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Aansoo ab tum kabhi na behna

Posted on: December 12, 2013

This article is written by Sadanand Kamath, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

KAAFILAA (1952) was produced under the banner of Munshi Productions and directed by Arvind Sen. Ashok Kumar and Nalini Jaywant were in lead roles with Motilal, Ranjan, Amita, Nazir Hussain, Sunalini Devi etc in supporting roles. The film had 8 songs written by Vrajendra Gaud (5), Kavi Pradeep (2) and Moti (1) which were set to music by Husnlal-Bhagatram (HB). Three songs have already been covered in the blog. The film may have failed miserably on the box office as even sketchy information on the film’s story and synopsis is not available. But going by the star cast, the film may have had an intricate story not properly translated into a gripping presentation on the screen for the audience to appreciate it.

The song I have selected for discussion is ‘aansoo ab tum kabhi na behna’ penned by Vrajendra Gaud and sung by Lata Mangeshkar. After listening to this song, the first question that came to my mind was that the style as well as orchestration of this song were quite different from HB’s trade mark style based on Punjabi folk music. Even some of the sad songs composed by them like “tum mujhko bhool jaao ab ham na mil sakenge” and “kya sukh paaya tune dil mera tod ke” do not come close to the style of the music composition including orchestration of the song under discussion.

In this context, Khwaja Sultan Ahmad (youngest brother of music director Khwaja Khurshid Anwar) had commented on the post covering a song from ‘Kaafilaa’ (1952), wo meri taraf yoon chale aa rahe hain as under :

This song was set to music by Sajjad Hussain who left the assignment after recording one song. The rest of the songs were composed by Husnlal and Bhagatram whose style was so familiar (that) you could identify it at once. Sajjad Sahib was very particular about pronunciation. Please note the pronunciation of Kishore Kumar, the tune and orchestration of this song and you will know who the composer is.

Even though Khawja Sultan Ahmad had mentioned about only one song, after listening to the song under discussion, the point to ponder is whether the song under discussion was also composed by Sajjad Hussain before leaving the film. Or was HB duo influenced by his style of composition and the orchestration while composing the song? It is difficult to guess what actually transpired behind these songs. All songs of the film have been officially accredited to HB as the music director.

The song starts with ‘aansoo ab tum kabhi na behna’ but the way Lata Mangeshkar has rendered the song filled with emotions, it may be difficult to avoid moist eyes if not tears after listening the song. It happened with me.

Song-Aansoo ab tum kabhi na behna (Kaafila)(1952) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Vrajendra Gaur, MD-Husnlal Bhagatram


aansoo ab tum kabhi na behna
aansoo ab tum kabhi na behna
apna dard kisi se na kehna
apna dard kisi se na kehna
aansoo ab tum kabhi na behna

dil ka lahoo jab aankhon mein aaye
aansoo ban kar dhalka jaaye
log lahoo ko paani samjhen
log lahoo ko paani samjhen
tum palkon mein chhup ke rehna
aansoo ab tum kabhi na behna
apna dard kisi se na kehna
aansoo ab tum kabhi na behna

preet ke sapne sapna ho gaye
maut ki neend mein armaan so gaye
angaaron ki maala pehnoon
lut gaya sukh suhaag ka gehna
aansoo ab tum kabhi na behna
apna dard kisi se na kehna
aansoo ab tum kabhi na behna


8 Responses to "Aansoo ab tum kabhi na behna"

Best is to ask Lata herself to clarify. Thank God she is with us. She will have vivid memories like Sachin remembering every run he scored against.
After listening the song it bears unmistakable stamp of SH. There is no mystery at all. HB cannot even think of such a tune. They had only one meter in which they tried to fit any and every song with the same monotonous interlude thekas. Even the deaf can recognize HB songs!!!

Good piece of writing filled with investigative information.

HB song parodied:
tum pass raho ya dur raho
hum yaad nahi karte tumko
itna to bata de koi hame
kya gaana isiko kehte hai

Shankar-Jaikishan’s song in ‘Love Marriage’ (1959) :

tin kanastar peet peet kar gala phaad kar chillaana
yaar mere mat bura maan ye gaana hai na bajaana hai

Was it meant for HB or OPN?

Maybe SJ himself. More applicable especially latter years. Self confession!!!!

Kamath ji,

Thanks for the song.

Sajjad always sort of forced his genius of compositions in his songs. The music of this song has a restrained effect. So I personally feel its HB only who tried to influence Sajjad’s style in this particular song.

No chance that HB composed this number. Thanks Sadanand-ji for
the posting. Wonder how other songs were composed!

I have an altogether different take on this. Senior & respected film scribe Shri Isak Mujawar has written a book in Marathi ” Golden Period of Film Music 1930 -1960.” He discussed this film as well as mentions this particular song. He does not even remotely suggest Sajjad being MD (in any capacity) of this film. He has mentioned one Mr. Bhola Shresth as another MD. As per the book, he had composed ‘ Is Duniya Main Kaun’ by Shamshad & ‘Duniya Ki Tanato Se’ chorus, rest all are by HB. On any given day IMHO info. by Shri Issaq Mujawar or Shri Shirish Kanekar would be more reliable. I believe our Arun ji can authoritatively say about reliability of source if not the issue at hand. For those who want to dig more, there are links available of Husnalal singing especially Poorvi, & Jogkauns which more than adequately showcase his prowess as musician!

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