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Ho mohey chhota milaa re bhartaar jawaani kaise katey

Posted on: March 10, 2014

This article is written by Peevesie’s mom, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

Hullo to all Atulites

Morning times are the times when people generally listen to Bhajans and Pravachans and I am no different. Till a few years back my mornings used to begin with switching on the radio to Vividh Bharati or Radio Ceylon and music used to play through the day. Then the FM channels took over and there used to be a Channel Switching (or changing if I may say) exercise in between the various radio programmes and my own work activities. To add to the confusion, suddenly, TV went 24 hours along with giving us a bouquet of music channels to listen to. And then what happens to a music Buff like me? It was and is the biggest distraction for me especially during working hours.

I must thank my Family’s (good) stars that they get to eat meals at proper times and also go about their daily routine without getting late. Then as I grew older I also began to appreciate the Sanskaar and Satsang channels on TV specially during festival days. And that is when my mornings begin with Bhajans and Pravachans. Then after being on these religious channels for an hour or so it is back to my original Nasha (addiction) —– Hindi Phillum Sangeet.

So today(10 march 2014) morning when I was having my dose of HF Songs I heard one song (on the good old Vividh Bharati) which made me sit up and say, ”Hey!!! That is news to me!!!” So as per my (now regular) practice I made a mental note to see if it was there in Atuldom. And when I went through Atuldom I saw that many before me have already said, “Hey, thats news to Me!” Infact Atuldom gave me a few more surprises. But more on this in a later post. Till then suspense………

Then I went on to some music channel on TV and saw a song that made me think “o it is Padma Khanna’s birthday today”. so I added one more note to my above mental note… to check which song of Padma Khanna’s has Atul posted today. And I was one hundred percent sure that all the standard PK songs would be already there….. ‘Husn Ke Lakhon Rang’ (Johnny Mera Naam),’ Sajna Hain Mujhe Sajna Ke Liye’ (Saudagar), as also ‘Shyam Abhimaani’ (Geet Gaata Chal). And I was not wrong. And I as happy to see that the song which I saw this morning was not yet here. Yeaaaaaa! I get something to write about.!!!!! 😉

Actually all the songs of Padma Khanna that we already have in ASAD are very popular. They all showcased PK’s dancing prowess. But my personal preference has been the classical and semi classical dance she performed along with Gopi Krishna (don’t remember which movie). So the song which I am writing for here is another semi classical folk dance or Nautanki number from “Geet Gaata Chal”.

This song is picturised on Dhumal (the nautanki owner cum director), Junior Mehmood Padma Khanna and Sachin in the audience. He is later transported on to the stage by a very encouraging audience. And the song ends with PK walking away with Sachin. Howzatt?

This song is sung by Hemlata, Chetan (heard of him for the first time today) and Jaspal Singh (wonder where he has vanished). It is written by Ravinder Jain and music is also his.



Song-Ho mohey chhota mila bhartaar jawaani kaise katey(Geet Gaata Chal)(1975) Singers-Hemlata, Chetan, Jaspal Singh , Lyrics-Ravindra Jain, MD-Ravindra Jain


ho mohe chhota mila bhartaar
jawaani kaise katey
o o o o
badi mushkil mein hoon main sarkaar
jawaani kaise katey
mohe chhota mila re bhartaar
jawaani kaise katey

jab aayega pee ka zamaana
hamri jawaani dhhal jaayegi
o o o
jab aayega pee ka zamaana
hamri jawaani dhhal jaayegi
haaye haaye
jab jaagega badiya ka paani
tab tak bagiya jal jaayegi
yahi hansne ke hain din chaar
jawaani kaise katey
o o o
mohey chhota mila re bhartaar
jawaani bolo kaise katey

phool bada aur bhanwra chhota
par saara ras pee leta hai
ho phool bada aur bhanwra chhota
par saara ras pee leta hai
ik chhoti si haa
sui se darji
laakhon kapde see leta hai
to lo karke to dekho pyaar
jawaani raani aise katey
arre arre arre
tum kar ke to dekho pyaar
jawaani raani aise katey

na daadhi na moonchh piya ki
badi badi baatein kare hai anaadi
o o o
na daadhi na moonch piya ki
badi badi baatein karey hai anaadi
haaye haaye
doodh ke daant bhi ukhde na jiske
kya samjhe wo baat hamaari
badi zaalim jawaani ki maar
jawaani kaise katey
haay haay haayy
mohe chota mila re bhartaar
jawaani bolo kaise katey

o o o
jis joban ka aa
maan karo tum
wo toh hai bas behta paani
bhaagi jaaye
haath na aaye
sau sau barson ki zindagaani

apne haal pe jo rota hai
us par mujhko dukh hota hai
apne haal pe jo rota hai
us par mujhko dukh hota hai
auron ki khaatir jee kar dekho
kitna sacha sukh hota hai
tan man pe karo adhikaar
jawaani aise katey
o o o
chhodo chhodo bhi ye takraar
jawaani kaise katey

arre arre arre
karle karle balam se pyaar
jawaani phir aise katey

mohey chhota mila bhartaar
jawaani bolo kaise katey

6 Responses to "Ho mohey chhota milaa re bhartaar jawaani kaise katey"

This movie was going on today morning. Saw bits of it. When does this song fine?


Thank you for posting this beautiful song, “Meri nazar iss gaane par thaa, achchaa huaa likhne se pehle hi aapne likh diyaa”



Whether this is the song you have mentioned above (from Har Har Mahadev)


Padma Khanna… the name current generation will remember as a Kaikeyi of the TV serial Mahabharat. I remember watching her first film Saudagar (with AB) on Doordarshan. Then many of her cabaret/dance songs on Chhayageet. Two years back I saw her interview on one of our local Indian channel and it was interesting to know that she did few dance songs in Pakeezah as Meena Kumari could not perform those dance sequence due to her health.(There was a time when I used to get confused between her and Prema Narayan.)
Happy belated b’day Padmaji and thank you Peevesie’s Momji for reminding this song.




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