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Mere paas aao mere bhole sajan ji

Posted on: May 18, 2015

This article is written by Arunkumar Deshmukh, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.


Today’s song is a Quartet of Shamshad begum with Lata, Chitalkar and Rafi, from the film-Roshni-1949.

What an year 1949 was ! It not only gave superlative quality musical films but it was also an eventful year for the industry setting Benchmarks for various activities. 1949 can aptly be called as the year that heralded the beginning of the GOLDEN ERA of Hindi film music.

Andaz and Barsat were the two films released this year that set lofty standards for films of this genre. Andaz was Mehboob’s third movie with love triangle as the theme, after Anmol Ghadi-46 and Anokhi Ada-48. The only film of Raj and Dilip together, Andaz had songs which continues to create the same magic even today.

Barsat established RK Banner, gave it a Monogram (DP in today’s Lingo) in the pose by Raj and Nargis from the film, and launched the careers of several artistes like, Shankar-jaikishen, Shailendra, Hasrat Jaipuri, Ramanand Sagar and Nimmi, all of them making their debuts with this film. Andaz introduced the concept of platonic love while Love stories became a popular theme in films after the success of Barsaat.

Mahal-First film of Kamaal Amrohi as a Director, established Madhubala as a Star, started a trend for Mystery based films and made Lata an All India Phenomenon !

In 1949, South and East productions also contributed substantially. After the stunning success of Chandralekha, S S Vasan of Gemini Films, Madras brought his second Blockbuster in Hindi, Telugu and Tamil ( Chandralekha was made in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Sinhali, all 4 were superhits). NISHAN-49 had Ranjan and P. Bhanumathy in the lead, even in its Hindi edition. Ranjan (Ramanarayana Venkataramana Sarma) a multi-talented internationally known artiste was a popular Hero. Vasan used him in his third Hindi/Tamil/Telugu film ‘Mangala-50’. More about him will be discussed in the last episode of this series.

From Calcutta came Shanta Apte’s ‘Swayamsidha’-49- a story of a strong woman. many films were made on this story in almost every decade later on. Chhota hai-also from Calcutta in the same year represented India in a Canada Film Festival.

Ek thi Ladki-49 made “Lara Lappa” song almost a National song. Meena Shorey was known as the “Lara Lappa Girl” till she died in poverty unsung and unknown in Pakistan. Badi Behen (Husnlal-Bhagatram), Dillagi and Dulari (Naushad Ali), Baazaar( Shyamsunder) and Patanga (C Ramchandra) were the other hit musicals of 1949.

In 1949, the Censor Board started the “A” category, Films division was established, India’s First luxury Theatre “Liberty” was opened in Bombay, Navketan Productions of Dev Anand was established and ‘Movie Times’ magazine was started, which published film news.

By 1949, Naushad Ali and C Ramchandra were competing with each other for the No. 1 slot. Both respected each other. Their competition gave superlative music to Indian music lovers in the coming years. This was everybody’s gain. The Playback singers’ group was coming to a final shape with Lata, Asha, Geeta, Shamshad and all others in that order,for female singers. For males, it was Mohd. Rafi, Mukesh, Kishore, Talat and Manna Dey and all others in that order. Very shortly the first 3 in each group were the survivors for a longer run, the rest remaining on the fringes!

Out of the Music Directors, only those who debuted or excelled in the late 40s survived and prospered. Naushad, Shankar-Jaikishen, S D Burman, Roshan, C.Ramchandra, Husnlal- Bhagatram and all others in that order. In due course, the first few proved to be long distance runners. By late 70s this generation of composers found themselves replaced by the next generation composers.

Film Roshni-49 was produced by P L Santoshi as the Heroine of this film was….Rehana (who else ?). He was also the Lyricist. The film was directed by Ramanlal Desai ( Not to be confused with Raman B. Desai-the Mythology king).

Ramanlal Lalbhai Desai was born on 6-9-1915 at Ahmedabad ( some sources indicate different year and place). His father was a Station master in the BBCI Railway ( Bombay-Baroda and Central India Railway). He was educated in Bombay and he studied upto Inter-Arts. he soon left his studies to work as an assistant cameraman and assistant Director for Thief of Baghdad-34. In 1935 he shifted to Ganesh Movietone but came back to paramount. He was assitant director in Fairy of the flute, Guru Ghantal ,Black ghost, Burqawali, Alladin, Vagabond lover, Madhur bansari etc. He co-directed films like Patriot, Darpan and Mere Saajan, in Rex Pictures. He was a good editor and a musician.

He became a full fledged Directer with Daughter of the jungle-42, Muhabbat ki jeet-43, Circus girl-43, Bhagta Bhoot-43, Rangeela Dost-44, Kismat ka Dhani-46, Jadui putali-46, Tiger man-47, Naqali Heera-48, Dhanwale-48, Dilwale-48, Roshni-49,Sangeeta-50, Aab e Hayaat-55, Hum bhi kuch kam nahin 58, Minister-59 and Zalim tera jawab nahin-60. He turned to Gujarati films and directed Sole saaj singar-77 and Kul deepak-78.
He was working as a Production supervisor for film Nastik-54 (credited).
(Thanks to shri Harish Raghuwanshi ji for allowing me to use some information used here).

C. Ramchandra was the Music Director for Roshni-49 and there were nine songs in it. Generally songs are solos, duets or Triokas(3 singers) Sometimes there are 4 or 5 singers also, who are distinctly audible with lines to sing separately. Songs with more than 4-5 singers are rare. Can you believe that there are 2 songs in a film where there are as many as NINE singers in each song? ( Yes, NINE singers). I will be delighted if any of the readers can reveal this film’s name giving details of all names of 9 singers. All singers’ names are mentioned on the credits too ! One clue- this film is after 1960 .

Today’s song is a song having 4 singers. Duets of Shamshad-Rafi or Lata Rafi or Shamshad and Chitalkar or Shamshad and Rafi are many, but this is the only song in HFM history where these four singers have sung together! So enjoy this lovely and rare song from “Roshni” (1949)

And all the best to those venturing to locate the songs with nine singers!


Song-Mere paas aao mere bhole sajan ji (Roshni)(1949) Singers-Lata, Rafi, Shamshad Begam, C Ramchandra, Lyrics-P L Santoshi, MD-C Ramchandra
Lata + Rafi
Shamshad Begam + C Ramchandra


mere paas aao mere bhole sajan ji
mere paas aao
mere paas aao mere bhole sajan ji
kaanon mein keh doon main baat mere man ki
kaanon mein keh doon main baat mere man ki

mere paas aao mere bhole sajan ji
mere paas aao

aji milta hai koi
de deti hai dil
aji milta hai koi
de deti hai dil
aur kehti hai mujhse
chaupaati pe mil
aur kehti hai mujhse
chaupaati pe mil
aadat hai inki ye bachpan ki
aji aadat hai inki ye bachpan ki
mere paas aao

kehte hain pandit pe ponge hain ye
aji kehte hain pandit pe ponge hain ye
rail ke engine ke chonge hain ye
rail ke engine ke chonge hain ye
bhaai inhen kori bhangan ki
bhaai inhen kori bhangan ki
mere paas aao

mere paas aao mere bhole sajan ji
kaanon mein keh doon main baat mere man ki
mere paas aao

aji soorat saloni
pe rang hai kaala
arre soorat saloni
pe rang hai kaala
arre nakhre mein dekho
garam hai masaala
nakhre mein dekho
garam hai masaala
aur kehti hai raani hoon fashion ki
kehti hai raani hoon fashion ki
mere paas aao ho

aise to man hain
dikhte hain monkey
aeji aise to man hain
dikhte hain monkey

o ho ho ho ho ho
dot dot

bilkul hain lazy
jaise hon donkey
bilkul hain lazy
jaise hon donkey
gaadi kheench(?) laaye jeewan ki
gaadi kheench(?) laaye jeewan ki
mere paas aao

8 Responses to "Mere paas aao mere bhole sajan ji"

Arun ji, only you give us so much of history. Thank you very much!


Thanks Aparna ji.


? – ‘gaadi kheenche na aaye jeewan ki’


9 singers:
Penaz Masani, Hariharan, Sushma Shreshta, Priti Chawla, Ghanshyam Vaswani, Viraj Upadhyay, Narendra Bhansali, Badrinath Pawar, Usha Rege

movie: Katha (1983)

Music: Raj Kamal
Lyrics: Indu Jain

-Kaun Aaya Kaun Aaya
-Kya Hua Kya Hua Kya Hua


Fantastic piece of musical investigation. Congrats. You have beaten everybody hollow. It will be interesting to know the journey you had to tread to get to te destination. Thanks


Dear Sam ji,
It is a pleasure to read your coments after a long time.
Thanks for your inputs. This song was declared yesterday itself by me on the Fb page of atulsongaday.
After reading it,one expert has provided another song with 10 singers. This song is from film Dillagi-1999. This looks to be the record holder at the moment.
This film-Dillagi-99 had 8 MDs ! The composers were Jatin-Lalit,Anand-Milind,Shanker-Ehsaan-Loy and Sukhvinder singh. Thankfully,there was only one Lyricist.
In film Pathan-62, there were 9 MDs !


Only in this age it can happens. Everything is so kshanbhangur.
The hotchpotch>>
Abhijeet, Alka Yagnik, Jaspinder Narula, Kavita Krishnamurthy, Mahalakshmi Iyer, Shaan, Shankar Mahadevan, Sonu Nigam, Sukhwinder Singh, Udit Narayan




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