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O Bambai Waali Chhokri Tu Ruk Ja Vallaah

Posted on: August 17, 2015

This article is written by Sudhir, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

Yeh Hai Bombay Meri Jaan – 8
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

[NOTE:  This is the transcript of the news bulletin that was broadcast at 9 PM on Friday evening on ASAD-Vaani.  This transcript forms Part 1 of the report on the Atulites Gangout that was organized in Bombay on Friday, the 14th of August, 2015. Part 2 of this report follows this news bulletin.]


This is ASAD-Vaani.
The News at 9, read by Yours-Truly.

First, the headlines :-

  • The second plenary Atulite gangout of the Mumbai chapter, was successfully and funfully accomplished at Versova earlier in the day today.
  • Heavy rains reported in Nagpur, all modes of transport underwater.
  • The American online search giant, Google Inc., announces major changes to its customer policies
  • The Public Services department of Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) reported success in locating media material
  • The Department of Census of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt of India, reports major population shifts in Chhatisgarh state

And now the news in detail.  Please note that this bulletin will be followed by the regular program ‘Natter Chatter’, with a detailed report from our Delhi correspondent on the Atulite gangout session in Mumbai.

The second plenary gangout of the Atulite’s team was held in Versova earlier in the day today.  Enthusiastic participation from local, national and international delegates made for a riotously successful get together.  The meeting, which started around 10.30 in the morning, found itself to be continuously engaged in one musical topic after another, all the way up to 7.30 pm in the evening.  All participants expressed great satisfaction in the achievement of 96.3% on the FunDo scale, one of the top three scores ever achieved in this category of meetings and get-togethers worldwide.

The meeting was held at the residence of Arun ji Deshmukh, also known as Mr. IHE – the designated In House Encyclopedia of ASAD.  The meeting was attended by Bharat Bhai and Sadanand ji Kamath representing the local Mumbai sub-division of the Western Division of Atuldom.  The other national level delegates in attendance were Bakhshish Singh ji Bakshi and Yours-Truly from the Delhi subdivision of the Northern Division of Atuldom.

The international divisions of Atuldom were also represented at this meeting.  The meeting was graced by Ben Katie (or Khyati Ben in the local parlance) who is in India, all the way from Fountain Valley in California, USA.  The bonus participation was Dr. Jagdish Bhatt, also from Fountain Valley, California.  In the closed circles of Atuldom, he is also recognized as the Prince Charming of Khyati Ben.

The debutante participants in person were Bakshi ji from Delhi and Jagdish Bhai of California.  From earlier reports, participation by Bakshi ji was doubtful, since the organizers of the gangout had requested for an interview report, to be conducted live at the get together.  An industrial architect by profession, Bakshi ji at first was reluctant to face such an interview. It was only after being convinced by Yours-Truly that his basic rights of free speech as well as free silence will be honored, that he agreed to attend the meeting in person.

Jagdish Bhai was introduced as a seasoned singer of songs of velvet from the golden era.  A performance by him had been promised, and was put on the agenda.  However, this performance item could not be brought to stage, as the program schedule became too tight.  The main reason for the lost time during the day was the inordinately slow pace of food consumption during the lunch break, by certain participants.  Please remained tuned in for details, which will be covered in the following program ‘Natter Chatter’.

The surprise participant for the day turned up near the end of the day’s proceedings.  Kushal Gopalka, also from Bombay, arrived into the meeting close to 5.30 pm.  Kushal, a name that has been introduced earlier on this channel, is an industrialist, and a lover of HFM.  He is not yet a regular ASAD member.  However his keen interests, his depth of research in this area, and his love for this art form, makes him a welcome participant at this gathering.

The logistic and the culinary support for the day’s proceedings was heartfully managed by the team of Anju-Manju Event Management Inc., an organization that is pioneered by Anjali and Mohini, the daughters of Arun ji Deshmukh.  The preparations for the various courses became an instant hit on the Facebook and WhatsApp, as soon as the images of the same were uploaded online by Arun ji.  Equally popular became the now infamous ‘delayed-lunch-consumption’ tactics of some participants, which disturbed the planned schedule for the day.

Moving to other news from the Western Division.  Nagpur subdivision witnessed continuous heavy to very heavy rainfall.  The rain has been continuously falling since late last night, it is still continuing as we are presenting this bulletin.  As the result of this downpour, the normal activity of the citizens of Nagpur has been severely disrupted.  Near flood-like situation has been created in the lower parts of the city, with some areas under six to seven feet of water.  As per the pictures received from our local correspondent, Shri Avinash Scrapwaala, it is seen that cars and small trucks are submerged in this heavy deluge.

All the transport activity in the city is heavily dislocated.  The tracks at the railway station are submerged in two to three feet of water. Running of regular trains has been suspended by the railways.  In the Nagpur subdivision, a number of trains are running behind schedule and many trains have been cancelled. Our correspondent is currently marooned at the station.  He was supposed to travel by train to Mumbai to attend the gangout session of the Atulite team.  Due to the severe climate conditions he finds himself high and dry or rather high and very wet, unable to make the travel.  The graphic situation of his predicament has been communicated to the organizers of the gangout in Mumbai.

In the other local news, the Lost and Found section of the Public Services department of Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) reported success in locating media material that apparently had gone missing a few months back.  The media artifact contains the compilation of the Yippee songs that has been painstakingly put together by DejaVu-007, the Atuldom agent in the deep south.  This media artifact had last surfaced at the meeting of the head honcho of Atuldom with Yours-Truly in Delhi.  Subsequently, this was forwarded to the Mumbai team for circulation and copying.

The information of the dispatch and receipt has been misplaced, and the artifact fell off the ASAD radar for a few months.  The situation was getting so awkward that the concerned persons had stopped responding to queries about this artifact, since the traceability of the artifact became an embarrassing issue.  The entire team heaved a sigh of relief, as Arun ji announced that the item was finally located, and it could now resume circulation between the gang members. This development was immediately conveyed to Pradeep ji (aka DejaVu-007), who heartily welcomed this news. The sigh of relief heaved by him in Chennai was actually audible in Versova. Participants at the get together vouch for the fact that this sigh of relief was heard by them, not through the regular phones or internet phones, but actually coming in the atmospheric airwaves.

And now, for international news.  Reports coming out of the website of Google indicate that the search engine giant has converted its ‘Hangout’ product into a paid service.  Participants at the Versova gangout found this out the hard way.  As they tried to create a ‘Hangout’ session for connecting to other remote participants, waiting in various parts of the world, they were dismayed to find out that they were barred from doing so, unless a fee was paid.  This new development, although unrelated to the main business of Atuldom, came as a blow to the connectivity plans for the gangout get together.  The technical team now has a new task assigned, to identify alternate connecting mechanisms for future gangouts.

“”Bleep bleep bleep bleep bleep.  Bleep bleep bleep bleep bleep bleep bleep bleep bleep.  Bleep bleep bleep bleep bleep.  Bleep bleep bleep bleep bleep bleep bleep bleep.  Bleep bleep bleep bleep bleep bleep bleep bleep bleep bleep bleep bleep bleep.  Bleep bleep bleep bleep.””

We are regretful that the news item from the Department of Census of the Ministry of Home Affairs of the Govt of India has been censored for now. Highly placed sources in the Ministry who do not wish to be named, have shared in confidence that the Census details of population shifts is under review by a highly placed cabinet committee that includes the Prime Minister, the Cabinet Secretary, the Minister for Parliamentary Affairs and Member (Personnel) of the Railway Board.  These details are being withheld till such time that this review is complete.  The Higher Authorities will then issue the appropriate bulletin and gazette notifications.

Sports Roundup.
Now we come to the news from the world of sports.  The second annual competition of “Identify the Song by Listening to Leading Music” was held at the Atulite gangout at Versova, as part of the agenda for the get together. The competition was conducted by Bharat Bhai, with very able assistance from Khyati Ben. The participants were given the choice to select the period for which they would play. The moderators would then play the initial starting music of a song from the selected period, and the participants were required to identify the song. Highest scores were achieved by Yours-Truly. There were some observations and mild protests that the high scores were all achieved during the conduct of the competition by Khyati Ben. After hearing all sides, the moderators finally overruled all objections, and announced the name of Yours-Truly as the winner for this edition of the competition. No awards were given.

And now, the weather report.  The monsoon season having picked up strength in the later weeks, has been responsible for sustained rainfall in almost all parts of the country. Most Divisions and sub-divisions of Atuldom are reporting heavy to very heavy rainfall, for the past seven days for which records are available. However, the weather on the ASAD blog continues to remain cloudy and indifferent, and neither the sun shines for any normal duration, nor does the rain fall at its regular measured scale.  This drought on the ASAD blog is being keenly watched by observers and specialists around the world.  They have expressed concerns in published and private communications over these drought like situation that is rarely seen in the Atuldom.  However, highly placed sources predict a change of weather in the coming few days, and the regular quantum of sunshine and musical rainfall will soon be restored for the enjoyment of all Atulites around the world.

Before we end the bulletin, the headlines once again.

  • Atulite’s plenary session held in Versova, earlier today.
  • Nagpur witnesses heavy rains; rail services disrupted.
  • Google converts its ‘Hangout’ product into paid service.
  • Lost media artifact successfully located by BMC.
  • And in sports, the second annual competition of “Identify the Song by Listening to Leading Music” held today at Versova

With that we come to the end of this bulletin.

Please remain tuned in for the “Natter Chatter” program, that follows immediately after this bulletin.

This is Yours-Truly wishing all listeners a very Good Night.


As this series progresses, also continues the challenge to continue locating songs which have references to Bombay / Bambai. As I search, I continue to find good, unheard and un-posted songs that fit the reference criteria. Today’s song is a fabulous song that could also have gone into the “foot tapper” series. Of course, the Bombay reference made me choose to post it as part of this series. The film is ‘Miss Chaalbaaz’ from 1961. The music maker is  Jimmy, alias James Singh. The songwriters name is not traceable. The singing voices are identified as Asha Bhosle and Sudha Malhotra.

The interesting thing about this film is that Helen is the leading lady.  This is a stunt film produced under the banner of Hind Pictures, Bombay, and is directed by a gentleman named Pyaarelal.  The cast of actors is listed in Geet Kosh as Helen, Shah Agha, KN Singh, Sheela Kashmiri, Sheikh, Jilaani, Rajan Kapur, Majnoo, Miss Nazar, Bela, Lekhraj Chaudhry, M Wahid, Nasreen, Mohini Mala, Vikram Kumar, Neena, Ismail Azaad Qawwaal.  Given the list, it is safe to surmise that Helen is the leading lady.  The title and the genre of the film suggests that Helen probably played a role akin to Nadia.  Since the video of the film is not available, it is difficult to determine whether this song is filmed on Helen. It is possible it may have been.  Other possibility is that this duet may have been filmed on other lady actors in the cast, notably Sheela Kashmiri, Miss Nazar, Bela (Bela Bose ?) etc.  I request other readers and friends to please add some information here if available.  I am not tagging it as a Helen song as yet.

Another side note; this series was taking a certain track, as I was reminiscing my personal encounters with the city of Bombay. Into that track, I am interjecting two episodes (at least) for the Atulite gangout that we had on 14th August, last week. This is first of the two episodes. I will follow it up with one more, and then will return to the earlier track. The story of how I escaped from the Bombay assignment (at Tata Burroughs Ltd.) has to be told.  And some more 🙂 . So please continue to watch this space.


Song – O Bambai Waali Chhokri Tu Ruk Ja Vallaah (Miss Chaalbaaz) (1961) Singer – Asha Bhosle, Sudha Malhotra, Lyrics – (unknown), MD – (Jimmy)
Asha + Sudha


o bambai waali chhokri
tu ruk ja vallaah
oy dilli waale chhokre
kar doongi halla
ha. .aye bambai waali chhokri
tu ruk ja vallaah
o dilli waale chhokre
kar doongi halla
oy sadqe
o bambai waali chhokri

nakhra tera garam masaala
naaz tera mastaana
ek adaa pe dilli waala
dil deve nazraana
tan ka ujlaa mann ka kaala
ulfat se begaana
tujh jaise chhoton se lala
kya dil ka lagaana
oy. . . chhota hoon
baaten badi hain maasha-allaah
bambai waali chhokri
tu ruk ja vallaah
oy hoye hoye
dilli waale chhokre
kar doongi halla
bambai waali chhokri
oye oye
bambai waali chhokri

tujhko rakhengi ukjha ke
ye zulfon ki ladiaan
achchhe achchhe mere aage
bhool gaye chaukadiyaan
loot liya dil haaye jalaa ke
nazron ki phuljhadiaan
tujhko ab naa chhodun
chaahe lag jaayen hathkadiyaan
mujhe bhi
dilli ka har mohallaa
bambai waali chhokri
tu ruk ja vallaah
na naa naa naa
dilli waale chhokre
kar doongi halla
haaye haaye
bambai waali chhokri
haaye bambai waali chhokri

chaal niraali
gaal gulaabi
mukhda sohan halwa
jhoom chala main ban ke sharaabi
dekh ke tera jalwa
kisko deta hai tu chaabi
main hoon miss chhalwaa
chhod de pallaa o punjaabi
varna hoga balwaa
oye bambai
mein aana
kabhi tu bhai kallaa
oye bambai waali chhokri
tu ruk ja vallaah. .aa. .aa. .aa
oye dilli waale chhokre
kar doongi halla
bambai waali chhokri
haaye bambai waali chhokri

nazron se nazren jo haari
dil mil jaayen dil se
arre chaahne waala lekin pyaare
milta hai mushkil se
o tum raazi
hum raazi
bolo subhaan-allaah
bambai waali chhokri
tu ruk ja vallaah
oye dilli waale chhokre
kar doongi halla. .aaaa
bambai waali chhokri

Hindi script lyrics (Provided by Sudhir)

ओ बंबई वाली छोकरी
तू रुक जा वल्लाह
ओय दिल्ली वाले छोकरे
कर दूँगी हल्ला
हाये बंबई वाली छोकरी
तू रुक जा वल्लाह
ओ दिल्ली वाले छोकरे
कर दूँगी हल्ला
ओय सदक़े
ओ बंबई वाली छोकरी

नखरा तेरा गरम मसाला
नाज़ तेरा मस्ताना
एक अदा पे दिल्ली वाला
दिल देवे नज़राना
तन का उजला मन का काला
उलफत से बेगाना
तुझ जैसे छोटों से लाला
क्या दिल का लगाना
ओय॰ ॰ ॰ छोटा हूँ
बातें बड़ी हैं माशा-अल्लाह
बंबई वाली छोकरी
तू रुक जा वल्लाह
ओय होये होये
दिल्ली वाले छोकरे
कर दूँगी हल्ला
बंबई वाली छोकरी
ओए ओए
बंबई वाली छोकरी

तुझको रखेंगी उलझा के
ये ज़ुल्फों की लड़ियाँ
अच्छे अच्छे मेरे आगे
भूल गए चौकड़ियाँ
लूट लिया दिल हाए जला के
नज़रों की फुलझड़ियाँ
तुझको अब ना छोड़ूँ
चाहे लगा जाएँ हथकड़ियाँ
मुझे भी
दिल्ली का हर मोहल्ला
बंबई वाली छोकरी
तू रुक जा वल्लाह
ना ना ना ना
दिल्ली वाले छोकरे
कर दूँगी हल्ला
हाए हाए
बंबई वाली छोकरी
हाए बंबई वाली छोकरी

चाल निराली गाल गुलाबी
मुखड़ा सोहन हलवा
झूम चला मैं बन के शराबी
देख के तेरा जलवा
किसको देता है तू चाबी
मैं हूँ मिस छलवा
छोड़ दे पल्ला ओ पंजाबी
वरना होगा बलवा
ओए बंबई
में आना
कभी तू भाई कल्ला
ओए बंबई वाली छोकरी
तू रुक जा वल्लाह॰ ॰आ॰ ॰आ॰ ॰आ
ओए दिल्ली वाले छोकरे
कर दूँगी हल्ला
बंबई वाली छोकरी
हाए बंबई वाली छोकरी

नज़रों से नज़रें जो हारीं
दिल मिल जाएँ दिल से
अरे चाहने वाला लेकिन प्यारे
मिलता है मुश्किल से
हो तुम राज़ी
हम राज़ी
बोलो सुभान-अल्लाह
बंबई वाली छोकरी
तू रुक जा वल्लाह
ओए दिल्ली वाले छोकरे
कर दूँगी हल्ला
हाए बंबई वाली छोकरी


12 Responses to "O Bambai Waali Chhokri Tu Ruk Ja Vallaah"

@ Sudhir ji – Congratulations once again for the successful ‘Mumbai-gangout-II’ !!
great post Sir ! This ‘special’ news – bulletin is very very special and unforgettable …
Thanks !!!

Wow!!!, What a report part I.!!!! Sudhir-ji, Do not make us wait for too long, for part II. Please make it tomorrow only.
See the participants faces on our WhatsApp (Atulites)

Sudhir ji,

Excellently outstanding post.

Many Thanks.

Simbly good report…..thankfully in old world format not in the he lines of modern day TV reports….. No shouting away the readers😀

Breaking news……..
It is reliably learnt that after reading this article, a top TV News Channel has approached Sudhir ji with an offer to join them as a News Caster/Editor.

Sudhir ji,

Joke apart, I really felt that your soft ‘news bulletin’ format was an outstanding work for the Blog. I wish some of those ‘noisy’ new channels adapt to the format which I still see in Doordarshan.

About the song, based on a few photographic prints of the film that are available on, especially the 1st and 5th pictures, I feel that it is a Helen song.

The 1st and the 6th pictures in the link.

Sudhir ji,

What a report !
Hilarious and imaginative.
Shows your creativity in devising newer ways of doing things.
Thanks a million .

So a dilliwala chokra has written a post for all of us bambaiwali chokris……time for us to do a hallaaa😇
Reminds of this song
Thank u sirji

oy dilli waale chhokre
kar daala halla
oy sadqe
tusi kamal di report banaayi
report chaangla zaala
oji oji oji
balle balle

Waah bhai waah…. Dil ghayal ho gaya Bambai waali chokri ka (just one out of millions) Ab ek ka ye haal hai to baaki ka kya hoga?

Headlines on the news channel “Ek Delhi waale CHOKRE ne Mumbai ki sabhi chokrion ko kar diya ghayal aur haalat ye hai ki Mumbai ki sabhi hospitals ke wards ab HOUSEFULL ho gaye hai to kripya koi bhi bimaar na pade kyun ki sabhi doctors is khubsoorat mauke ka fayda utha rahe hai aur SEVA mein vyast hai…

Ok ok ok… hats off to you. Can’t wait for the next part. Soch rahi hoon ab kis gaaon ki ladkiyon ke nasseb jaagne waale hai 😉

What a News bulletin!
Tussi Chha Gaye Paappe!

I had seen Miss Chaalbaaz, but sadly do not remember the scene of this song.
Looking eagerly forward to the next part of your Bulletin, Sudhir ji.
Thanks & regards,
Avadh Lal

Ah, what an enjoyable post – as usual!
Sudhirji, you brought back memories of yesteryear, with the news bulletin. What a pity that this charming feature has, like so many other things, just got lost in the modern era.

There shouldn’t be drought on the ASAD blog. There should always be “musical rainfall” to use your term. 🙂

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