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Hasraten barbaad hain armaan hamaare lut gaye

Posted on: February 3, 2015

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Today (3 february 2015) is the 15th anniversary of A R Qureshi (29 april 1919-3 february 2000). He composed music in a few Hindi movies under the name of A R Qureshi and later on made his mark as a tabla player extraordinaire under the name of Ustad Alla Rakha Khan. Indians, not surprisingly, did not fully appreciate his talents, but western musicians did. Some of them studied his tabla playing techniques and learnt new things from him.

The most glowing tribute to him was paid by Micky Hart, an American musician of the “Grateful Dead” group, who described him as “Alla Rakha is the Einstein, the Picasso; he is the highest form of rhythmic development on this planet.”

A R Qureshi composed music for some 38 Hindi moves. Most of these movies were small budget movies that did not leave much impact at the box office. This blog has his compositions from nine movies. His best known movies were “Sabak”(1950), “Bewafa”(1951) and “Khandaan”(1955).

As a tribute to A R Qureshi, here is a song from “Laila”(1954), a movie that makes its debut in the blog today. This song is sung by Asha Bhonsle. Mulkraj Bhakri is the lyricist. Music is composed by A R Qureshi.

This forgotten and obscure movie was directed by Naseem Siddiqui for Shah Pictures and it had Daljeet, Shakila, Hiralal, Noorjahan, Kammo, Durga Khote, W. M. Khan etc in it. Only the audio of this song is available. My guess is that this melancholic song was picturised on Shakeela in the movie.


Song-Hasraten barbaad hain armaan hamaare lut gaye(Laila)(1954) Singer-Asha Bhonsle, Lyrics-Mulkraj Bhakri, MD-A R Qureshi


hasraten barbaad hain
armaan hamaare lut gaye ae
hasraten barbaad hain
armaan hamaare lut gaye ae
pyaar ki manzil se pehle
gham ke maare lut gaye ae

chaandni raaten
wo chori ki mulaaqaaten kahaan aan
khwaab ho kar reh gayin
wo pyaar ki baaten kahaan aan
ab andhera aasmaan hai
chaand taare lut gaye ae
pyaar ki manzil se pehle
gham ke maare lut gaye ae

aa ke tujh bin har kadam per
thhokaren khaate hain ham
bhoolne waale kabhi
tujhko bhi yaad aate hain ham
aasraa tera hai baaqi
sab sahaare lut gaye ae
pyaar ki manzil se pehle
gham ke maare lut gaye ae

dar-badar hain
jaise ki mera khuda koi nahin
dar-badar hain
jaise ki mera khuda koi nahin
doobti kashti hoon
jiska naakhuda koi nahin een
maujen ab royen kahaan jaakar
kinaare lut gaye
pyaar ki manzil se pehle
gham ke maare lut gaye ae

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AR Qureshi (Ustad Allahrakha)
1958 Shaan e Hatim
1958 Sim Sim Marzina
1957 Parveen
1957 Alladin Laila
1956 Alam Ara
1956 Indra Sabha
1956 Laal e Yaman
1956 Mallika
1955 Khandaan
1955 Hatimtai Ki Beti
1955 Sakhi Hatim
1954 Noor Mahal
1952 Bewafa
1950 Sabak
1946 Wamiq Azra
Mulkraj Bhakri(Lyricist)>>Chunaria-48, Bansuria-49, Chakori-49, Nach-49, Roomal-49, Shagun-51,


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