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Chaahe koi mujhe bhoot kahe

Posted on: March 20, 2013

This article is written by Arunkumar Deshmukh, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

During the early phase of Talkie films, all other regional Film producers, particularly the Southern ones looked up to Hindi films to provide them with ‘ Inspiration ‘.

Thus films like Devdas, Bharthari and many Parsi Theatre and Fantasy films like Allauddin, Sindbad, Alibaba etc were made in south after they were initially made in Hindi.

It was only after the spectacular success of ” CHANDRALEKHA”-1948 that the Tamil film producers began to look at the whole of India as the market for their movies. And to reach this All India market it was essential to make Hindi films.

After this many South movies were remade in Hindi in the 50s and the trend continues even in 2013 ! A cool period of 60 plus years have elapsed since Hindi remakes of sothern films(notably Tamil and Telugu as the Kannada film Industry is comparatively newer and as such gets its major feed from Madras/Chennai,that is) began to be made.

Initialyy only those films which were Hits and more successful in South were remade in Hindi. After some time, Southern girls entered Hindi movies as heroines and some time later later the Directors from South came to Bombay to make films here itself.

Like many other industries, South film industry too had it’s likes and dislikes. The most popular actor with whom the southern producers were comfortable was JEETENDRA. He is the only Hindi film hero who did more that 200 films as a Solo Hero films. Out of this about 175 films must be either produced by or Directed by Southerners. And ofcourse the major chunk of his films had Sothern girls as Heroines !

He was so much liked and acceped in southern industry that leading production houses and directors were eager to work with him. They believed that Jeetendra in a film meant 90% guarantee of a Hit.

It looks like Jeetendra too was happy to work in Southern atmosphere. It may be because they are good planners, are punctual, very systematic and professional in their approach to film making, unlike their counterparts in Bombay.

Jeetendra and south connection is substantiated by statistics too.

Jeetendra has worked in almost all top production houses of south, like AVM, Vasan, Prasad, Vauhini, Gemini, Vasu films etc etc.

Jeetendra worked in 31 films with Rekha and 15 were Hits.

Jeetendra worked with Jayaprada in 25 films and 19 were Hits.

Among Directors-

K Raghavender Rao, his Mentor in South, made 11 films with him and 10 were Hits.

K Bapiah made 11 films, and 8 were Hits.

T Rama Rao made 9 films and 7 were Hits.

Dasari Narayan Rao made 8 films and 6 were Hits.

Jeetendra was the hero in almost every Hindi remake of a Tamil or Telugu filmduring the period from 60s to 80s.

SELVA MANGAL-1967 was a Tamil film which was a Hit film there. Jaikishen and Rajshri were in lead. A remake of this film was made in 1969 and Jeetendra (who else ? ) was its Hero. The film was a Vasu Films production, produced by Vasu Menon and C S Kumar. It was directed by Ramanna. The dialogues were shared by N S Bedi and Rajendra Krishna (another favourite of the South). The Lyricist was Rajendra Krishna and the Music Director was R D Burman.

The cast was Jeetendra, Hema Malini, Prem Chopra, Mehmood, Sudesh Kumar, David, Nazima, Kamini Kaushal etc.

This was a story of a lost Prince of a state. The Maharaja before dying desires that the Prince be found out and got married to Diwanji’s(David) daughter Geeta(Hema Malini). Four young persons claim to be the real prince viz. Jeetendra, Mehmood, Sudesh kumar and Prem Chopra.

This film was offered to Jeetendra during his lean patch. The film became a Hit and his luck started shining again and continued to shone till the 90s.

Let us see and enjoy a Parody song from this film which is sung by Rafi and Asha Bhonsle and it is filmed on Mehmood, Arunaa Irani etc. This parody song is a singing cum fighting song as well because the picturisation shows Mehmood and Aruna Irani fighting with the baddies even while they are singing the song.



Song-Chaahe koi mujhe bhoot kahe (Waris)(1969) Singers-Rafi, Asha Bhonsle, Lyrics-Rajinder Krishan, MD-R D Burman



chaahe mujhe koi bhhot kaho
chaahe koi yamdoot kaho
nakli chaakoo se maara gaya thha
waapas aa gaya
chaahe mujhe koi bhhot kaho
chaahe koi yamdoot kaho
nakli chaakoo se maara gaya tha
waapas aa gaya
chhoti si bachchi ko itna sataaye
paapi ke man me raham na aaye
nanhi si jaan ko chhod
kachi kali ko na tod
tu kitna mota hai
ye kitni chhoti hai
pyaari pyaari hai
chhod de
chhod de
chhod de
chhod de
tu jaisa gainda hai
ye chhoti hirni hai
doodh ki phirni hai
chhod de
chhod de

arre aisa mauka phir kahaan milega
hamaare jaisa qaatil kahaan milega
aao tumko dikhlaata hoon
kaise kaate jaate bakre
dekho dekho dekho dekho dekho
an evening in bandra

o o
he he
mere saamne wali khidki se
police ki chowki dikhti hai
are o nidar
tu ab to dar
police se duniya darti hai
mere saamne wali khidki se
police ki chowki dikhti hai

aaja aaja
main hoon baap tera aa aa
raama raama
o tu dho paap tera aa
o aaja
aa aa aaja
aa aa aaja
aa aa aaja
aa aa aaja
aa aa aaja
aa aa aaja
aa aa aa

o o
hamne tujhe samjhaaya aa
teri samjh mein na aaya
o o o o
o o o o
hamne tujhe samjhaaya
teri samjh mein na aaya
ho o
ho o aaja
aa aa aaja
aa aa aaja
aa aa aaja
aa aa aaja
aa aa aaja
aa aa aaja
aa aa aaja
aa aa aaja
aa aa aaja
aa aa aaja

aa aa aa aa

10 Responses to "Chaahe koi mujhe bhoot kahe"

I had plans to write down the lyrics of this song day before yesterday. Good, I didn’t do, otherwise we would have missed this good post by Arunji!


Is that girl Nitu Singh?
Love the song 🙂


yes that little girl is Nitu Singh ( baby Sonia as she used to be called then)
and i just split up laughing seeing her do a classical dance for “Aaja Aaja” so this song after years thank you atul for putting it up & Arun Kumarji


working link,
i saw this part of this movie this morning. and noted an inetresting thing….. Mehmood does a parody of all Shammi Kapoor songs and also most of his dance steps are also Shammi- style.


I just love these parody songs.. they are fun! Would be a lovely playlist of all parody songs made.. wonder how many parody songs we have had till now.. :). Thanks for the post Arun ji :).


Pradeep ji,
Thanks for your comments.
I had done a series on Parody Songs, from 16-3-2013 to 2-4-2013.It included 10 Parody songs. You can enjoy them here.

Liked by 1 person

Arun ji.. you have thought of everything :).. will check out the series :). Thank you 🙂


34 parody songs so far in ‘category’ of parody songs 🙂

Liked by 1 person

Wow Avinash Bhai.. what a treat that will be..:)

Liked by 1 person

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