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Manmohan mukhda mod gaye

Posted on: January 24, 2013

“Kashinath” (1943) was a New Theatres Production. It was directed by Nitin Bose. This movie had Asit Baran, Bharati Devi, Sunanda Banerjee, Dilip Bose, Nalini Chatterjee, Radharani, Utpal Sen, Manorama etc in it.

Here is a song from this movie. This song is picturised on Sunanda Devi. The song is sung by Radharani. Pt Bhushan is the lyricist. Music is composed by Pankaj Mullick.

Lyrics of this song were sent to me by Khyati Bhatt.

Song-Manmohan mukhda mod gaye (Kashinath) (1943) Singer-Radharani, Lyrics-Pt Bhushan, MD-Pankaj Mullick


manmohan mukhdaa mod gaye ae ae ae ae
manmohan mukhdaa mod gaye
aur base bidesh mein jaaye
main janam jali birhan ban kar
reh gayi tadapti haaye
manmohan mukhdaa mod gaye ae ae ae ae

o preetam
mujh se sahi na jaaye
teri kathin judaayi
chamke na chaand
chamke na chaand
bansi na baaje
praanon mein peer sawaayi
aankhon se bahe jal ki dhaara
jo man ko aur dubaaye
manmohan mukhdaa mod gaye ae ae ae ae

ik roz yahaan goonji thhi hansi
ik roz yahaan khushboo thhi basi ee ee ee ee
par soonaapan hai aaj yahaaaan
wo geet kahaaaan
wo geet kahaaaan
birhaa ki aag lagi tan mein
jalti hoon sada man hi man mein ae ae
birhaa ki aag lagi tan mein
jalti hoon sada man hi man mein
din raat yahaan rehti hoon khadi
naina is aur lagaaye
manmohan mukhdaa mod gaye

Hindi script lyrics (Provided by Sudhir)
मनमोहन मुखड़ा मोड़ गए ए ए ए ए
मनमोहन मुखड़ा मोड़ गए
और बसे बिदेस में जाये
मैं जनम जाली बिरहन बन कर
रह गई तड़पती हाए
मनमोहन मुखड़ा मोड़ गए ए ए ए ए

ओ प्रीतम
मुझ से सही ना जाये
तेरी कठिन जुदाई
चमके ना चाँद
चमके ना चाँद
बंसी ना बाजे
प्राणों में पीर समायी
आँखों से बहे जल की धारा
जो मन को और डुबाये
मनमोहन मुखड़ा मोड़ गए ए ए ए ए

इक रोज़ यहाँ गूंजी थी हंसी
इक रोज़ यहाँ खुशबू थी बसी ईsss
पर सूनापन है आज यहाँ
वो गीत कहाँ
वो गीत कहाँ
बिरहा की आग लगी तन में
जलती हूँ सदा मन ही मन में
दिन रात यहाँ रहती हूँ खड़ी
नैना इस ओर लगाए
मनमोहन मुखड़ा मोड़ गए

5 Responses to "Manmohan mukhda mod gaye"

This is NOT Radharani on screen its MOST PROBABY SUNANDA DEVI
You can see Radharani in the same film in another song ROTI VRISHBHAN DULARI


Atul ji,

Tushar ji is correct. I have received a message from Harish ji. He got in touch with his friend Sunil Trived, (resident of Ankleshwar). Sunil ji has a very deep interest in the films and film music coming from New Theatres. Pankaj Mullick was a very close friend of his father, and has come to stay with them on more than one occasions.

According to Sunil ji, the actress is Sunanad Devi. And secondly, this is not a kirtan song, but a plain song.



Thanks for this information.


There is a Pankaj Mullick version of this song which was not in the film. Probably, he sung this in a concert as one can listen to harmonium predominantly with tabla. This version is much longer and would not have fitted in the space for 78 RPM record. Listen to his version as to how beautifully he sang.


Thanks for this post Atul ji and thanks Sudhir ji for the lyrics in Devnagri Script.


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