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Samajh lo nazar se ishaara kisi ka

Posted on: December 1, 2014

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Many things keep happening around us and we often do not even realise how important/ vital/ interesting those happenings are. We often remain blissfully ignorant of them.

For instance, thousands of people travel between Mumbai and Pune by train evey day. But how many of them realise that a technologically interesting thing happens in the Electric locomotives hauling these trains while travelling in this section? For those who are not aware, local trains in Mumbai area traditionally use Direct Current (DC), whereas electrical locomotives running in other parts of the country (and world) use Alternating Current (AC). The locomotives that run purely in DC traction areas of Mumbai are designed to work under DC and they cannot work in other parts of the country. Now suppose a train has to move from Mumbai to other parts of the country where AC is used. Do we change locomotives midstream at the point where DC section ends and AC section begins?

That is one time consuming and inelegant solution, which is not adopted. Instead, such trains are hauled by specially designed locomotives that can run on DC as well as AC. These locomotives have two pantographs (the aerial like part that touches the overhead electical wire hanging over the locomotives and draws electricity from there), one of them works on DC and the other on AC. DC pantograph is raised up in the DC area. Just as the intersection of DC and AC section arrives (at Igatpuri), the driver lowers the DC pantograph. The train coasts the neutral portion of the wire before arriving at the portion where AC territory begins. The AC pantograph is raised and the locomotive begins to draw AC power from then on.

This technologically vital feat is carried out day in and day out while the passengers travelling on these trains remain blissfully ignorant of it. 🙂 This switchover is not accompanied by any spectacular fanfare. In fact the passengers do not even notice anything. 🙂

If some of the readers find the above discussion a lot of mumbo jumbo, then let me inform our regulars that interesting background developments keep happening in the blog as well. For instance, did our readers feel anything special about the previous two posts of this blog ? The previous two posts were by Sudhir Ji but unlike the previous posts, they were made while I did not have to do anything.

For the posts in the blog, I take the contributions and post them. Yesterday (30 november 2014) was a day when I was extremely busy. The first post of the day got posted while I was asleep (I had scheduled in to be posted at a particular time, knowing that I was not going to get any time on that day). But the next two posts were different. Sudhir Ji initially sent the contributions to me, but seeing that I seemed to be busy, he posted them himself. (He has the necessary access in the blog). I was travelling by train (normal AC traction train 🙂 ), when these writeups were posted and I read them only the next morning when I arrived at Jabalpur at the end of the journey.

I am sure that few visitors may have been able to tell the technological difference between those posts and the earlier posts of the blog. 🙂

But if one looked carefully, The title of the post is followed by the entry “Posted by: skapur01” which tells you who has posted that article !

So my life becomes easier, but that of Sudhir Ji’s becomes difficult, because now one can send him the contributions to be posted in the blog. I know that there are people who may jump at this opportunity. 🙂 This may help in getting the blog ticking over even on days when I am unable to post anything. Seeing how much time Sudhir ji devotes on his articles, one can say that he too may not be able to handle more than a few contributions at a time.

Aaj pehli taarikh hai aur Zamaana khush hai. I may not be able to post much today either, but at least it is nice to be able to post this writeup.

The song under discussion is sung by Zohrabai Ambalewaali. Sarshar Sailaani is the lyricist. Music is composed by Hansraj Bahl.

THis song is from a movie called “Kashmir” (1951) which makes its debut with this song.

Lyrics of this song were sent to me by Avinash Scrapwala.

Song-Samajh lo nazar se ishaara kisi ka (Kashmir)(1951) Singer-Zohrabai Ambalewaali, Lyrics-Sarshar Sailaani, MD-Hansraj Bahl

Lyrics(Provided by Avinash Scrapwala)

Agar kisi se mohabbat na ki
to kuchh naa kiya aa
mare bagair kisi par
koi jiya na jiya
aa aa aa

Samajh lo nazar se
Samajh lo nazar se
ishaaraa kisi ka aa
ke dil chaahtaa hai
sahaaraa kisi ka
samajh lo nazar se
samajh lo nazar se
Ishaaraa kisi ka aa
ke dil chaahtaa hai
sahaaraa kisi ka
samajh lo nazar se

nazar mein samaati
nahin koi soorat
nigaahon ko bhaati
nahin koi moorat a a a
ke dekha hai jab se
ke dekha hai jab se
nazaaraa kisi ka aa
ke dil chaahtaa hai
sahaaraa kisi kaa
samajh lo nazar se
samajh lo nazar se

muhabbat ke badle mein
Imaan le lo
agar jaan ??? sake
jaan le lo o o o o o
magar dil na todo
magar dil na todo
Khudaaraa kisi kaa aa
ke dil chaahtaa hai ae
sahaaraa kisi kaa
samajh lo nazar se
samajh lo nazar se

naa rang e mohabbat
na boo e wafaa hai
ghazab hai ke aison se
paalaa padaa hai ae ae
samajhte nahin jo
samajhte nahin jo
Ishaaraa kisi kaa
ke dil chaahtaa hai
sahaaraa kisi kaa
samajh lo nazar se
samajh lo nazar se ae

11 Responses to "Samajh lo nazar se ishaara kisi ka"

@ Atul ji – wonderful and informative post. Enjoyed a lot !!
Thanks for posting Zohrabai Ambalewali ji’s song and thanks for the write up. 🙂


What a revelation for me this, the AC/DC system, was! Never knew this. Thank you Atul Ji.


Another rigmarole which befuddled my mind since childhood was why Britisher would lay broad guage line between Udhna and Jalgaon. Generally first a single metre gauge is laid then double metre gauge and then if need be broad gauge.
As I was avid fan of trains I started asking the questions around; everybody found merit in the question but no valid and satisfactorily answer was forthcoming. I asked all the TTEs and SMs I happen to meet from time to time but to no avail. Few decades elapsed.
One cold December night I was standing at Sindkheda(my native place) for Surat en-route to Mumbai for the train. The train was not coming; the cold was growing by the minute and I was only passenger. I thought of taking shelter in SMs office. A very old person was manning the show. He invited me to come in. That emboldened me to asked THE question.
He at first looked at me for many seconds and a broad smile smeared his face. He was surprised that anybody would ask such a question as nobody had. He said my boy you are only person to ask such a question and he proceeded to reply.
He said this line was built by Britisher about 150 years ago. Now Britishers are not charity prone. Let’s built the BGL as Nitin happens to stay here. No. They had a real logistic problem taking an ODC(odd dimension consignment) from Mumbai to Manmad which was not possible due to many tunnels. They were in a quandary; after studying many maps they decided they have to lay a BG. Idea was to start from Bombay Central to Udhna to Jalgaon taking right turn for Manmad. Now generally goods train operate on BG so they were perforced to built BG line
Atulji to confirm from the History Manuals of Railways as per his convenience.
BTW why not start a half circular train starting from BCT-Udhna-Jalgoan-CST> anybody can get in and get out from any station along the route. There are train from Bhusawal to Surat; to Delhi; to Nagpur but no train toward Mumbai(eg Nandurbar/Sindkheda to Jalgaon to CST)


ODC means Over Dimensional Consignment, viz items which are too large to be carried through rails as they may infringe railway structures (signals, tunnels, platforms, bridges, tunnels and other such structures that the consignment may hit against. ODC needs clearance from the relevant people in railways before they are allowed to be moved by trains. What the elderly SM told you was that the consignments that Britishers planned to move towards Manmad were too large to move through the existing line therefore they laid an alternative line between Udhna and Jalgaaon and made it BG line. What is ODC for MG train will be a normal sized consignment for BG train. It was for this reason that the line constructed was BG from the beginning.


Is there any reference anywhere in Railways about the above. It will be interesting to know whether the SM was correct( I have no doubt though) but it will get cross-checked


Railways, like most Indian organisations, do not bother to keep records of their history. Information about this matter may be available somewhere with some Railway history enthusiast, but it is unlikely that this information will be available in official records.


Atul ji,

Thanks for hi tech analogy ;), very interesting information.

Regarding posts, let me suggest that we can request the contributors to mark them both to yourself and me. And we can coordinate through email on the actual posting.



See, this blog is getting multi-dimensional.
Not only can one learn new information or facts and pick up interesting tit-bits about HFM and the hindi film industry and its titans and thespians, one could also acquire knowledge about the unique Indian railways system.
Thanks and regards,
Avadh Lal


Missing words :

muhabbat ke badle mein Imaan le lo
agar jaan ” kaam aa ” sake jaan le lo


@ nahm ji – thanks for the missing words.


Wow! Wonderful information indeed! AC/DC changeover info just too good 🙂 Thanks a ton Atulji! Equally good was perseverance of Nitin ji & explanation of ODC!



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