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O duniyaa waalon pyaar mein thhokar khaana

Posted on: October 1, 2014

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Regulars of the blog can often notice that I often pick an artist and start discussing his songs on a regular basis. For instance, I was discussing songs of Zohrabai Ambalewaali in the recent past, and then I began to discuss songs of G M Durrani. These artists were short of their centuries in the blog and I was discussing their songs to enable them to touch their three figure marks in the blog.

Now that Zohrabai Ambalewaali and G M Durrani have reached their centuries, I am concentrating on the next names that are closest to the three figure mark. A look at the some stats page shows that the artists closer to the 100 mark are:

Artist Number of songs in the blog
Sajjad Hussain 83
Rajesh Roshan 81
Pankaj Mullick (MD) 77
R C Boral 73
S Mohinder 72
Verma Malik 72
Shyam Sundar 69
Yogesh 69
Shewan Rizvi 65
Sudha Malhotra 65
Bappi Lahiri 63
Gopal Singh Nepali 61
Gyan Dutt 61
Aarzoo Lucknowi 60

From the table, it is seen that Sajjad Hussain had 83 songs in the blog. But there is little that can be done in his case because he composed only around 100 songs in his career and all the available 83 Sajjad Hussain songs have already been covered in the blog. so unless the remaining Sujjad Hussain compositions become miraculously available, his tally will remain stuck at the present figure.

Other names closer to the century mark are Rajesh Roshan (82) and Pankaj Mullick (MD)(77).

Rajesh Roshan is a present generation music director and he has had lots of compostions, so I need not pay any special attention in his case. He will reach his century figure in the blog in due course.

Pankaj Mullick is the name that I need to pay special attention to. As it is, most of his well known songs are already in the blog and now I have to keep digging deeper to unearth Pankaj Mullick compositions. As it is, he composed music in 22 Hindi movies.Six of these movies were in 1930s.

The breakup of his movies and songs are as under

Movie Year Number of songs in the movie Number of songs discussed in the blog
Yahudi Ki Ladki 1933 19 5
Mukti 1937 14 2
Dharti Mata 1938 9 5
Badi Didi 1939 6 0
Dushman 1939 4 4
Kapaal Kundala 1939 8 2
Nartaki 1940 8 5
Zindagi 1940 7 4
Doctor 1941 11 11
Meenakshi 1942 6 3
Kashinath 1943 9 5
My Sister 1944 7 7
Oonch Neech 1948 5 0
Chhota Bhai 1949 6 0
Manzoor 1949 6 0
Roop Kahaani 1950 7 0
Yatrik 1952 12 6
Zalzala 1952 9 5
Naya Safar 1953 4 0
Chitraangda 1954 unknown 0
Kastoori 1954 9 3
NFS Not known 10
Grand Total All years 168 77

Looking at the above table, it may seem that lots of Pankaj Mullick songs are available to be discussed. In reality, that is not the case. Prints of the Pankaj Mullick movies of 1930s are not available and only few of these songs were issued on records, which means that only a small number of Pankaj Mullick compositions from 1930s are available and most of them have already been discussed. I am in fact amazed at the fact that all songs from one of these movies have been discussed.

Things improve somewhat in 1940s. All songs of movies like “Doctor”(1942) and “My Sister” (1944) have been discussed. All songs of “Kashinath”(1943) too seem to be available.

Pankaj Mullick’s career took a nosedive from 1950s onwards just as the glory days of New Theatres drew to a close. Pankaj Mullick’s created memorable music in “Yaatrik” (1952) and “Zalzalaa” (1952) and from them it was all downhill as far as his career was concerned.

Overall, information is available about around 168 compositions of Pankaj Mullick in Hindi movies. 78 of them have been discussed in the blog. My assessment is that just over 100 Pankaj Mullick compositions are available. So we will just about manage to huff and puff our way to a century of Pankaj Mullick compositions in the blog and then further progress will not be possible.

Here is a song from “zalzalaa” (1952). This song is sung by Geeta Dutt. Vrajendra Gaur is the lyricist. Music is composed by Pankaj Mullick.

Only the audio of this song is available. the song sounds like a mujra song, but one cannot tell with certainly. I request our knowledgeable readers to throw light on this matter.

Lyrics of this song were sent to me by Nitin Shah.

Song-O duniyaa waalon pyaar mein thhokar khhaana hai naadaani(Zalzalaa)(1952) Singer-Geeta Dutt, Lyrics-Vrajendra Gaur, MD-Pankaj Mullick

Lyrics(Provided by Nitin Shah)

o o o
duniya waalon o
pyaar mein thhokar khaana hai naadaani
dil se dil ki takkar ho
to baat baney laasaani
ho o o
baat baney laasaani

akaldaar bekaar kahaan phirte ho
phirte ho maare maare
ek nazar ke teer pe ghaayal
baalam hain bechaare
ho o o baalam hain bechaare
bach ke rehna qaatil hai
ho bach ke rehna qaatil hai
zaalim hai bhari jawaani
dil se dil ki takkar ho to
baat bane laasaani
ho o o baat baney laasaani

ho o o
wahaan miley thhe
yahaan miley ho
aur kahaan miloge bolo
o o o o
o o o o
duniya mein chhaayi hai masti
dil ki khidki kholo
ho o o dil ki khidki kholo
tum per sab kuchh karoon nichhaawar
ho tum per sab kuchh karoon nichhaawar
hoon khushiyon ki rani
dil se dil ki takkar ho to
baat bane laasaani
ho o o baat baney laasaani

kaahe nazar bachaate ho tum
kaahe tum sharmaate ho ji
kaahe tum sharmaate
pyaar ki duniya mein aakar
tum pyaar se kyun ghabraate
ho o o pyaar se kyun ghabraate
jaate jaate kuchh to
o ji jaate jaate kuchh to hamse
baat karo mardaani
dil se dil ki takkar ho to
baat baney laasaani
ho o o baat baney laasaani

3 Responses to "O duniyaa waalon pyaar mein thhokar khaana"

Vrajendra Gaud was more into writing scripts and dialogues. However he has penned lyrics in quite a few films like: Sardar-55, Shamsheer-53, Kasturi-54, Kaafila-52, Parchhayi-89,


List of songs composed by Pankaj Mullick which are yet be covered in the Blog to the best of my checking in the Blog:

Mukti, 1937

1. Man ko mere moh liya hai teri adaa ne
Audio link

2. Ajab zindagi hai
Audio link

3. Woh chup bhi rah kar
Audio link

4. Sharaabi soch na kar
Audio link

5. Bhool kare pachhtaaye
Audio link

6. Hai gila jis ka
Audio link

7. Saanwariya man bhaaya
Audio link

8. Ham bekason ko uchane wala koi nahi
Audio link

Nartaki, 194O

9. Kaun tujhe samjhaaye
Audio link
Video link

1O. Rath Shiv naam ki maala
Video link

11. Ae chandra surya (Sanskrit slokas
Video link

Kashinath, 1943

12. Mere bagiyan mein kooke koyaliya
Video link

13. Beet rahi hai pooja ki ghadiyan
Video link

14. Main jaan gaya pehchaan gaya
Video link

15. Roti brishbhani
Video link

Oonch Neech, 1948

16. Band jeevan ki khidki
Audio link

Yaatrik, 1952

17. Jai Jai Shiv Omkara
Audio link
I am not sure whether this bhajan can be treated as a separate song as after this bhajan Shiv stotras starts which is already posted.

Zalzala, 1952

18. Ham to galiyon ke laal
Audio link

19. O jaanewaale de gayen hain yaad ko saugaat mein
Audio link

2O. Kabhi inko chaayen kabhi unko
Audio link

Kasturi, 1954

21. Apni preet ko dhoondh raha
Video link

22. Apni veeran duniya ki raahon mein
Audio link

The deciphering of lyrics of some of these songs would be really a challenge as audios are not of good quality.


Thanks for the list. You are right, deciphering the lyrics of some of the songs is a big challenge, like for instance song number 16.


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