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Bhagwaan bata kya hai tera hamne ganwaaya

Posted on: November 24, 2014

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“Bhikhaari”(1949) was directed by Kumar Saahu and R Vishnuram for Bhagwan Productions, Bombay. The movie had Ranjeet Kumari, Roop Kumari, Jawahar Kaul, Balak Ram, Sewak, B Gill, S P Mahindra, Chanchal Kumari, Leela Gupte, Laxmi Chaand etc in it.

Interestingly, the same movie was also released in 1948 under the name of “Satyanarayan” with the same cast and the same songs, though the record number were different in the two cases.

Today (24 november 2014) is the 11th death anniversary of Uma Devi (11 July 1923 – 24 November 2003) also known as Tuntun.

Here is a song from “Bhikhaari” (1949)/ “Satyanarayana”(1948) as a tribute to Uma Devi. The “remonstrating with the Almighty” genre of song is is sung by Uma Devi. Surjeet Sethi is the lyricist. Music is composed by Hansraj Bahl.

Only the audio of this song is avialble so it is difficult to guess how and on whom this song was picturised. I request our knowledgeable readers to throw light on the picturisation of this song.


Song-Bhagwaan bata kya hai tera hamne ganwaaya (Bhikhaari)(1949)/Satyanarayana(1948) Singer-Uma Devi, Lyrics-Surjeet Sethi, MD-Hansraj Bahl


Bhagwaan bata kya hai
tera hamne ganwaaya
Bhagwaan bata kya hai
tera hamne ganwaaya
kyun hamko sada khoon ke aansoo rulaaya aa
aansoo rulaaya
Bhagwaan bata kya hai
tera hamne ganwaaya

nirdhan hain magar phir bhi
bande to hain tere
har oar roohe dhanwaan
khade hamko ye ghere
ae dost ameeron ke ae
ae ae ae
ae ae
ae ae
ae dost ameeron ke
tujhe ae taras na aaya aa
taras na aaya
Bhagwaan bata kya hai
Tera hamne ganwaaya

um oonche mehlon se
takraaun kya main sar
mujhko na diya toone
tinkon ka bhi ik ghar
Le le ke tera naam bata aa
hamne kya paaya aa aa
hamne kya paaya
Bhagwaan bata kya hai
tera hamne ganwaaya

kya bhool gaye humko
nahin tum se ho fariyaaad
kya bhool gaye humko
nahin tum se ho fariyaad
jeewan kyun gareebon ka kiya barbaad
yoon hamko sataa ke ae
tere haath kya aaya aa aa
haath kya aaya
Bhagwaan bata kya hai
tera hamne ganwaaya
Bhagwaan aan aan aan

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One of the rarely heard numbers of Uma Devi


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