbaan and the new one etc. But when it comes to identifying an actor of the same name, there is trouble. People like us who write on films etc, have to make the difference clear. I have lost the count how many times I have differentiated between the 2 Shyams. But still someone pops up the query now and then.

In the middle of 50s and 60s,when comedian JOHNNY WALKER was the undisputed king of comedy,some actors took inspiration from him and took similar sounding names. So,you had Tony Walker (his own brother) and even a Funny Walker too !

In the early 60s,an enterprising stand up comedian entered films. Born as ZENNUL ABDEEN,on 8-2-1932,at Hyderabad(Deccan, that is now A.P.),he had styled his name very innovatively as JOHNNY WHISKY. Right from school days, Johnny was a good Mimic. He used to do teachers’ mimicry and used to get duly punished. He left school and sarted stage shows in Ganesh Utsavs and private parties. He became not only popular but also ambitious and landed in Bomaby in 1960. His first film was Shola aur Shabnam-1961. very soon Johnny was the darling and the life of private parties and filmi functions. He acted in some 55 films till 1997. His last film was Akhari Sunghursh-1997.

During the early 80s,another JOHNNY came on the scene. He too was from Hyderabad. Born as John Prakash Rao Janumala or J.P.John, he called himself JOHNNY LEVER. The rise of Johnny Lever was faster. From the first film Ek Nayi Paheli-1984,by the year 2000,he had crossed 300 films.

Johnny Whisky retired gracefully and died peacefully on 7-12-2006,in Mumbai.

We will see and enjoy a song from film ANJAM-1968, in which Johnny Whisky not only acted but also sang the song with Meena Patki and Sardar.

ANJAM-1968 was a Sargam Chitra film,directed by Shiv kumar.The lyrics were by Qamar jalalabadi,Akhtar Romani and Jafar Rahi.The music was by the talented Ganesh(brother of Pyarelal).

When Shekhar(Feroze Khan) comes to the city for the treatment of his blind sister he learns that his elder brother was murdered by a smugglers Gang.He starts the investigations and in the process meets Rekha(Shahida) and falls in her love.he is threatened by the gangsters to stop his search for the murderer. Rekha helps him.

On day he finds out that Rekha is also a member of the smugglers gang and is pretending love to keep a watch on him. When he is about to report her to the Police Rekha’s boss meets him and explains that Rekha actually is employed by CBI to track the anti national smugglers gang. They come to know that Dr. Jagdish-a neuro surgeon (N.A.Ansari) is the chief of this gang and he is about to sell a military secret to enemies. When they reach his den, Rekha is kidnapped. She is hypnotised by the Doctor and instructed to kill Shekhar in the Night club dancing programme.

Actually Rekha does not get hypnotized and only pretends so. In the climax scene the gang is held and the chief is arrested.

Shekhar and Rekha are United.

Song-Mubarak ho tumko ye jungle puraana (Anjaam)(1968) Singers-Johny Whisky, Meena Patki, Sardar, Lyrics-Jafar Raahi, MD-Ganesh
Johny Whisky + Meena Patki


mubaarak ho tumko
mubaarak ho tumko
ye jungle puraana
yahaan par hai hamko
honeymoon manaana
tu to deewaana deewaana deewaana
tu to deewaana deewaana deewaana

tak dhinaadhin takdhinadhin takdhinaadhin
deewaana aadmi ko banaati hai beewiyaan
bandar ka naach ghar mein nachaati hain beewiyaan

sun meri darling re
sun mere sweetheart
where are you re

maare gaye
bane dil ka aachar
chadhe pyaar ka bukhaar
suno suno jamaadaar
jaaoge kahaan jhaadoo chhod ke
jhaadoo chhod ke

baharon ghaas phailaao
meri gharwaali aati hai
meri gharwaali aati hai

tu jahaan jahaan charega
tera chaara saath hoga
tera chaara
tera chaara

kahaan gaya re
kidhar gaya re
kahaan mera kaala kaala bandar gaya re
kahaan gaya re
kidhar gaya re

kahaan bhaag rahe hai
arre potti
hame kaale hain to kya hua gharwaale hain
hame kaale hain to kya hua gharwaale hain
hame kaise kaise ?? dekho paale hai
hame kaale hain to kya hua gharwaale hain
allah isko sambhaalo na

aa daud ke aa jaa meri khaat
tujhe tera jaat bulaata hai
aa daud ke aa jaa meri khaat

mujhko apne sar pe bithha lo
ae mere chapraasi
mujhko apne sar pe bithha lo

tumhe yaad hoga
kabhi ham lade thhe
lade thhe to kuchh sar pe joote pade thhe
tumhe yaad hoga
kabhi ham lade thhhe

sar ko jhuka ke baith yahaan
pyaar ki maala jab re
jap jap jap jap
thhap thhap thhap thhap
bam bam bam bam bam

mujhe duniya waalon miraasi na samjho
muhabbat mein chatni banaai gayi hai
ke tabla samajh kar ke mehfil mein uski
meri khopdi tak bajaayi gayi hai

ek mandeli ke chamwe tale
ek mandeli ke chamwe tale
do badan pyaar ki bhaap mein bhun gaye
do badan pyaar ki bhaap mein bhun gaye
ek mandeli ke tamwe tale
ek mandeli ke tamwe tale

kunwaaron ki suno
wo tumhaari sunega
kunwaaron ki suno
wo tumhaari sunega
tum ek beewi doge
wo chaar chaar dega
kunwaron ki suno
wo tumhaari sunega

3 Responses to "Mubaarak ho tumko ye jungle puraana"

Arun ji

Superb,informative article.
“Thanks” word chhotaa pad rahaa hai
Kyaa kare ??? Sir jee



Prakash ji,


what is a good parody (spoof) song! I never heard’s a good 🙂
Arunji, you are a treasure hunter !
I wish …if someone can twist and make it up few famous songs…just like “Weird Al” Yankovic, did, that person will be famous too!
In my younger years I used to get confused with Sulochana and Sulochana Devi, Shammi aunty and Shammi kapoor, Jayshree Gadkar and Jayshree.
A boy name Mohammed Naim used a name of famous Mehmood with a Jr. .initial famous by winning filmfare award for Bramachari (1968).
I am most familiar with Padmini (one of travancore sisters ) so when I hear just name as a Padmini for (one of Kolhapure sisters) …I have make sure it’s a younger one.
I should not dare to compare Smita Patil with silk Smita. I do not know anything about new comer with famous name Nargis (Fakhri).


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