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Aaye ho abhi baithho to sahi

Posted on: February 20, 2015

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“Jeewan” (1944) is an obscure movie with equally obscure songs in it. This movie was produced by A R Kardar and directed by M Sadiq. The movie had Mehtab, Badri Prasad, Anwar, Shyam Kumar, Misra, Sofia, Nirmala etc in it.

Three songs from this movie has been discussed in the past. Here is another song from the movie. This song, an obscure song, is sung by Nirmala Devi. D N Madhok is the lyricist. Music is composed by Naushad.

From the star cast, it is clear that the song was picturised on Nirmala Devi herself.

Here is this song with interesting and different lyrics. Listening to this song is a delightful experience.

I have been unable to get the lyrics right at a few places. I request our readers with keener ears to point out the missing/ correct words wherever applicable.


Song-Aaye ho abhi baithho to sahi (Jeewan)(1944) Singer-Nirmala Devi, Lyrics-D N Madhok, MD-Naushad


Aaye ho abhi
baithho to sahi ee
do pyaar ki baaten ho jaayen
aaye ho abhi
baithho to sahi ee
do pyaar ki baaten ho jaayen
ab chhod ke maaya ki duniya aa
ab chhod ke maaya ki duniya
ik dooje mein ham kho jaayen
aaye ho abhi ee
baithho to sahi ee
do pyaar ki baaten ho jaayen

tum maaya ki duniya chhod aao
main chhod doon saari duniya ko
saari duniya ko
tum maaya ki duniya chhod aao
main chhod doon saari duniya ko
saari duniya ko
aao o
aao ?? saanson mein
aao ?? saanson mein
ham bhi jafaa ke ho jaayen
aaye ho abhi
baithho to sahi ee
do pyaar ki baaten ho jaayen

aao ji jaane waale
laut aao
nanha sa jiya hai mera
na tadpaao
aao ji jaane waale
laut aao
nanha sa jiya hai mera
na tadpaao
aao pyaar ki madira pee ke donon
aao pyaar ki madira pee ke donon
ik meethhi nindiya so jaayen
aaye ho abhi ee
baithho to sahi ee
do pyaar ki baaten ho jaayen
aaye ho abhi
baithho to sahi ee
do pyaar ki baaten ho jaayen

6 Responses to "Aaye ho abhi baithho to sahi"

Could be Mehtab
M. Sadiq (1910–1971)
Born: as Mohammed Sadiq March 10, 1910 in Lahore
Died: October 3, 1971 (age 61) in Lahore
1972Baharon Phool Barsao
1967Bahu Begum
1963Taj Mahal
1961Full Moon
1959Jawani Ki Hawa
1958Khota Paisa
1957Duniya Rang Rangili
1957Mai Baap
1956Chhoo Mantar
1956Some Where in Delhi
1950Anmol Ratan
1949Char Din
1947Dak Bangla
1946Jag Biti
1946Sham Savera
1967Bahu Begum (screenplay)
1949Paras (scenario)
1940Holi (dialogue/screenplay)
1940Pooja (dialogue/screenplay)
1939Thokar (writer)
1932/IHeer Ranjha (screenplay)
As Cinematographer
1972/IBaharon Phool Barsao (producer)


Nitin ji,

One danger of copying from other sites is that whichever mistake they do in listing,is automatically credited to you as your mistake. So,beware and first check what is being posted on your name.Or atleast give the source.
” Baharon phool barsao” -72 was a PAKISTANI Film. Sadiq migrated to Pakistan in 1968 and produced this film,but died before it was released,so his contribution to Pakistani Film industry is almost nothing.


You are right. I have not claimed otherwise.
The very fact that I have mentioned that he died in Lahore in 1971 it follows it is a Pakistani(1972) movie.


Nitin ji,

It is not automatic. it could have been a release-delayed Indian film too.
Why leave matters for drawing conclusions ?
My point is that when you copy from IMDB or Wikipedia,what happens when they provide wrong information ?
The mistake will be on your name,unless you have mentioned the source.
When you provide some information,first find out the relevance,then the need,then comes accuracy of information. Why should you get the blame for someone else’s mistake ?
Your comments must be self explanatory.Dont expect that the reader has all the time in the world to guess what is in your mind or what you meant by your actions or words.
Atul ji’s blog has an image of providing correct,reliable and corroborated information.
You must have noticed that myself,Sudhir ji or Sadanand ji & others take great care to provide tested information only,plus we ack. the source too, invariably.
As I always say,you must only write,what you can defend,with proof,if challenged. Thus comes Credibility.



Nitin ji,

The issues that Arun ji is raising, have also been discussed with you in email off line.

I completely agree with Arun ji when he says that we need to ensure relevance, need and accuracy / authenticity of the information being posted, whether it is an article or it is a comment. Commenting with loads and loads of data is almost like sitting in an exam where the examiner will measure the thickness of one’s answer sheet to give marks.

In the post ‘Meri Aur Unki Preet Puraani’, your explanation that the information on BR Ishara is included in your comment is that because he is the dialogue writer for the film. This is not relevant to the post, since BR Ishara’s name or his contribution is not discussed. If we have to pick the dialogue writer, then we have to pick many more contributors to the film e.g. art director, producer, story writer, fight composer, hair dresser. . . I am sure no one will consider all these contributors relevant from the point of view of the post on this blog. It should be very interesting to compile a list of films in which ‘Kamath Foto Flash’ has provided services for still photography or ‘Maganbhai Dresswala’ has supplied the costumes – but that has to be a separate context, a separate post, maybe even another website.

In the post ‘Aisi Wafaa Karna’, your explanation that the information on Ghulam Rasool is included in your comment is that because he is one of the actors in the film. Once again, the same logic applies. Just because the cast of actors contains a name, that is not primary to the content of the post, I would consider this information as irrelevant for this purpose. If you are providing lists for Hadi, Lakshmi and Ghulam Rasool, then you should provide the list for all the actors listed in the post. But maybe those lists are not available online.

In the same post ‘Aisi Wafaa Karna’, take the case of the filmographic list you have provided for actress Lakshmi. The filmography extends almost continuosly from 1930 (silent period) to 1997. A quick look at this range should give a discriminating person the idea that this filmography is spurious, and the possibility is very high, rather almost certain, that the list is made up of more than one actress named Laxmi. An actress who starts her career in 1930, even as a child artist, would be in her 70s while acting in a film in 1997. Even a junior artist with such a long career would be a veteran and a well known name in the industry.

And of course, the issue that you have combined the data for Ghulam Mohammed the music director, the actor, and the singer in a single list. You could not do it any differently because that is how it is available on IMDB. But as has been discussed earlier on this blog itself, these three persona are all different people. It is clear that whoever is compiling the list for IMDB is mindlessly putting together all data for the name Ghulam Mohammed without discrimination. And we are equally responsible for erroneous information by simply copying and pasting such incorrect data from spurious sources. Your explanation in email that you clubbed this data to present all the three persona, does not hold any water. We are discussing Ghulam Mohammed, the music director only, and other persons with similar name are completely irrelevant to the context. Plus you have not mentioned any such thing in the comment itself. That makes us, and this blog, propogators of erroneous and misleading information.

It is so clear that you have copied this data from IMDB, a site that is notorious for putting up absolutely incorrect data without applying any mind towards the history of Hindi films and its persona.

Coming back to the list of films with which M Sadiq is associated, that you have provided in this comment. I have searched all through the Geek Kosh, and other sources that I consider authentic. I have not been able to locate a film titled ‘Somewhere In Delhi’ from 1956. Then digging a little more into the IMDB data itself, a film with this name appears there, whose alternate name is given as ‘Anjaan’. Immediate reference to Geet Kosh and other sources shows that ‘Anjaan’ is the primary name of this film, the name by which it was released, and NOT the alternate name. I would be very suspicious of all data on a site that does not even present the film with its correct release name. And by the way, there is no other entry on IMDB for ‘Anjaan’ 1956.

We must remember that IMDB and Wikipedia are sites that thrive on contributions by ANYONE, and editing is permitted to ANYONE. If I look at the list if actors on the IMDB page for this film, the name of a junior artist – Harbans Darshan M Arora, is listed on the top. The name of the hero (Pradeep Kumar) is listed 5th and the name of the heroine (Vijayantimala) is listed 14th. The list is not alphabetical. This may indicate that some reader may have edited and tampered with this list of actors. Or whoever has prepared and put this list in order, has no inkling about the ranking of artists.

This data itself establishes that IMDB is not a site from where we should mindlessly copy, just to increase the ‘thickness of the answer sheets’. As Arun ji has mentioned, all of us, when using information from online sources, check and double check, and also acknowledge the source. Plus we add our own comments and observations about the information, and also express our doubts if we are not sure about the correctness of the information gathered.

My request to you, and all other contributors is to be more discriminating and spend extra effort for checking and adding your own observations, when using data from online sources that are known to be not 100% correct.



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