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Jo koi isko peeve

Posted on: March 1, 2013

This article is written by Arunkumar Deshmukh, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

The history of Tarzan films in India springs some surprises.

One, there was No Tarzan film made from 1938 to 1963-a cool period of 25 years !

Two, the Stunt Queen Fearless Nadia NEVER acted in any Tarzan film in her entire career.

Three, Azaad is the actor who did Tarzan’s roles maximum number of times.

Four, in the entire two decades of 40s and 50s no film makers made any Tarzan film and

Five, maximum Tarzan films were made in the 60s.

It’s not that the Wadias did not want to make a Tarzan film. Their problem was, that their STAR was a woman and she obviously could not do a Tarzan’s role. The imaginative Wadias found out a way and planned a film on a LADY TARZAN, who would just replace the male character. The rest of the basic story would be same except a few changes to camouflage the blatant copy !

In an interview in 1990, Nadia describes how the film began-” One day JBH Wadia took me to a Circus having shows near our studios. He showed me 4-5 lions and said ” in your next film, you have to work with these,” I was scared to the bones and hurriedly refused point blank. He simply smiled and said ” just think about it “. When we were about to go away from there, I saw a small girl-about 8-9 years, enter one of the Lion cages and feed the Lion. I was stunned and thought, “If this small girl can do this, why can not I ? I told JBH that I would do the film and work with the Lions too.”

Thus began the journey of one year training spent with the lions. Nadia became an expert in handling not only Lions, but also Tigers and Elephants.

The shooting of her famous “The Jungle Princess” started in 1941 and the film was released in 1942, around summer in India. This was a very ambitious, big budget Stunt film of Wadia Movietone-the Greatest Nadia film after “Hunterwali”-1935.

The story of The Jungle princess was about Maya, who, as a child of 5-6 years, is a victim of a Ship-wreck and is swept to a jungle. A pride of Lions save her and bring her up. One day she meets a party who are searching for her and want to take her to the civilisation. Radha Rani-the blood thirsty chief of cannibals tries to sabotage the explorers’ plan, but Maya and her Lions save the party. John Cawas was the attractive hero of the film and the love object of Maya.

I have not seen this film. When this film came to Hyderabad for it’s nth run, I was busy in my examinations.

However Memsaab-a lover of action and stunt films has reviewed this film.

Most people know everything about Fearless Nadia(Mary Evans, daughter of Australian soldier Herbert Evans and Greek mother Margaret), but not many people know much about John Cawas.

That way, not much information is available about him either. He was born in 1910 at Jabalpore(Madhya Pradesh, India)-which means he was two years younger than Nadia. He was a body builder and joined Wadia Movietone. Hunterwali was his first film, while it was Nadia’s third film. Their jodi soon became very popular and they acted together in almost 15 films or so. Their last film together was Circus Queen-1958.

John Cawas also directed some films like Mala the mighty-42 and Baghdad ka Jaadu-56.

After quitting films he became the Manager of Wadia Movietone and was given the third floor flat in the office building of WM itself, where he breathed his last on 4-10-1993. He was unmarried.

The film created quite a stir in those times, with action scenes with Lions and the skimpy dresses of Nadia. Even the Censor gave its Certificate on 16-3-1942 as ‘Revised edition’. There were hugh sets, amazing climax and the highlight was high Tidal waves and Tsunami-like Typhoon scenes, created very effectively by an young SFX Master-BABUBHAI MISTRY- who, in his later career, became famous for his Trick scenes in films.

Today we will see a club song from this film, shot on actress Shehzadi…..

And… to continue with information on the animals or ” The mute artists in the films”, we will know about some more trainers and incidents. I thank Mr.Vasat Bhalekar, on whose article my information is based and who is its Copyright Holder.

Zippy-in Insaniyat and Pedro-in Zimbo, both were imported animals and their respective trainers were also foreigners. During those days they had become the talk of the industry, but therewere a few Indian trainers as well who were no less than them.

Z A Raaz was a trainer and he was there in this field since 1937. Tiger the Dog was trained by him. Tiger’s first film was Prakash Films’ Challenge-37. He also trained one Horse called Bahadur who first appeared in ‘His Highness’-37. Raaz has supplied a variety of animals to films, from Asses to owls to Bats.

In ‘Ek hi Rasta’-56 Tiger and Radhakishen’s fight was very amusing. Raaj also had dogs ‘Leena’ and Fifi who worked in Guest House-59 with Shakila.

His pigeons have ‘acted’ in Baarish and Mughal e Azam.He trained some hens too. His parrot acted in Dil hi to hai. For the film Chetak he had trained 50 Horses.

In V.Shantaram’s SHAKUNTALA-1943, the First film of Rajkamal, Raaz had supplied many animals including many Deers. One Deer named ‘Madan’ was acting as a pet Deer of Shakuntala. There was a scene in that film where Shakuntala goes to her Sasural and everybody in the Ashram weeps, including the Deer. Now, how to make the deer weep? Raaz knew that Madan was very sensitive and used to read the emotions on Raaz’s face. So Raaz applied some Glycerine himself and started weeping in the scene. Seeing this the sensitive deer also became very sad and started shedding tears. Thus the shot came out perfect !

In Shakuntala,there is a scene where a Fish swallows Shakuntala’s wedding Ring. To get the fish do this scene, Raaz had to practice for a month. He used to apply some Fish food to the Ring and make the Fish lick it. once the Fish was trained this scene was filmed in a hugh big water tub in such an angle that the fish seemed to have swallowed the Ring !

If you remember a scene in the film MAHAL-1949, a Python catches and kills a bat and eats it. The Python had to be fed at regular intervals to get the effect of it slowly approaching the bat and the rest was done by the python naturally and gladly.

There was another scene where the Python is stopped by his hand by Ashok kumar when the Python is trying to climb on to Vijaylaxmi’s body. While shooting this scene, suddenly the Python changed its plan and coiled around the hand of Ashok kumar. Ashok kumar was the most timid actor in the industry. He went white with fear. 5-6 people had to try uncoiling the Python. It is to the credit of Ashok kumar that after 2 days, he gave the same shot superbly !

Raaz had enough knowledge of Cinematography so he understood how the cameraman wanted the shot.

Just like Python, Raaz had many snakes too. The snakes can not tolerate the heat of the Arc lights and die if kept there for half an hour. So their shots are taken in 5-10 minutes duration at a time. Sometimes the snakes would escape from custody and then you have to see the commotion in the studio. All the fighting heroes and Heroines would jump on tables and chairs till snakes were caught again.

Raaz felt that monkeys are very clever but they are moody. You have to take care of them. Dogs and cats learn quickly, but cats sometimes are adamant and will not follow orders at all-come what may ! Raaz says that the most intelligent animal is…..OWL. In film Sitamgar-54, an Owl has an important role.

Here we stop today. More about Animals, trainers and incidents etc in coming episodes……

Here is a song from “Jungle Princess” (1942). The female singer is not known for sure, but it could be Radha Rani. The song also has an unknown male voice.Pt Indra Chandra is the lyricist. Music is composed by Madholal Damodar Master.

Song-Jo koi isko peeve (Jungle Princess)(1942) Singer-Radha Rani, Lyrics-Pt Indra Chandra, MD-Madholal Damodar Master
Unknown male voice
Radha Rani + Chorus


jo koi isko peeve gham uska door hove
dil shaad shaad hove
duniya mein naam paave
jo koi isko peeve
gham uska door hove
dil shaad shaad hove
duniya mein naam paave
ye whisky main hoon laayi
tum pi lo meri jaani
phir dil mein garmi aayi
subah se shaam aayi
ye whisky main hoon laayi
tum pi le meri jaani
phir dil mein garmi aayi
subah se shaam aayi
aai laa

mushkil se maine paayi
duniya se dhoond laayi
mehfil mein rangat aayi
tum pi lo isko jaani
mushkil se maine paayi
duniya se dhoond laayi
mehfil mein rangat aayi
tum pi lo isko jaani
ye mere zeb mein aayi
khushboo mein hai basaai
bottle main bhar ke laayi
murge ki taang khaayi
ye mere zeb aayi
khushboo mein hai basaai
bottle main bhar ke laayi

murge ki taang khaayi

chumbak mein aise naaayi
aankhon mein jaisi khaayi
khoob samajh ke laayi
tum pi lo mere jaani
o sun meri maayi
kadki hui safaai
ham ko kiski ke mohabbat
karte nahin hai bhai

aayi laa


7 Responses to "Jo koi isko peeve"

Please replace z by a.

Arun jee

Phir ek baar “Anmol information”, Aap kahaan se dhoodh lete hain, itne saari baathein ??


Thanks,Prakash ji.

Arunji, the incidents that you have quoted are amazing. Many thanks to you sir.

Arun ji/Atul ji,

Radharani has also acted and sung two songs on herself. This song has been picturised on Shahzaadi. So I do not think that Radharani would have sung for Shahzaadi. Probably, Shahzaadi would have sung for herself.

In HFGK Vol II Appendix II pp 619, 2 songs, which are not mentioned on the Film page are mentioned. Name of singer is indicated as NARGIS JAMAL. She may be the singer. Shehzadi, who was the sister of actress Zubeida( Alam Ara fame) and Sultana was not known to sing any songs.

Thanks for the information.

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