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Jab pyaar kiya to marna kyun

Posted on: April 2, 2013

This article is written by Arunkumar Deshmukh, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

Films can be classified on the basis of many points. For example, B&W and colour films, Original or copied film, on the basis of Language or country, with songs or without songs etc.(My friend says there can be only one classification- Good or Bad films ! )

However, normally, all over the world, the following classification of films based on their genres is universally accepted-

1. Social films- includes,Love stories, Dramas, Biographical etc.

2. Comedy films-Situational or slapstick comedies

3. devotional films- Religion, faith, Mythology etc.

4. Fantasy/Costume-Arabian Night stories, Time machine, fiction etc

5. Action- Cowboy, War, Mafia, spy etc.

6. Mystery- Murder, police, detective, court room etc.

By sheer coincidence,in our country ,the films are popular in the above order only. We like to see Social films more than anything else. In that also Love stories are the first choice.

The Mystery films are the last choice for two reasons mainly. One is that such films are not made that frequently. They tax your mind, make you think and work out a solution. In India we do not want to work and pay too!

secondly, Indian producers like to make a ” Bhelpuri” cinema mixing 30% Love+10% comedy=10% Fantasy+30%Action and 20% Mystery.(My friend says Mystery is only 10% in the film and balance 10% Mystery is why do we see such films ? )

The Indian audience is also habituated to see and like such ” Bhelpuris”

However Mystery remains as to what is the correct combination to make a film successful. This is an unsolved Mystery so far !

Anyway, I like mystery films, not the Bhelpuri type but a true Mystery film. These are very rare in Hindi films. Once a Mystery film (Like Mahal-49) is successful, then quickly there are similar films in plenty. In this the sureshot idea is to keep two look alike roles in the story, one for each ‘Janam’.

RAAZ-67 was one such film. It was just the second film of Rajesh Khanna. He was yet to become India’s First real Superstar, after Aradhana in 1969.

Though his first film was ‘Aakhari Khat’ in the same year, Rajesh khanna himself considers RAAZ as his launching film.

Read his interview as appeared in The Hindu,on 29-5-2011.



Song-Jab pyaar kiya to marna kyun (Raaz)(1967) Singer-Manna Dey, Lyrics-Qamar Jalalabadi, MD-Kalyanji Anandji


pyaar kiya to marna kyun
jab pyaar kiya to marna kyun
arre pyaar kiya koyi jung nahin ki
pyaar kiya
aa aa
pyaar kiya koi jung nahin ki
churiyon se phir ladna kyun
jab pyaar kiya to marna kyun
jab pyaar kiya to

aaj kahengen apna fasaana
film banaade chaahe zamaana
arre aaj kahenge apna fasaana
film banaade chaahe zamaana
maut meri kyun duniya dekhe
maut meri kyun duniya dekhe
maut se pehle marna kyun
jab pyaar kiya to marna kyun
pyaar kiya to marna kyun

I am a lover not a criminal
I am a lover
o o
o o
I am a lover not a criminal
yaaron I should marna kyun
jsb pyaar kiya to marna kyun
jab pyaar kiya to

dekho yaaron ishq hamaara
aa aa
arre ishq ishq ishq ishq
ishq ishq hai iskq ishq hai
ishq ishq hai ishq
dekho yaaron ishq hamaara
chaaron taraf qaatil ka nazaara
allah ne nahin marna likha
bandon se phir marna kyun
jab pyaar kiya to marna kyun
jab pyaar kiya to marna kyun

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Manna Dey is awesome! 🙂



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