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Chaandni raat hai kaisi suhaani

Posted on: October 30, 2014

This article is written by nahm, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a contributor to this blog.This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

Chaandni raaten – song no. 14

In one of the earlier posts in this series, I mixed up two songs ‘aadha hai chandrama raat aadhi’ and ‘chal jaa re hat natkhat’. There was more than one regulars on the blog who volunteered with the correction. It is a good sign, that small talk that I make in my posts are being read at least. 🙂 The comments containing additional information about the movie, lyricist and words of appreciation are motivating, even if not always replied to individually.

As for this series, the response has been good, as Atul ji said in his introductory post during ‘ten thousand songs celebration’, this series too is well appreciated. “Mission accomplished “ many times as Peeviesie”s Mom said in a comment recently.

I have fallen into a habit of starting new sentences with ‘And’. I have learnt recently that it is as ‘ elementary English grammer ‘ that sentences never begin with ‘And’. I learnt English grammer in my urdu medium school and was never very good at it. But what to do if I have not said all I wish to say in a particular vein and the sentence is over in my ‘toota phoota’ grammer. So instead of starting sentences with ‘moreover’ ‘however’ and ‘whatever’ I have made good use of the word ‘And’. I think Atul ji was earlier correcting that and changing the sentence formation, but he must have got fed up as this happened with regularity.

Chalo koyi baat nahin , since the whole world is pronouncing elementary hindi/urdu words like ‘phool’ as ‘fool’ and ‘phir’ as ‘fir’(to give glaring examples) main ne bhi kuchh grammer ki taang tod di. The excuse that hindi script has one alphabet for both the sound of ‘ph’ and ‘f’ is a lame one.

Some of the older songs in my list and also those suggested /gifted by others are remaining to be posted.

Song no. 14 is a lovely solo by Shamshad Begum, being one of those singers belonging to the old school with nothing to find fault with in her rustic renditions. Zia Sarhadi is the lyricist and it is composed by Govind Ram.

A quintessential ‘Chaandni raaten’ song, if ever there was one.


Song-Chaandni raat hai kaisi suhaani (Dil ki Duniya)(1949)Singer-Shamshad Begam, Lyrics-Zia Sarhadi, MD-Pt Govind Ram


Chaandni raat hai kaisi suhaani
haay re chandaa teri utthti jawaani
chaandni raat hai kaisi suhaani
haay re chandaa teri utthti jawaani

dil beqaraar mera chain na paaye
sapnon ka raaja mere paas na aaye
dil beqaraar mera chain na paaye
sapnon ka raaja mere paas na aaye
aa jaa sunaaun tohe
aa jaa sunaaun tohe
dil ki kahaani
haay re chandaa teri utthti jawaani
chaandni raat hai kaisi suhaani
haay re chandaa teri utthti jawaani

gori gori baiyyan mori
gori gori baiyyan mori
gori gori baiyyan mori
baali re umariya
raaja ne chheen leeni
man ki nagariyaa
raaja ne chheen leeni
man ki nagariyaa
apni manwaa lee meri
ek na maani
apni manwaa lee meri
ek na maani
haay re chandaa teri utthti jawaani
chaandni raat hai kaisi suhaani
haay re chandaa teri utthti jawaani
chaandni raat hai kaisi suhaani
haay re chandaa teri utthti jawaani

19 Responses to "Chaandni raat hai kaisi suhaani"

nahm ji,

Many thanks for the song. Heard it for first the time.

Well, sabse se pehle….grammer to be replaced by grammar. 🙂
And, sentences can begin with “And”. ( wow!! I have started and ended the sentence with “and”.
Reminds me of …….No sentence can end with because because because is a conjunction word.

My understanding of grammar starts (and ends) with the definition of noun. Anything beyond that confuses me to great extent.


Really I did misspell the word ‘Grammar’ too. 🙂 I rely on MS word to show misspelled words. Unfortunately yahoo hasn’t got the same facility.

Even wordPress is helpful. I can see the red underline there.



nahm ji

I always enjoy reading your post,lyrics and all the information/education you provide to us through your posts, eventhough I don`t comment on your posts.

But this time aapke post padthe waqt comment likhni hi chaahiye aissa mere khayal mein aayaa issi liye likh raha hoon.

Jo baat mann mein post padhthe samay aathi hai, usse communicate karne ke liye mere paas sahi Angerzi shabdon ki kami pad jaathi hai
( main apna education Kannada Medium mein kiyaa hai, aur phir dartaa jaataa jhoon, mera toota phootaa angrezi padhke koyee mere oopar hans na le, aissa sochke……. ),

aur “Mere baat rahi mere mann mein,kuchch keh na saka uljhan mein” waala case meraa ho jaata hai, aur phir mera comment mere paas hi rehtaa hai, bagaair post kiye.

Hope you don`t mind, my writing these things to you.



Sorry for the typo,

please read as “aur phir dar jaathaa hoon” 🙂 (:


Haan ji prakshchandra ji. Mind karne waali koi baat nahin hai. Aakhir ham sab iss blog mein karte kya hain. Hindi gaane hi to English script mein likhte hain. Aise aap sab kuchh issi tarah likh sakte hain.

Gaane aur posts pasand karne ke liye shukriya.


Chalo koyi baat nahin.
Panjus would say koi nahi ji(if you translate it literally means ‘nobody is there’!!!) Only they can explain this rigmarole. High time they should stop it.
Once I was talking to a stranger; he was employing koi nahi ji ad nauseam. I asked him whether he was a Panju. He was surprised and nodded.
Another wrong usage: mere ko lagta ha instead of mujhe lagta hai. Even our Delhi bloggers and TV interviewees commit such harakiri. Same with the word kyo; it should be kyu.


Nitin ji,

Excuse me to interject here. Being a Punjabi, or a Panju as Gujjus would say 😀 , I must make one correction.

If you listen closely, the phrase being repeated is ‘koi nai ji’ and not ‘koi nahi ji’. In the Panju parlance, the ‘h’ sound is absent in this phrase formation.

As for having fun with grammar, just type ‘Fun Rules of Grammar’ in the Google search bar, and have fun. 🙂



‘ Koi baat nahin ‘ or ‘ chalo koi baat nahin ‘ translates to Punjabi as ‘ koi gal nahin ‘, doesn’t it ?


Still I do not understand the meaning of koi nai ji; yeh aap logo ke munh pe lag gaya hai; koi gal nai has some meaning. Now it will be very difficult to unlearn/debrief the phrase koi nai ji. Thanks


Govindram offered music in : Aabroo-43, Bholi-49, Chor-50, Do Dil-47, Doosri Shadi-47, Ghar Ki Izzat-48, Himmat-41, Hamara Sansar-45, Jal Pari-52, Jeewan Nauka-52, Laila Majnu-45, Ma Ka Pyar-49, Nisbat-49, Naqaab-55, Ratnavali-45, Raj Mukut-50, Sassi Pannu-46, Shadi Ki Raat-50,


Like Mahesh ji, I too offer many thanks, Nahm Saheb, for posting this rare sweet song. I also do not recall having heard it earlier.

By the way, you are doing fine. An overwhelmingly vast majority of us Indians do not automatically think and converse in English as it is not our natural language.(हाँ, अगर ज़िक्र हिंदी-उर्दू या हिन्दुस्तानी जुबां की हो तो वोह अलग बात है! मुझे कई साल पहले एक साहेब की कही बात याद आ गयी – “आपकी अपनी ज़ुबां वोह होती है जिसमें आप सपने देखते हैं.” भाईजान, मुझे तो यह वाकई सच लगता है.) It is, therefore, very likely that some errors and omissions might creep in unknowinglyin our English write-ups.

All of us as young students were taught that sentences should not begin with conjunctions nor end in propositions. Of course, like all rules, there would be some exceptions to these too. English is supposed to be an ever evolving language and rules of Grammar are laid down merely as aide to people to communicate effectively. it is not that they are sacrosanct and cast in stone never to be violated. If, despite being ungrammatical, our usage helps in better understanding of the context and meaning, so be it.

As a layman, I understand that the modern english usage is quite flexible. Sentences starting with “And” and “However” are common occurrences, especially when used to lay emphasis in a particular context. “And” is very useful in beginning of a new paragraph to continue the sequence of thought expressed in the preceding paragraph.

Obviously, your newly acquired habit puts you in the category of modern masters. 🙂
Eagerly looking forward to your next postings.
Warm regards,
Avadh Lal



Many thanks for your understanding and encouraging comment.

I admit to having used the word ‘And’ with impunity, to begin sentences and paragraphs and even more than once in the same sentence as happens here. As you say it is very useful ‘to lay emphasis in a particular context” .

‘Ever evolving’ or not, we are still miles short of free style english used in some parts of the world.

Thanks a lot for your detailed comment.



hullo Nahmji
“Yeh Aapne kya keh diya ke hone laga” angrezi pe behas.
and now that u mention it i tooo realise that i use “mission accomplished” a little too often. and also “as atul would say” appears very frequently in my comments. plus borrowing from “YYIIPPEEEE” master has become the general rule for many of us.
that means from the comments we will not know kisne comment kiya hai!! because we have started borrowing from each other heavily. we r one big family


I know. Aur family mein daant dapat bhi chalti rehti hai. 🙂

Usually when I say something straight, people get the impression of scolding, even while commenting here. Some words in English are harsher than what I make of them in my urdu/hindi meanings.

‘ Behas ‘ is argument in urdu, but you meant it as discussion in hindi I suppose. See ? This is what happens, in multi-lingual families.


Bingo Nahmji!
u read it right. “Behas” as in discussion. 😉


Bahas=Vaad vivaad=Debate


Nahm ji,
I just saw the pandora’s box opened by my comment of 30th October.
It was just in the manner of an observation and it was not the slightest intention to slight anybody’s writing style. I am grateful for your understanding. I certainly did not wish to generate any kind of debate or “bahas”.
I am sorry for mixing the gender inadvertantly. I should have used “Sahiba” and “Bahin”. I seek your forgiveness and thank you for correcting me.
But I mean my every word when I say that I shall eagerly await your next postings.
Avadh Lal






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