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Tere mere yaaraane ho

Posted on: July 16, 2014

This article is written by Avinash Scrapwala, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

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Atul Song-A-Day 10K Song Milestone Celebrations – 28
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He he he he he he
La la la la la la la la la la
pyaar hua hai jabse

Whenever I listen to this song from ‘Abhilasha-1968’, I am thrilled, I get goose-bumps, its music makes me delighted and it takes back to the time when I was a kid and I was playing with an inflatable rainbow color beach ball, which my Father had brought for me…

That is how our mind starts relating memories with.

A strange feeling runs through my heart every time I hear Kishore Kumar’s
he he
he he
ha ha
hmm hmm
hmm hmm
aha ha
ha ha ha
ha ha
hmm hmm

(In the song -kora kaaghaz thha yeh man mera)

Then I just cannot escape this, it stirs my heart
Hmm hmm hmm hmm
hmm hmm hmm hmm
he he he he
ho ho ho ho

(in phoolon ka taaron ka)

And in the same line an altogether different world starts calling me when I tune into these;

he he he
ha ha ha

(From mere sapnon ki raani kab aayegi tu)

Hai haan ..sachchaai chhup nahin sakti, banaawat ke asoolon se …

And this Lata-Kishore’s

o ho ho
ho ho ho
o ho ho
hmm hmm hmm

And just listen to this ‘hmm hmm hmm’ by Kishore Kumar and the pause before Lata takes of to ‘Karwatein badalte rahe’..

For years together this all have been very fascinating and it will be as long as we are there …


I believe that all of us, the ‘music lovers’ have our own reasons for being attached to ‘music’. Some of us definitely have some specific reasons that keep us to be continuously in pursuit of ‘songs’, and some of us have some special memories to cherish with, and cherish those special moments with some sort of ‘musical memories’ attached with them. While going through many posts on the blog and some of the comments I have noted that most of us like to mention about the ‘songs that bring back memories’.

We fondly cherish and remember such songs and enjoy them and try to revive those memories.

Trying to find out these special songs, that I hear up while growing, was the main reason that I started to contribute lyrics of the songs that were still to be posted on this blog.

But when I noticed that many songs from my list of ‘Aaya hai mujhe phir yaad wo zaalim’ (title I thought to give to this compilation when I recorded them) were still to make to this blog, I became uncomfortable and was eager to see these very special songs on the blog, because ultimately this was a ‘unique’ blog and the songs I mentioned definitely deserved place on the blog – since these were the songs from the very special period of the Hindi cinema – ‘the Seventies’….

I still do not know how many of these will be there when we reach at 10,000!!!

But one thing is sure that there are still many from the ‘seventies’ that will be coming here in future days to come …

Now we have one of those songs from the ‘seventies’ as the 9972nd post on this blog!

And, yes, this post is dedicated to those special songs that have left indelible and permanent mark on our mind and have remained evergreen as well as immortal for us.

Now talking of the memories that some songs triggers, we actually do not know how some songs become permanent fixtures in our mind and become part of our life at various stages.

Like, my parents told me that, when I was a child, my uncles and aunts teased me with the song ‘Wo pari kahaan se laaun – ye gangaram ki samajh mein naa aaye’ from the Manoj Kumar starrer ‘Pehchaan’. My physique at that time must have provoked them to give me this name ‘Gangaram’. Then these songs ‘deewaana mujhsa nahin’, ‘bainyaan na dharo’, ‘duniya mein logon ko’, bring this ‘Gramohpone’ and ‘LP’ records to my mind, because my Uncle had brought this LP record player then, and these songs were regularly played on them and were everyone’s favorites (I think so).

And I do not know how this song ‘teri galiyon mein ham aaye, dil armaanon bharaa laaye’ became part of my permanent memory, even though I have not watched this film ‘Minoo’ then and till date. May be because it was frequently played on the Radio then.

As far as memories related with the musical programmes on Radio is concerned, I remember one special – ‘ Fauji bhaaiyon ke liye …’Jaimaala’ ‘ on Vividh Bharati, presented by Dharmendra. I remember him describing himslf as ‘main ek kisaan ka beta hoon’ and playing this song ‘apni kahaani chhod ja.. Mausam beeta jaaye’ I listened to this song for the first time then and I was taken over by this song.

Then there was ‘Bianca Geetmala’ which was an eagerly looked forward programme of everybody in the family. Listening to the annual programs of ‘Binaca Geetmala’ was an event which is a part of our beautiful memories.

I vividly remember the annual Binaca geetmala program of 1979. I was given the responsibility to listen to and note down the rankings and final results since my parents had to go for their ‘drama rehearsals’. ‘Dafli waale dafli bajaa’ from ‘Sargam’ had topped the charts that year.

From ‘All India Radio-Urdu Service’ programmes my favorites were ‘bheega bheega pyaar ka samaa bataa de tujhe jaana hai kahaan’, ‘raahi matwaale’ and ‘ham pyaar mein jalnewaalon ko’….

And if you are fortunate enough to have been fallen in love with someone at an early age, (may be a one sided crush and an unexpressed love (‘Atulogy-dil to hai dil dil ka aitbaar), ‘apun ki zindagi mein bhi ek ‘memsaab’ thi , kya ! aayen!) and if you are separated from this ‘childhood’ love for some reasons , you have plenty of songs in our Hindi films that we can relate to our real life situations and where one can fall and swim in the depth of the ‘poetic beauty’ of the lyrics.

Some songs trigger memories, while some real life situations sometimes spontaneously bring some songs to our lips…

‘Naao kaaghaz ki gehra hai paani, zindagi ki yahi hai nishaani,
phir bhi har haal mein muskuraake, duniyaadari padegi nibhaani…’

With the advent of new technologies, a vast treasure has opened up for music lovers like us and I can list out the following from my experience of searching songs online; according to me this is how this ‘journey of life through songs’ takes place.

There are some songs that get stored in our very early memory,
There are some songs that trigger memories when we review the above category songs, There are some songs that are not in our memory but they are related to that period and they remain hidden in our vague memory, There are songs that strike us on situational, seasonal basis, incident basis, on changing weather conditions, time, and/or our mental and physical condition given at a time.

There are some songs that remain in our permanent memory and they live with us, they grow with us (here growing meaning the understanding of the verses, relating our emotions to it and the physical properties of the song i.e.its tune, its singing, its recording, its picturisation etc etc).

There are some songs that get stored in our sub-conscious memory and some get carried over through our conscious day to day life experiences.

Our personal likings for some actors, actresses, stars, of any film personality. And last but not the least is the ‘nostalgia’ that we all love – and looking for something that have been left back over the years.


Seasons and Festivals also trigger some musical memories, like;

During Ganesh festival this song ‘he gajvadan Ganesh ji , meri binti suniyo re’ keeps haunting me, and I searched it for many many years, finally thinking that it must be a NFS, I started searching that way, but thanks to our beloved Prakash ji who shared us this beautiful Bhajan.

Every Janmashtami I am automatically reminded of these songs;
Kanhaiyya kanhaiyaa tujhe aana padega (Maalik- 1972)
Shor mach gaya shor dekho aaya makhan chor (Badlaa-1974)
Krishna Krishna bolo Krishna (Naya Din Nayi Raat-1974)
Govind bolo hari gopal bolo (chhup chhup meera roye..- Johny Mera Naam-1970)

Every monsoon I am haunted by these song;
Saawan ka mahina aa gaya ho (Nehle Pe Dehla)
Jhoomta saawan dekho aaya (Do Khilaadi-1976)
Barkha raani zara jam ke barso(Sabak-1973)

Around Diwali festival, I used to get feeling of Diwali vacations that we enjoy during our childhood and these songs start haunting me;
Main na bhoolunga, Ye jo public hain, Ye hai mera premi.

I presume that I associate these songs with Deewaali because I watched the movies containing these songsin october at around Deewaali time.

Over the years I cannot escape the magic of ‘Sun jaa aa thhandi hawaa’ and ‘Jaadugar tere naina, dil jaayega bach ke kahaan’, ‘tum mile pyaar se mujhe jeena gawaara hua’ and ‘waada karo jaanam, na chhodoge ye daaman’, whenever I listen to it.

With ‘ya garmiyon ki raat jo purvaiyya chale, thhandi safed chaadaron pe jaage der tak’.. I try to find the ‘fursat ke raat dins of our ‘childhood’, in our today’s life wherein we get very less time to unwind ourselves.

And the all time favorite ‘zindagi ke safar mein guzar jaate hain jo makaam’…. Whenever I feel like going back to the memories and places, which I have been and left behind later.

One born in that period of ‘seventies’ cannot forget these quawaalis, which also were the favorites in Orchestra programs;
Jhoom baraabar jhoom sharaabi, Raaz ki baat kehdoon to, ‘chadhta sooraj dheere dheere dhalta hain dhal jaayega’, ‘taarif teri nikli hain dil se’….

And I remember that almost all orchestras then compulsorily have these numbers;

O door ke musaafir hamko bhi saath le le re
Chhotisi umar mein hain lag gaya rog
Kuhu kuhu bole koyaliya
Mora nadaan baalma na jaane dil ki baat
Aap jaisa koyi meri zindagi mein aaye
Ishwar satya hain.. satyam shivam sundaram
Aapke shehar mein aayi hoon shauq se
Dariyaa kinaare ek bunglow ga pori
Mungda mungda main gud ki dalli
Jhoom baraabar jhoom sharaabi

From the mythological I cannot forget ‘manwa re manwa, jeewan hai sangram (Jai Barjrangbali-1976) and ‘yahaan wahaan jahaan tahaan mat puchho kahaan kahaan (Jai Santoshi Maa-1975) and ‘Janam janam ke phere (1957)


So when our beloved Atul ji has discussed this in his numerous posts about the ‘best age i.e. 8 to 14 yrs, of which the memories we carry with us, piqued my interest and I thought to analyze this ‘science’ in my case.

And I would like to share the results here.

For this I decided to list out all the songs that straightway appeal to the senses. Whenever I get to listen to them, they touched my heart; a strange feeling of going back to those days brings goose bumps to me and leave me in a state of mind that cannot be expressed in words.

These are the songs which give me an altogether different feeling whenever I listen to them and they remind me of the special memorable time of our life i.e. childhood which will not come back again.

Looking back now it feels like that was a ‘different world’ altogether!

Just have a look at the following list of songs;

Song Movie
Aaya hai mujhe ab yaad wo zaalim ‘Devar-1966’
Paayal ki jhankaar raste raste Mere Laal-1966
Phool tumhe bheja hai khat mein Saraswatichandra-1967
Aayi hain bahaaren mitey zulmo sitam Ram Aur Shyam-1967
Pankh hote to ud aati re Sehra-1963
Dheere dheere machal ae dile bekaraar(Anupama) Anupama-1965

All these songs are from the films that belong to the period before I was born.

I do not know but these songs have captivated my mind since I was a child.

Also, while going through Atul ji’s post on the blog (for those songs already posted from the list) I find it interesting that many of these songs (in my list) are common favorites of both of us.
As Atul ji is elder to me by six years it would be interesting to know – what emotions and feelings go through his mind while listening to the same songs.

The timeline in my case is from 1968 (I was born) to 1982.

I was also interested to find what exactly the results are in my case. And while I started with focusing on the prominent songs that bring back memories, I finished with listing all the songs, to get a better picture.(and later on I might add some more songs to the list, if I find that has been missed now).

The list of my Songs that bring back memories is here .

Out of these songs links for those already posted on our blog are given therein. And for the balance ones they will be updated whenever these songs are posted on the blog. Where I have multiple songs from the same film, I have considered only one for this analysis’s purpose. So from the total of 211 songs I have considered 174 only with one each from a film. Now in many cases even the movies that these songs are from have not been watched by me. And I am trying to get these now like I watched ‘Pehchaan’ in 2007, ‘Abhilaasha’ in 2011 by getting their VCD/DVDs. I don’t know if now VCD/DVD for those movies that failed at the box-office, would be available or not.

This list of songs that I started writing down in 1994 (in my diary and separate notes prepared from time to time) was there with me and it was last updated in 1998.

Getting back into it was very enjoyable and interesting.

I have put the total list and links here .

And while doing the analysis I find years like 1974,1976 having more songs that I like, so I have put them separately and spread over the age range in more categories and not covering all of them in one range of 8 to 14 yrs.

Years Age range Up to 1967 1968-72 1973-1974 1975-1976 1977-1982 Total
0 12 12
0-4 yrs 51 51
5-6 yrs 31 31
7-8 yrs 29 29
9-14 yrs 51 51
12 51 31 29 51 174

The maximum numbers are from 1976-1982 – 68 songs (i.e. 39%), and the highest from a single year are 17 from 1974, 1976 & 1977, then 14 from 1973 and 12 each from 1975, 1971 and 1970 and 11 from 1978, making a total of 112 (from rest years the figure is less than 10).


For this special post I had only two songs in my mind the one is ‘Yaadon ki baaraat nikli hai aaj dil ke dwaare’, since I was talking of the memories, however I strongly felt like selecting this one for expressing my love for those days and here the ‘Yaaraane’ ( 🙂 ) is with those beautiful years and those sweet memories.

Yes this is the song from the 1976 multi-starrer, dramatic, thriller Nagin.

‘Tere sang pyaar main’, ‘tere ishq ka mujhpe’, ‘tere mera mera tera… mil gaya dil dil se’ and this one to complete the ‘T’ series songs.. However this song starts with ‘hafte mahine barson nahin’.

Composed by the magical duo Laxmikant-Pyarelal and sung by the soulful Rafi Sahab and Lataji this song and its tune has the fragrance of the music of that time. It creates magic. Its picturisation is also beautiful where the handsome Feroz Khan and gorgeous Mumtaz are performing it on screen. Lyrics are by Verma Malik ji.

After getting in touch with this blog I had been learning more about Verma Malik ji and his songs that he has penned so far for Hindi films.
Also though the tune may sound as a simple one but I think this bears the signature touch of the music of ‘Laxmikant-Pyarelal’.

When I had already finalized this song and prepared its lyrics, the film was there on TV channel recently and I get to watch it.
Watching it after so many years was thrilling and living that nostalgia again.

However I was surprised to note that none of this film’s songs made to the annual Binaca Geetmala list of that year. Not even the popular ‘tere sang pyaar main’. One can easily imagine how the competition would have been tough where ‘Kabhi kabhie mere dil mein’ top the list and ‘kee gal hain koi nahin’ was at 33 and at the bottom of the charts of the annual Binaca Geetmala list.



Song-Tere mere yaaraane ho (Naagin)(1976) Singers-Rafi, Lata, Lyrics-Verma Malik, MD-Laxmikant Pyarelal

Lyrics(Based on the video link)

Hafte maheenen barson nahin
sadiyon se hain ye puraane
tere mere yaraane ho
ho tere mere yaraane
ho ho ho ho ho
galiyaan nagar
baagh basti nahin
saari duniya hi ye jaane
tere mere yaraane ho
ho tere mere yaraane
ho ho ho ho ho

hafte maheenen barson nahin
sadiyon se hain ye puraane
tere mere yaraane ho
ho tere mere yaraane

nainon ke kaajal se
paaon ki paayal se
zulfon ke aanchal se poochho o
nainon ke kaajal se
paaon ki paayal se
zulfon ke aanchal se poochho
apni adaaon se
in gori baahon se
tirchhi nigaahon se poochho
mujhe har janam mein mila
saath tera
beete hain kitne zamaane
tere mere yaaraane ho
ho tere mere yaaraane
ho ho ho ho ho

kaali ghataaon ne
udti fizaaon ne
mehki hawaaon ne dekha aa
kaali ghataaon ne
udti fizaaon ne
mehki hawaaon ne dekha
chandaa ke gheron ne
gehre andheron ne
chadhte saweron ne dekha

sabne hai jaana
ye maana
tu maane ya
na maane

tere mere yaraane ho
ho tere mere yaraane

aankhon mein sapne
lage hain tadapne
khayaalon mein tasveer teri ee
aankhon mein sapne
lage hain tadapne
khayaalon mein tasveer teri

khudko bhulaake tere paas aa ke
kehti hai taqdeer meri
meri mohabbat aur
teri wafaa ke
bante rahenge fasaane
tere mere yaraane ho
ho tere mere yaraane
ho ho ho ho ho ho ho
hafte maheenen barson nahin
sadiyon se hain ye puraane
tere mere yaraane ho
ho tere mere yaaraane
tere mere yaraane ho
tere mere yaraane ho

Devnagari Script lyrics (Provided by Avinash Scrapwala)

हफ्ते महीने बरसों नहीं
सदियों से हैं ये पुराने
तेरे मेरे याराने हो
हो तेरे मेरे याराने
हो हो हो हो हो
गलियाँ नगर
बाग बस्ती नहीं
सारी दुनिया ही ये जाने
तेरे मेरे याराने हो
हो तेरे मेरे याराने
हो हो हो हो हो

हफ्ते महीने बरसों नहीं
सदियों से हैं ये पुराने
तेरे मेरे याराने हो
हो तेरे मेरे याराने

नैनों के काजल से
पावों कि पायल से
जुल्फों के आँचल से पूछो ओ
नैनों के काजल से
पावों कि पायल से
जुल्फों के आँचल से पूछो ओ
अपनी अदाओंसे
इन गोरी बाहों से
तिरछी निगाहों से पूछो
मुझे हर जनम में मिला
साथ तेरा
बीते हैं कितने ज़माने
तेरे मेरे याराने हो
हो तेरे मेरे याराने
हो हो हो हो हो

काली घटाओं ने
उडती फिजाओं ने
महकी हवाओं ने देखा आ
काली घटाओं ने
उडती फिजाओं ने
महकी हवाओं ने देखा आ
चन्दा के घेरों ने
गहरे अंधेरों ने
चढ़ते सवेरों ने देखा

सबने हैं जाना
ये माना
तू माने या
न माने

तेरे मेरे याराने हो
हो तेरे मेरे याराने

आँखों में सपने
लगे हैं तडपने
खयालों में तस्वीर तेरी ई
आँखों में सपने
लगे हैं तडपने
खयालों में तस्वीर तेरी ई

खुदको भुलाके तेरे पास आ के
कहती हैं तकदीर मेरी
मेरी मोहब्बत और
तेरी वफ़ा के
बनते रहेंगे फ़साने
तेरे मेरे याराने हो
हो तेरे मेरे याराने
हो हो हो हो
हफ्ते महीने बरसों नहीं
सदियों से हैं ये पुराने
तेरे मेरे याराने हो
तेरे मेरे याराने
तेरे मेरे याराने


16 Responses to "Tere mere yaaraane ho"

What a wonderful read this was.

Thank you, Avinashji, for a wonderful trip through my childhood too. 🙂 You are right in saying that some songs just have a special association with us for some reason or the other. The reason is different for different people, the song is different – but once the connection is created at a young age, it stays all one’s life.

I thoroughly enjoyed going through your post, seeing the large number of songs you’ve mentioned – many of them I am also very fond of (e.g. Pankh hoti to ud aati re).

This 10,000th song celebration mela is so much fun. 🙂

My pleasure Sir ! ..and rest all is your love and affection for me, thanks !

Avinash Ji,
Extremely endearing write up. You have captured the relationship of all of us with certain songs depending on our age, and situations when we heard the same.
‘Aaya hai muje phir yaad wo zalim..’ is not only a song I immensely love, it is a line that appeals to all of us.
K S Shenoy, Bangalore

my pleasure Sir! and thanks for your appreciation. I was touched by your words… Thanks !

Hullo Avinashji
I ditto to everything that Rajaji said. every song that any of the atulite sends as farmaish to Atul is special to that person in some way or other. and many songs in your (yet to go through the whole list) also feature on my list.
by the way my timeline is nearly same as yours (year of birth ’67 excluded, to small to remember anything of that year) but my most loved songs are till ’82. not that i dislike the later ones
nice to know you

Thanks !
Me too do not dislike all the songs after 1982, but here the topic was to covered the memories that we cherished of our 8 to 14 yrs age. but it is a fact that the golden era of music ended with the seventies.

I had lots of fun reading this post, so many similarities to my childhood too. Thank you very much Avinashji, for this intro to your journey through childhood and world of Hindi Film songs.
I agree with you completely, that the association with certain songs or tunes is special. They can have certain events or happenings as anchor or at times even smells and odours or ceratin feelings.
I admire your list.
The 10K celebrations are surely a great fun, and not only because we get to meet so many people in connection wiht this blog!
Thank you once again for this wonderful article and the typical L-P song. Mumtaz looks so lovely here (as usual)!

thanks a lot Harvey ji 🙂 and i like your adding the ‘smells and odours’ .. too 🙂

Avinashji, thanks for the wonderful post. You surely have the passion. Otherwise such a deep analysis would not have been possible. Lovely song too ….

thanks a lot Aparna ji. your words are a real motivation for me to keep going …

I must say you are pure romanticism personified. If music be the food of love play on…..
Composer: Henry Purcell
Lyricist: Henry Heveningham

If music be the food of love,
sing on till I am fill’d with joy;
for then my list’ning soul you move
with pleasures that can never cloy,
your eyes, your mien, your tongue declare
that you are music ev’rywhere.

Pleasures invade both eye and ear,
so fierce the transports are, they wound,
and all my senses feasted are,
tho’ yet the treat is only sound.
Sure I must perish by our charms,
unless you save me in your arms.

… and after getting connected with this blog ‘meri ‘deewaangi’ ko ek nayi ‘umr’ mil gayi’…! 🙂
Thank you very much Sir ! thanks for your love and affection.

Avinash ji,
Wonderful post, enjoyed it thoroughly. Your post reiterates my view that I have expressed in the previous post. I must be more than 10 years older to you and the songs and the situations that I would associate with my earlier days may be different, but they evoke similar feelings. Mixed feeling of different hues.
Thank you .

Thank you very much Sir !
its my pleasure that you like the post, and your appreciating of it will keep me going and try for more posts.



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