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Tumne piya diya sab kuchch mujhko

Posted on: August 4, 2013

This article is written by Ava Suri, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

“Us Paar” (1974) starring Moushmi Chatterjee and Vinod Mehra was a sweet little film about love between a gypsy girl and young boy living in the village. Their love for each other is sweet and pure. Moushami Chatterjee (Kamli) is engaged to Bhairo (Jalal Agha). Mohan (Vinod Mehra) and Kamli decide to elope as they have no hopes of their love being allowed otherwise.

Unfortunately, Mohan’s grandfather takes very ill and dies on the night they are to elope. The gypsies move away that very night and Bhairo locks up Kamli. Mohan never forgets Kamli and always yearns to know about her. Years later he runs into Bhairo who tells him about what happened later. Kamli’s heart had broken when Mohan had failed to turn up. She was never happy again, and died soon afterwards. Kamli’s death made Bhairo repent his action.

This sweet little film, based on some Russian short story, was made by Basu Chatterjee. The film has very beautiful songs, set to music by S.D. Burman.

The movie was not successful, but it deserved to be. But ways of the box-office are inexplicable. Some useless films earn 100 crores and some excellent films fall by the wayside.

I firmly believe that it is love that makes the world go round. I see evidence of it everywhere. Sure, there are a lot of negative things happening in the world also. People are greedy and power-hungry and worship only money. But yet, people love their families, their friends.

I love the line in this song “Tumne piya diya sab kuch mujhko apni preet dai ke”. The song celebrates love for the sake of love, not for any worldly gain.

Today (4 august 2013) is friendship day and I wish to reach out and thank all my wonderful friends for being there for me.

Song-Tumne piya diya sab kuchh mujhko (Us Paar)(1974) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Yogesh, MD-S D Burman


tumne piya O O
Tumne piya diya sab kujh mujhko apni preet dai ke
Raam kare yoon hi beete jeevan tumhre geet gayi ke
Tumne piya diya sab kuch mujhko apni preet dai ke
Raam kare yoon hi beete jeevan tumhre geet gayi ke
Tumne piyaaaa…

main to hoon bholi
aisi bholi piya
jaise thhi Radhika Kaanha ki premika
main to hoon bholi
aisi bholi piya
Jaise thi Radhika Kaanha ki premika
Shyam kahin, Shyam kahin ban jaio na tum
Meri sudh bhulaiyke
Ram kare yoon hi beete jeeven tumhre geet gaike
tumne piyaaaa

mere mitwaare ae ae
mere mitwaare
mile jab se tum mujhe
bindiya maathe saje
paayal meri baje
Mere mitwaare
mile jab se tum mujhe
bindiya maathe saje
paayal meri baje
maang bhare
maang bhare meri nis din ab
Sindoori saanjh aiyke
Tumne piya diya sab kuch mujhko
apni preet dai ke
Raam kare yoon hi beete jeevan
tumhare geet gayi ke

17 Responses to "Tumne piya diya sab kuchch mujhko"

Starcast: Vinod Mehra, Raja Paranjape, Padma Khanna, Moushumi Chatterjee, Jalal Agha,Lalitha Kumari,
Satya Bannerjee,Qureshi,Master,Noorie,Rudra Dutt,
Baby Shabnam,Kaajal,Anand, Mohammed,Nagesh,Sathya Raani
Guest artistes:Paintal, A.K.Hangal

Original Story by Franthisey Haroobin

Producer, Director,Screenplay,Dialogues: Basu Chatterjee
Production house: Cineye Films


Thank you so much for the additional information. The rest I will find out on the net. Jai Google.


František Hrubín. “Romance pro křídlovku” This is the name of the author and his poem. Thank you all.


Ava ji

I just borrowed the spelling shown in credit sequences of the movie 🙂 🙂 It has been mis spelt there itself.

Thanks for updating me.

This movie,casting,location,direction and the songs are very much near to my heart, Still One more song,(that is by Lata, “Ye jab se huyee, jeeyaa ki chori” left to be posted in the blog. That`s another cutest love song.) I just freak out, when I listen to the songs of this movie. Rafi, Manna Dey, Asha,Lata,Yogesh, Sachin Da, Basu Chatterjee, I Hope they together just created Magic in this movie, atleast for me.

Atul ji

Hint for you, the lyrics of all the songs from the movie were with you (including the Lata Song lyrics of “Ye jab se huyee jeeyaa ki chori 🙂 🙂



Ohh in which case, it should be published. As it is the last one.

Thank you Prakashji, for reminding me of this lovely song. 🙂


thanks for this information Prakash ji.


I love this song. I thought it had already been posted.

Totally agree with the sentiments expressed in the write-up, Atul. Many may say that money makes the world go round, but in our parallel universe, it is love that makes the world go round. 🙂


This article is written by Ava. 🙂


Oh, I didn’t realise that. Normally upfrong, you mention in bold “This post is written by…”. 🙂

Tabhi to main sochoon ki Atul ye kaise dil ki baatein karne lagaa. 😉


Hehe Raja.. get a new pair of glasses made. Don’t blame Atul.


To be honest, I had forgotten to write “This article is written by …” till Raja pointed it out.


Ohhh… I see. 🙂


Thanks for upload. ‘Us Paar’ was a nice movie, unfortunately flopped at the box office. Padma Khanna had an important role. Its climax song ‘ Mitwaa…’ was very beautiful.
This movie was based on ‘Romance for the Bugle’. a Czech movie, made in 1967.


Thank you for the information Nayan. I was able to locate the writer and write up on the movie. maybe I can find the poem it was based on.


Nice Post Ava ji. thanks !!


Ava ji,

What a wonderful memory you have reminded me of. I saw this film on Doordarshan, way back when I was still in my primary classes. The film itself was at a level that was much beyond my understanding then, and I would see it many years later again, to get the real feel of the story.

But back then, as a child, I clearly remember two things from the film. I fell in love with the songs, and for many weeks, “Pyaara Hindolaa Mera” was the song that would remain on my lips all day long. And the second, I had a puppy love crush for Moushumi, who simply seemed like a fairy to me in this film.

The songs are just out of this world. Vintage SD Burman, each one is a veritable gem.

Thanks so much for the post and the memories. 🙂



My pleasure entirely. 🙂 I love all the songs as well.

Prakashji just reminded me of another pretty song from the film, Yeh jab se hui, jiya ki chori.


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