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Pati dhyaan se hi

Posted on: February 2, 2015

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“Swarg Ki Seedhi”(1935) was directed by A R Kardar for National Movietone, Lahore and it had Khursheed, Khadim, Umrao Zia Begam, Prithviraj, Gyan Singh etc in it.

The details of this movie, one of the earliest movies to be produced in Lahore, are not available. Even the number of songs contained in the movie is not known for sure. HFGK contains the mukhda of four songs and then leaves blanks, indicating that this movie had other songs in it too, but information about them have been lost.

To our great fortune, two songs from this movie have come up on internet thanks to Mr Roberto and Mr Surjit Singh. Yesterday I discussed one of these songs. Here is the other song from the movie. Like the previous song, this song too is sung by Umrao Zia Begam and it is composed by Ghulam Haider, later to become her husband.

Lyricist of the song is not known. The song was picturised on Umrao Zia Begam herself.

The audio of this song is not clear and I have been all at sea while trying to note down the lyrics of this song. I request our readers with keener ears to help fill in the blanks and suggest corrections in the lyrics wherever applicable.

Song-Pati dhyaan se hi (Swarg Ki Seedhi)(1935) Singer-Umrao Zia Begam, MD-Ghulam Haider


pati dhyaan se hi sat ??an ki
pati dhyaan se hi sat ??an ki
pati bhishan se hi ?? hamri

pati rooth gaye
sat rooth gayi
pati rooth gaye
sat rooth gayi
pati bhishan se hi ?? hamri

pati naam se hi pat bodhan ki
naam se hi pat bodhan ki
pati aawan se saawan hamro
pati aawan se saawan hamro
pati prem se hi sat jeewan ki
pati prem se hi sat jeewan ki
pati jeewan se hi
pati dhyaan se hi
pati saa??an ki
pati bhishan se hi ?? hamri
patee ee

1 Response to "Pati dhyaan se hi"

Khursheed Begum:>>
Date of Birth: 14 April 1914, Chunian, Lahore

Date of Death: 18 April 2001, Karachi

Birth Name: Irshad Begum
Khurshid started her film career way back in the late thirties and was among the two surviving actresses to have shared stellar honours with the renowned singer K.L. Saigal. Suraiya, another popular singer-actress of the forties and fifties, remains the only one till 2001. Irshad Begum in real life, Khurshid had done a number of movies for Ranjeet Movietone and her leading men included Saigal, Motilal, Isharilal and Jairaj. Soon after partition she migrated to Pakistan and settled down in Karachi, where she did two movies, Mandi and Fankar, both of which didn’t fare well at the box-office. In 1956 Irshad Begum got married to Yusuf Bhaimia, and made philanthropy the mainstay of her existence. Since then she refused to give interviews or even talk about her film career. She was 79 when she passed away.
Yusuf Bhaimia>Since 1956
Lala Yaqoob>Divorced in1956
As Actress>>
1966 Dillagi
1956 Fankar
1956 Mandi
1950 Babul
1948 Aap Beeti
1947 Aage Badho
1947 Mitti
1947 Rangeen Kahani
1946 Devar
1945 Moorti as Anami/Chanda
1945 Prabhu Ka Ghar as Alka
1944 Mumtaz Mahal
1944 Shahenshah Babar
1944 Dr. Kumar
1943 Tansen as Tani
1942 Bhakta Surdas
1942 Chandni
1941 Beti
1941 Pardesi
1941 Shaadi
1940 Holi as Kokila
1940 Musafir
1939 Kaun Kisika
1939 The Daughters of India
1938 Madhur Milan
1938 Prem Samadhi
1938 Sitara as Sitara
1936 Ailane Jung
1936 Kimiagar
1936 Piya Ki Jogan
1936 Sipah Salar
1935 Bombshell
1935 Swarg Ki Sidhi
1933 Aankh Ka Nasha
1933 Mirza Sahiban
1933 Nakli Doctor
1932 Chatra Bakavali
1932 Hathili Dulhan
1932 Muflis Ashaq
1932 Radhe Shyam
1931/I Laila Majnu
1931/I Shakuntala

Syed lmtiaz Ali Taj>>
Date of Birth 13 October 1900, Lahore
Date of Death 19 April 1970, Lahore, (murdered)

Syed lmtiaz Ali Taj, prose and drama writer, was born in Lahore on October 13, 1900. After his education, he was able to partake in his father’s publishing institution, Dar-ul-Ishaat Punjab.

During his college days he showed his literary qualities by translating and directing several English plays, and then staging them for the college. He sometimes played female roles as girls in his time were not allowed to act.

His earliest involvement with publications began with ‘Phool’, a children’s periodical and ‘Tahzeeb-e-Niswan’ for women readership.

In 1918 he began the literary magazine called ‘Kehqashan’ in collaboration with his friend, Maulana Abdul Majeed Salik. In Phool he had the assistance of the famous short story writer Ghulam Abbas Ahmed as well as young Ahmed Nadeem Oasmi.

He translated into Urdu Shakespeare’s play ‘A Mid Summer Nights Dream’ and entitled it in ‘Sawan Rain ka Sapna’. In 1922 he wrote ‘Anarkali’, which became a landmark in Urdu drama writing. This was later adapted into feature films in India and Pakistan.

In 1926 he wrote a play ‘Chacha Chhakan’ which was similar to the famous characters ‘Uncle Podger’ of the English dramatist Jerome, Chacha Chhakan remains until today the most humorous character in the Urdu literature.

Apart from criticism on drama, he also wrote radio plays, novels, short stories and several film stories, some of them directed by him. As the Director of ‘Majlis’ he republished many critical works of Urdu literature.

After the establishment of Pakistan, Syed lmtiaz Ali Taj conducted a daily feature ‘Pakistan Hamara Hai’ for Radio Pakistan. It was no doubt a popular programme.

On 19th April, 1970 while he was asleep, he was shot dead by some unknown persons. His wife Hijab lmtiaz Ali was seriously wounded.

1958 Zehr E Ishq (dialogue)
1956 Intezar (dialogue)
1951 Chanway (story)
1947 Pagdandi
1928 Loves of a Moghul Prince (play “Anarkali”)
As Director
1953 Gulnaar
1935 Swarg Ki Sidhi
As Actor
1928 Loves of a Moghul Prince

Ghulam Haider>>
Born: 1908 in Hyderabad, Sindh,
Died: November 9, 1953 (age 45) in Lahore,

1953 Aabshar
1953 Ghulam
1953 Gulnaar
1952 Bheegi Palkain
1951 Akaely
1950 Beqarar
1949 Kaneez
1949 Shahida
1948 Majboor
1948 Padmini
1947 Manjhdhar
1947 Mehandi
1946 Behram Khan
1946 Jag Biti
1946 Shama
1945 Humayun
1945 Phool
1944 Bhai
1944 Chal Chal Re Navjavan
1943 Poonji
1942 Khandan
1942 Zamindar
1941 Chaudhry
1941 Khazanchi
1940 Yamla Jat
1938 Gul Bakaoli
1935 Majnu
1935 Swarg Ki Sidhi


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