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Unko hamse badi shiqaayat hai

Posted on: February 25, 2013

This article is written by Arunkumar Deshmukh, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

I started this series with great enthusiasm, thinking that our readers will like to read about a set of films no one talks about. There are no articles or any information on Action films anywhere.

This genre of ” C ” grade films is disappearing fast and in last few years atleast I have not seen a C grade film. One of the main reasons may be that in today’s world of slick films, advanced technology and special effects(SFX) techniques and computerised imaging, the real life stunts are no more exciting. In today’s films you can see the Hero jumping from building to building and run faster that a Bullet Train. Such acts are not possible in old style manual stunts, come what may.

Today almost every film actor, in any and every language, does lot of stunt scenes. Minor stunts are done mostly by the actor himself, for dangerous scenes there are his doubles and and for superlative stunts Technology is there !

Today’s action directors are no more Fight Masters like Azim bhai, Viru Devgan or Taklu Shetty. They have become vehicle experts and Explosive consultants now. They decide how a car accident should be filmed or a bomb should be exploded. Physical fighting is almost extinct. Forget about the roles of Horses, Dogs, cats, parrots and even snakes in films.

For this more than Actors or the technology, the S.P.C.A.( Society for prevention of cruelty to Animals) should be blamed. Members of these and such organisations have become so sensitive that they question every act of animals in a film. Their rules and implementation are so stringent now that the poor Production Manager of a film has to obtain atleast a dozen permissions before they film a dog to bark in a shot !

They have been pampered by Government so much that nowadays, even in a Circus you hardly find any Animal acts !

Fighting- hand to hand, with swords, with Guns or Dare Devil stunts are the soul of an Action film. Without these Action films would become almost Social films. For a long time, wild animals like Tigers, Lions, Elephants, camels, Horses, monkeys, Dogs, Cats, Birds and even python snakes have been used in Action films. They have been the attraction of a Stunt film. But now- No More !

One can not imagine a Fearless Nadia film or a Kamran-Nazi film without the customary horse or the Dog or the wild animals !

I have collected enough information and anecdotes about the use of trained animals and trainers in C grade films and I will discuss this in my forthcoming posts in this series. So,watch out !

Music being an inseparable part of Indian films, stunt or action films are no exception to this. Problem was that due to its very low budget and reach to the audience, the famous and established composers were never interested in giving music to C grade films. Only when the same “Top Class” composers became out of demand in main line that they would willy nilly give music here.

Otherwise totally unknown, unheard of composers like, Momin, Ibrahim, Talwar, Peter-Nawab, Nisar,Tan Mohan, Prem Tandon, Vijay Honavar, Harbans, Motibabu, Shri Ram, Bipin Datta, S Madan, Saadat, S.Kishen, N.Chaudhari,J P Kaushik etc would give music to C grade films. Once in a while,Hansraj Behl, C.Ramchandra, Ravi, Chitragupta, Roshan etc were also found in C grade films.

Today’s film ROCKET TARZAN-1963 has music by ROBIN BANERJEE. A few lines about him….

Robin came to Bombay from Calcutta when he was just 15 years old. He had only one one half pant and a shirt. Every day, early morning, he used to bathe in the sea at Juhu and don the same clothes again. He wanted to become a composer some day. He got his first chance to compose and sing for Sunil Dutt’s team in a music competetion in Exelsior College, Bombay. His first film as a composer was ‘Insaaf kahaan Hai’, which was not released. He Joined Hemant Kumar for ” Masoom”-1960. After making just one famous song-‘Nani teri morni ko’, Hemant Kumar left for a foreign tour and Robin got a chance to compose all other songs. These became popular. Then came Vazir e azam, Sakhi Robin, Junglee raja, Aandhi aur Toofan, Marvel man etc. His teaming with Suman Kalyanpur and Yogesh Gaud was good. Unfortunately he always got only C grade films like Tarzan and Delilah, Rocket Tarzan,Tarzan and Circus, Flying Circus , Rustom Kaun etc.

His last films were Phir aaya Toofan and Raaz ki baat-1973. Due to two mishaps in the family he became very ill till he expired on 27-7-1986 in a hospital in Bombay.

ROCKET TARZAN-1963 was made in an era when there was a talk of going to the moon. Russia and America competed with each others in space travel and Yuri Gagarin had orbited the Earth.

This was a Peoples Pictures Production, directed by B J Patel and Music Direction was Robin Banerjee with lyrics by Yogesh Gaud.

In this film, there was a New Tarzan acted by Indrajeet and his companion was Shanti.

The story was-

Professor Anil sets up his Lab to do research on rockets, in a Jungle to keep it a secret. His daughter Mala was looking after him. One day Mala is saved from a Tiger by the king of the Jungle Tarzan and as a duty, she immediately falls in his love. One day the king and queen of the jungle tribe come to meet the professor. The king has a tumour in his neck. The Professor treats him successfully and the king promises him full cooperation and protection. This is, however not liked by the King’s advisor Niranjan.

After few days, Niranjan kidnaps Mala and blackmails the professor to give him the secret formula to make such rockets which will take the man to the Moon. Tarzan arrives and in a fight rescues Mala.

Niranjan is veru angry and he puts a fire to the Professor’s laboratory and in that fire all his secret formulae and the Rocket prototype is burnt down. Tarzan throws Niranjan into the same fire.

The professor decides to return to the City, but Mala chooses to remain with Tarzan in the Jungle.(Jungle mein mangal).

Song-Unko hamse badi shiqaayat hai (Rocket Tarzan)(1963) Singer-Suman Kalyanpur, Lyrics-Yogesh, MD-Robin Bannerji


unko hamse badi shikaayat hai
unko hamse badi shikaayat hai
pyaar karna hamaari aadat hai
pyaar karna hamaari aadat hai
unko hamse badi shikaayat hai
unko hamse badi shikaayat hai

unko haq hai wo chaahe jo samjhen
unko haq hai wo chaahe jo samjhen
warna unse hamen muhabbat hai
warna unse hamen muhabbat hai
pyaar karna hamaari aadat hai
pyaar karna hamaari aadat hai
unko hamse badi shikaayat hai
unko hamse badi shikaayat hai

naam mera jubaan pe wo laayen
naam mera jubaan pe wo laayen
aisi meri kahaan ye kismat hai
aisi meri kahaan ye kismat hai
pyaar karna hamaari aadat hai
pyaar karna hamaari aadat hai
unko hamse badi shikaayat hai
unko hamse badi shikaayat hai

9 Responses to "Unko hamse badi shiqaayat hai"

Such a wealth of information not available anywhere except from you. Thanks for that Arun ji, You are simply superb and too good.

Yogesh,in his Radio Interview through Vividhbharthi station-
6 months ago, extensively spoke about these type of movies and the lyrics he had written for such type of movies-
Vividhbharthi aired that programme in 5 or 6 parts, But being a Radio interview, I did not able to write down all the RARE information he had spoken about in that interview. They aired his interview at their Sunday afternoon 4 `o clock segment called “Ujaale unnki yaadon ki”



Thanks,Prakash ji.


Even though I do not always comment, I read your posts whenever I see them. Please keep writing (with some links if available). Thanks.


Thanks,Gaddeswarup ji.


Name of Robin Banerjee immediately brings a Mubarak Begum lullaby from Aandhi Aur Toofan – – to my cache memory – as sweet as a lullaby ought to be and any other lullaby by any other singer.

It is was very typical of typecasting someone for a success any specific role, probably in our society, and particularly in the Hindi Film Industry. If that helped make a few careers, it marred several times more.


Believe it or not ,song once I listen,I never forget,let years and years pass,THIS song was heard by me in 1965 or so,on vivdhbharati,when suman kalyanpur was on top,then after it was heard TODAY ,when I saw the words my memory awoke,and its tune was playing in my ears,aftr almost 47 years,I am fortunate enough to hear this tyep of song Thank u very much Arunji,plz keep it up…with same spirit.I will insist suman’s song from KHOONI KHAZANA,ashq aa aa ke nigahon se bahe jaate hain…ye musafir bina manzil ke chale aate hain..or so..should be given on your wsbsite.Also suman’s song from BLACK PRINCE nigaahein na phero chale jaayenge hum….


Paresh ji,thanks a lot.


i just love songs from these so called b, c, d grade films. big mds like sj could hammer their music but these poor mds did not have the budget.but the songs were right on money. i would be really obliged if you can send me such songs or at least the urls. i just can not thank you enough


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