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Naazon ke paley kaanton pe chalen

Posted on: July 30, 2013

This article is written by Arunkumar Deshmukh, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

Today we will enjoy a song of Talat Mehmood from the film-SHAHENSHAH-1953.

One of the advantages of being active on Internet with your writings and comments is not only you get some good friends having the same interest from all over the world,but also your name becomes known to many such people who read your writings.

Occasionally, opportunities come to meet some of these people whom you have never met personally,but know thoroughly on the net,due to common interests. Few days back,when I was in Hyderabad,I met MS. PRIYA LAKSHMI,an avid lover of old films and music.She also runs 3 groups on Fb,concerning Vintage films and films of the 50s. She is the administrator of some other groups too.

So this week I was happy when I received a mail from my friend HARISH RAGHUVANSHI ji, that Mr. BIREN KOTHARI ji from Vadodara( Baroda) is coming to Mumbai and if time permits would like to meet me.

I was overwhelmed with joy and informed Harish ji that he was most welcome any time which suits him.

BIREN Kothari ji runs a Blog which discusses old Hindi films and Music of yore. A Chemical Engineer by profession, Birenji is now a full time writer, compiler, Documentor, Translator and Transscriptor of information on films and music.

On the agreed day and time Biren ji came with his friend Mr. Chandrashekhar Vaidya from Ahmedabad. They were in Mumbai to finalise the last part of a book on SAGAR MOVIETONE of the 30s and 40s-in Gujrathi and English. Earlier he has published a book on actor KRISHNAKANT.

We three had very fruitful discussions.We also spoke to HARISH BHAI and Urvish Kothari ji( who has interviewed many movie luminaries like Binota Chakraborty etc). All in all it was a memorable meeting. I am very happy that Biren ji and Vaidya ji came to meet me and spent valuable time with me. During our our discussion references to Atul ji and Sudhir ji were inevitable,as they are their fans too.

Now,coming back to today’s song and the film. SHAHENSHAH-1953 was a G P Sippy production, Directed by Amiya Chakravarty-who had spent his earlier years in Bombay Talkies, first as a Canteen Manager and then as a Director. Though he had left Bombay Talkies long back ,till his death,Amiya always put on Bombay Talkies Uniform of White shirt and White Pant !

In the early times of Film Industry, very few educated people used to join here.That is why a Graduate or Postgraduate used to flaunt his degrees with pride-like Moti,B.A.-the lyricist, or Kavi Pradeep’s pseudoname- Miss Kamal B.A. or even singer Surendra as B.A.,LL.B.

A highly qualified person and that too in an unrelated subject joining films was a wonder then. Thus,a young man with an unlikely name for a Hero, like RAMNARAYAN VENKATRAMAN SARMA Alias actor RANJAN was a novelty. Ranjan was born in Madras on 2-3-1918 in an orthodox Brahmin family. He did his B.A. with Physics and then completed M.Litt in Carnatak music and became a Research Fellow for Ph.D. He also became the Managing Editor of ‘ NATYAM ‘ a magazine for Dance, drama and Music. In total contrast to his expertise in fine arts, he learnt FENCING( Sword Fighting) after he saw it in the Olympic Games.

He was spotted by a Tamil Producer and made his Debut in film ” Ashok kumar “-1941. After a few films in Tamil and Telugu he got the role of SHASHANK in the Magnum Opus film Chandralekha in 1948. The Drum dance and his fencing were the two attractions in the film. The final sword fighting is considered the Longest ever Fencing fight in films till today ! The film was a Hit and Ranjan was fit for Action films. Ranjan was a very poor actor, but his Fencing skills were marvellous.

In 1949 came ” NISHAN “, based on Hollywood film ” The Corcican brothers’-one good and one bad. it was a story of twins. The audience liked a scene from the film which showed that there were marks on one brother’s back if the other one was whipped !. The film,in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu was a hit everywhere mainly for the fencing. In ‘Mangala’ opposite Bhanumati, he was the villain. ‘Shin shinaki Boobla Boo’-1952 saw him with Rehana but as a Romantic Hero he was worse than Bharat Bhushan or Pradeep Kumar !

He acted in Sindbad the sailor, Baghi, Shahenshah, Kafila, Baghdad, Baap Beti, Nishan Danka and a host of B and C grade films. He was known for only Fencing. But he never became famous like Stewart Granger in ” Scaramouche” for his fencing.

After Sword fighting became obsolete he shifted to writing. The story of film MUNIMJI-55 was written by him. After a few years in south he was seen again in ‘Chor chor’-74 and ‘Chaitali’-76.

He shifted to USA to live with his son, but died on 12-9-1983 in New Jersey-USA due to Heart attack.

I saw many films of Ranjan. It was a delight to see his Fencing.

In the film SHAHENSHAH-53, he was paired with Shakeela. It was a period costume film. S D Burman had composed the music for 9 songs with N.Dutta as his assistant. The cast of the film was Ranjan, Shakila, Kamini Kaushal, Achala Sachdev, K N Singh, Cuckoo, Agha, Mukri etc. The story was-

The Shah of Iran is invaded and killed. The loyal Vazir escorts the Queen and prince Rashid and princess Abbassa to safer place in Baghdad. A Magician advises them not to take refuge with the Baghdad king as the Vazir there rules ruthlessly on behalf of young Princess Noor, so they stay with him.

After 12 years Prince Rashid(Ranjan) has become a handsome man helping the poor and is known as Shahenshah. In Iran the invading king dies and his son Bakhtiyar rules. In Baghdad the cruel Vazir taxes the people heavily to celebrate the 16th Birthday of princess Noor(Shakila).

One day Noor goes in disguise to the people to know the truth, where she meets Ranjan. Ranjan sends a message with her to princess Noor, not recognising her in a Boy’s disguise. Meanwhile Bakhtiyar wants to marry Noor and comes to Baghdad with the offer.

Ranjan dopes him and posing as Bakhtiyar goes to the Court. Noor recognises him and they fall in love, but soon Vazir also learns the truth. Bakhtiyar also reaches there from his captivity. The Vazir arrests Ranjan and Bakhtiyar to kill them.

However Ranjan’s supporters invade the palace and in the ensuing sword fight Ranjan kills the evil Vazir and Bakhtiyar. Noor’s father, the real king is rescued and all is well ending with Noor and prince Rasheed(Ranjan) getting married and returning to Iran.

Now let us hear the velvety voice of Talat Mehmood in this song.

Song-Naazon ke paley kaanton pe chalen (Shahanshah)(1953) Singer-Talat Mehmood, Lyrics-Sahir Ludhianvi, MD-S D Burman


Naazon ke paley
naazon ke paley kaanton pe chalen
aisa bhi jahaan mein hota hai
taqdeer ke zaalim haathon se
dil khoon ke aansoo rota hai
naazon ke paley kaanton pe chalen
aisa bhi jahaan mein hota hai
taqdeer ke zaalim haathon se
dil khoon ke aansoo rota hai
naazon ke paley

ho o o o
o o o
o o o

jis jinn mein chiraagaan rehta tha
khaak udti hain un haiwaanon mein
makhmal pe na rakhte thhe jo kadam
phirte hain wo registaanon mein
naazon ke paley

ho o o o
o o o
o o o o

chalne ka sahaara koi nahin
rukne ka thhikaana koi nahin
is haal mein kaam aane waala
apna begaana koi nahin
naazon ke paley
ho o o
o o o o
o o o

duniya mein kisi ko bhi apni
kismat ka likha maaloom nahin
saamaan hai laakhon barson ke
aur kal ka pata maaloom nahin
naazon ke paley
naazon ke paley kaanton pe chalen
aisa bhi jahaan mein hota hai
taqdeer ke zaalim haathon se
dil khoon ke aansoo rota hai
naazon ke paley

4 Responses to "Naazon ke paley kaanton pe chalen"

The velvety voice of Talat Saab is mesmerizing!!!


I agree. I am a big fan of Talat Saheb. Good to know about the yesteryears actor Ranjan. 🙂

Thank you.


Sir, thanks for this informative article about actor Ranjan. Reading it was really enjoyable.
About the song – Sahir saab all the way and with Sachin Da and Talat Mehmood, what we need more?


very very sweet song .


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