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Sakhi hamro atal suhaag

Posted on: August 1, 2014

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I had heard the name of the film ‘Rangeen Raaten’ (1956) for the first time in my friend’s house some time in 1971 where some of us used to assemble for listening to his collections of some rare Hindi film songs. My friend would stack a few 78 RPM gramophone records of rare songs on his Gerrad Record Changer and we would listen to those songs one by one with some discussion on the songs and the films. One of the songs through which I came to know about the film was bahut aasaan hai chilman se lagakar muskuraana.

Four decades later, I watched this movie on YT. The film was produced under the banner of Ambitious Pictures and was directed by Kidar Sharma. The cast included Shammi Kapoor, Geeta Bali, Mala Sinha, Chand Usmani, Rohit Tony, Pesi Patel, Nazira, Tuntun etc. The sloppy screen play marred the otherwise very interesting story revolving around human trafficking. The surprising element in this film was that for the first time in Hindi film, a full length male character was performed by a female actor and the honour went to Geeta Bali in the role of Gulu, brother of Mala (Mala Sinha). However, it was not a novelty for the Indian Cinema as M S Subbulakshmi had earlier performed the role of Narad in a Tamil film ‘Savithri’ (1941).

I watched the VCD of the film in 2-3 instalments as it was difficult to watch this slow moving film in one go. At some places there were breaks in the continuity of the story, probably due to the reckless editing of the film while converting it into a VCD. The film was extensively shot in and around Ranikhet, a hill station in Kumaon region of Uttarakhand. A couple of local folk songs find place in the film which have been used in place of background music. Ranikhet is one of my favourite hill stations and watching this film gave me an opportunity to see as to how it looked in the 50s.

Despite some excellent folk tune based songs composed by Roshan, the film failed at the box office and with that the songs were forgotten. Apart from the poor screen play and perhaps editing, I guess the other important factor for the film’s failure could be the inability of the audience to appreciate the male role performed by Geeta Bali. I have not understood as to why Kidar Sharma took Geeta Bali for a male role. In some places, it is mentioned that Geeta Bali was keen to work with Shammi Kapoor when Kidar Sharma had already signed a contract with Mala Sinha as lead actress. So in order to accommodate her in the film he offered her the role of Gulu, brother of Mala (Mala Sinha). If it is true, this is a ridiculous decision for accommodating an actress of the caliber of Geeta Bali. Anyway, though the film failed, there was a positive development. During the shooting of the film in Ranikhet, Shammi Kapoor fell in love with Geeta Bali and after about four months, they got married in a small temple in Banganga on August 24, 1955 in South Bombay (Mumbai).

So far, 5 songs (out of 8) from the film ‘Rangeen Raaten’ (1956) have been discussed in the Blog. Here is the 6th song ‘sakhi hamro atal suhaag Shyam sapne mein aaye’ sung by Lata Mangeshkar on the lyrics of Kidar Sharma. The highlight of this song is the imagery of Meerabai-Krishna devotion being used in the lyrics for a similar situation in the life of Mala’s (Mala Sinha). The song is picturised on Chand Usmani. Note a verse in the song ‘Meera ki ankhiyon mein do aansoo sharmaaye’. Generally, the downward glance of eyes is taken as the symbol of shyness. But here Kidar Sharma taking a poetic liberty makes two drops of tears from the eyes of Meera to signify the feeling of shyness.

The melodious rendition by Lata Mangeshkar on a harmonious music composition of Roshan adds lustre to the beautiful lyrics.


Song-Sakhi hamro atal suhaag (Rangeen Raaten)(1956) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Kidar Sharma, MD-Roshan


sakhi hamro atal suhaag
Shyam sapne mein aaye
dekho hamre jaage bhaag
sakhi hum un sang byaahe

na to baaja dhol
na hi shehnaai baaji
na to baaja dhol
na hi shehnaai baaji
Mohan ki baansuriya pe main aap hi naachi
main naachi
wo dekh dekh ankhiyaan bhar laaye
main naachi
wo dekh dekh akhiyaan bhar laaye
bhakton ke bhagwaan ne uthh kar pair dabaaye ae
Shyaam sapne mein aaye
sakhi hamro atal suhaag
Shyam sapne mein aaye
dekho hamre jaage bhaag
sakhi hum un sang byaahe

mand mand muskaayin sakhi kaliyaan madhuban ki
mand mand muskaayin sakhi kaliyaan madhuban ki
laaj se jhuk gaye nain
umangen naachi man ki
Giridharlal ka byaah rachaa
taare muskaaye
Giridharlal ka byaah rachaa
taare muskaaye
Meera ki ankhiyon mein do aansoo sharmaaye ae
Shyam sapne mein aaye
sakhi hamro atal suhaag
Shyam sapne mein aaye
dekho hamre jaage bhaag
sakhi hum un sang byaahe

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