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Nazdeek na aana na mujhe haath lagaana

Posted on: December 10, 2013

This article is written by Sadanand Kamath, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

BAHU BETI (1952) seems to be an obscure film which was produced under the banner of Kesar Films and directed by C L Dheer. The main cast included Geeta Bali and Amarnath in the lead roles with Vijaylaxmi, Jaswant, Leela Mishra, Rashid Khan etc in the supporting roles. There are 8 songs in the film written by Kaifi Azmi (7) and Vishwamitra Adil (1) which were set to music by S D Batish. Incidentally, the film’s director C L Dheer was the father of TV and film actor Pankaj Dheer (‘Karna’ of Mahabharat) and the grandfather of film actor Nikitin Dheer who has acted in films like ‘Jodha Akbar’ (2008) and ‘Chennai Express’ (2013).

From the title, it is apparent that the film belongs to the genre of family drama. Whatever may be the genres of the Hindi films, romance has to find a place in them which gives the maximum scope for producers and directors to incorporate song situations – love at first sight, expression of love, lovers’ playful teasing, separation and finally reuniting. One category of songs within the genre of romance which is my favourite is teasing and playful songs. Surely, this category of songs may have been in the films of 30s and 40s, but this became more pronounced in the 50s and 60s.

Many lyricists of Hindi films have written teasing and playful songs but one of them who can be regarded as ‘master of teasing and playful songs’ is Majrooh Sultanpuri. The highlights of his songs in this category are that they are written in ‘easy to remember’ decent language and they are graceful. How poetic and graceful is one line ‘ae dilbar mere lab par kab chhalkegaa tere lab kaa jaam’ from the song bade miyan deewaane aise na bano instead of ‘jummaa chumma de de’ written by Anand Bakshi in the film “Hum” (1991)! Who can forget Majrooh’s teasing and playful songs like jaane kahaan meraa jigar gayaa ji and achcha jee main haari chalo maan jaao na. There are several examples of this category of Majrooh’s songs in this blog itself.

But the one I am presenting here is a teasing song ‘nazdeek na aanaa na mujhe haath lagaana’. It is written by Kaifi Azmi with almost the same gusto as Majrooh Sultanpuri. In this song, Kaifi Azmi has beautifully used words like ‘sharaarat’, ‘shikaayat’, ‘murawwat’ ‘nazaakat’, ‘himaakat’ etc to create a rhythmic pattern in the song. It is one of the rare occasions that Kaifi Azmi got opportunity to pen a playful ‘sawaal-jawaab’ ( question-answer) song.

I have heard this song sung by Geeta Dutt and S D Batish for the first time a few days back. But it gave me the impression that I had heard this song earlier. However, it turned out that it was nazar ne keh diya afsaana mere pyaar ka from ‘Bhai Sahab’ (1954) which I had heard on the radio during my younger days. The tunes of both these songs is based on a Pashto film song of the 40s sung by Rafique Gaznavi and Habib Jan.

With this song, ‘Bahu Beti’ (1952) makes its maiden appearance in this blog.

Song-Nazdeek na aana na mujhe haath lagaana (Bahu Beti)(1952) Singers-Geeta Dutt, S D Batish, Lyrics-Kaifi Azmi, MD-S D Batish


nazdeek na aana
na mujhe haath lagaana
ye muhabbat nahin achhi
ye muhabbat nahin achhi
dil mera churaana
mujhe deewaana banaana
ye sharaarat nahin achhi
ye sharaarat nahin achhi

jaao mere majnu kisi sehra ko bataao
aur khakh udaao o o
laila meri tum naam na laila ka hansaao
aankhen na churaao o o

ab pyaar jataana na kabhi aankh ladaana
ke ye aadat nahin achhi
ke ye aadat nahin achhi
tiraf(?) chalaana meri nazron ka bahaana
ye shikaayat nahin achhi
ye shikaayat nahin achhi

main sharam se mar jaaungi ab chhod kalaayi
deti hoon duhaai ee ee ee
jab aag mere dil mein mohabbat ki lagaayi
tab laaj na aayi ee ee

ulfat ka fasaana kahin sun le na zamaana
ye murawwat nahin achhi
ye murawwat nahin achhi
gardan ko jhukaana kabhi daaman ko chhudaana
ye nazaakat nahin achhi
ye nazaakat nahin achhi

kyun tere liye dil ka main sukh chain luta doon
aur hosh ganwaa doon oon oon
aa kaan mein chupke se main ik baat bata doon
aur pyaar sikhaa doon oon oon

mujhko na banaana hamen ulfat ka nishaana
ye museebat nahin achhi
ye museebat nahin achhi
mausam ye suhaana yoon hi baaton mein ganwaana
ye himaakat nahin achhi
ye himaakat nahin achhi

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